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    Unveiled In The History Of The Unknown Poison Watch

    Almost everyone who likes watches has a more or less understanding of luminous. However, luminous watches in history actually contain highly toxic, even if the amount is very small, plus the protection of the glass watch cover, but it will also cause harm to the human body, then, what is this mysterious luminous composition?
    1, the first light in the dark, radium luminous
    BALL Watch Engineer II Arabic
    The earliest pocket watches had no luminous configuration. The reason is of course that luminous powder was not yet popular. The true popularity of luminous light is closely related to the gradual popularization of military instruments in war. Early military instruments include military watches, because there is no night light, it is very difficult to watch time at night and in the dark; and it is very dangerous to turn on a flashlight or other light source, because it is possible to expose the position due to light exposure (such as a flashlight or a light) during the war. Is deadly.
    Panerai’s luminous watch was originally designed for Italian divers
    Around the 1910s, radium luminescent powder was introduced in watches. Twenty years have passed since the Curies discovered radium. In the past two decades, the extraction of radium has been converted from simple bitumen to electrolytic radium chloride production. The cost and scale have changed relatively, and they have become suitable for industrial applications. Radium is a radioactive element that can emit both alpha and gamma rays, so it can produce self-luminescence with a certain brightness after a certain synthesis, which is relatively suitable for making noctilucent materials for close observation. Therefore, the fluorescent coating made of zinc sulfide, radium bromide and neofluoride was mixed with glue and applied to military instruments and watches.
    Tritium radium is a standard radiation and highly toxic substance. Even if it is used in very small amounts, plus the protection of the glass cover, it will also cause harm to the human body. However, many of the noctilucents we see now in the 1940s and before are not left over from radium luminous powders. The main reason was that most of the watch cases were not waterproof at the time, and the intrusion of water and moisture caused chemical reactions to cause the radium luminous powder to age very quickly and even fall off quickly. Therefore, many of the old radium luminous materials that have been soaked over time have failed or even fallen off. Some second-hand watches are refurbished with a tan blend of new luminescence, but that’s something that is already in both worlds. The famous brand PANERAI named a series of Radiomir luminous products they used in the past, indicating that Ramen luminous light once affected a considerable area.
    2, 氚 noctilucent, the solution to illuminate the Bohr noctilucent watch for half a century is to use a self-luminous micro steam lamp glass tube with a luminous coating on the inner wall, and radon is enclosed in it. When the electrons released by plutonium hit the inner wall of the glass tube, it will glow
    Since the 1950s, global chemical and industrial research institutions have gradually restricted the use of radium to general fields. At this time, the luminous watch has begun to be popular, the material used is Trituin, which has dominated the luminous material of the watch for half a century-trihydrogen. Tritium is an isotope of hydrogen. Like radium, it is a radioactive material, but its radioactivity is much smaller than radium, and it is also much safer.
    Both radium and radon are self-luminous luminous materials, and do not need to absorb energy from the outside to continue to emit light. On Swiss watches during the past fifty years, ‘T Swiss Made T’ is often marked below the six o’clock position, which means that Luminous uses 氚 as its material, and its dosage meets safety standards. The other common ‘T & lt; 25’ of the diving watch means that the radiation of tritium is less than 25 Curie units, which meets the safety standards. Some military watches that use cymbals will also be marked with ‘H3’. The half-life of radon is 12.5 years, that is, the effective life of the noctilucent made by radon is about ten years. After more than ten years, the cormorant began to age, turn yellow, and gradually lost the luminous effect.
    BALL Trainmaster Cleveland Express
    We often see yellow luminescence on antique watches, and that is the aging of luminous luster. Of course, the aging of radon is gradual, unlike radium, which fails as quickly when it encounters water, even aging night light can still emit a faint light. The admixture will also cause some corrosion when it encounters water. Therefore, many old watches that enter the water vapor will have oxidative corrosion around the luminous (such as the pointer or the luminous point on the surface of the disk). We vividly call it a needle. And torch.
    Plutonium In the early 1970s, Japan developed a luminous material. Although it is also based on plutonium, the compound is not easy to oxidize and yellow. The author kept a few old Japanese C-brand watches from the 1970s, and the luminous light is still green, and it can still shine after more than 30 years. Because plutonium is a pure beta particle radiator, the beta ray has a range of only 0.4 cm, and its penetrating power is very weak. It cannot penetrate glass at all. Because the radiation is relatively small, and the amount of luminous spots is not small, it is completely harmless to the user. However, as a luminous producer and processing worker, a large amount of direct contact every day is easy to cause certain harm to the body. Based on the requirements of the United Nations Washington Environmental Protection Convention after the 1980s: plastic case watches are not suitable for coating with tincture. Major brands have gradually reduced the use of radon.
    3, the luminous Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submarine 1953-1959-1983
    What I want to mention here is the miniature tritium tube that is still very popular now. The real name of this miniature tritium tube that is popular in the military watch industry is called ‘Tritium Gas Vial’. Since 1989, the US military watch has adopted its standard specification. In 1991, The tritium tracheal military watch was formally assembled by the U.S. military and was widely used in the first Gulf War.
    BALL Engineer Master Ⅱ series, the Arabic numerals on the surface of the Office model use luminous paint (LumiNova Paint), scales and pointers use BALL miniature steam lamps
    Today there are two regular radon manufacturers in the world: mb-microtec (Switzerland) and SRB (Canada). The former is a radon supplier for Traser, Luminox and Ball, and the latter is a radon manufacturer for Marathon, Smith & Wesson. The former is about 10% brighter than the latter. This technology was first invented by mb-microtec. In the autumn of 89, Canadian manufacturer Marathon ordered a batch of thoron from mbmicrotec through its then foundry Gallet and explored with mb-microtec the most suitable adhesive between thoron and pointer. Later, Successfully copied the radon trachea. The marathon now has its own watch manufacturer in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. mb-microtec first cooperated with the US Stocker & Yale to produce military watches for the US military, and now it produces Traser in Niederwangen, Switzerland (so the radon tube is also called Traser light source).
    BALL Engineer Hydrocarbon Spacemaster Orbital
    According to the product introduction of the Boer watch, Boer Luminous is a pure tritium gas sealed in a miniature mineral glass lamp with a cold-light coating on the inner wall in a very safe and stable form. When the material is cold light, the light tube will emit light 100 times brighter than the traditional coated night light, so that the wearer’s eyes can easily see the time on the dial without adjustment in the dark. Ordinary night light requires external light sources, such as fluorescent lamps and ultraviolet light. Usually the stored energy will gradually diminish in the dark, and it will dim for a maximum of three or four hours to barely see the night light. The luminous principle of Bol night light is similar to that of a television picture tube emitted by the cathode After the electronic excitation, colorful images appeared. So it is not surprising that many enthusiasts who are fascinated by night light will fall in love with military watches that use radon tubes.
    4. Under the sapphire crystal ring with 4mm wide outer ring of Luminova luminous IWC marine timepiece Deep No, there is a high concentration of Super-LumiNova luminous paint
    By the mid-90s of the last century, a new type of luminous material was born. It is now very popular Luminova. Luminova is a non-radiative and environmentally friendly material. It was first developed by Japan’s fundamental special chemical group in the 1980s. Until now, the world’s largest supply and sale of Luminova patents and raw materials is still in the hands of Japan’s Radical Chemicals and its holding company United Mineral & Chemical Corporation (UMC).
    Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Diving Alarm Navy SEALs uses Super Luminova
    In Latin vocabulary, L umi nova means ‘bright night’. Its basic chemical composition is inorganic aluminate, which has very strong light resistance, does not cause discoloration for a long time, and has very good chemical stability, even after years of use Will turn yellow. After 10 to 20 minutes of natural or daylight exposure, it can continue to glow for 8 to 10 hours in the dark. The process of emitting, absorbing, and re-emitting light can be performed permanently. As a luminous material, because it has no radiation, it does not belong to a self-luminous form, but a light-storing form. Only or must be illuminated by a certain light source, it can accumulate light energy in the luminous material, making it glow in the dark. Luminova absorbs the light source and produces a brightness that is greater than the previous chirp, and its life span has reached 25 years. Most modern Swiss watches use Luminova type luminous. More ideally, Luminova can add a variety of colors as a match, such as pink, blue, yellow, red, etc., to create a colorful luminous effect, which adds a lot of rich elements to the design of the watch.

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    Boll Classic Series Dynamic Fashion Watch

    BALL WATCH Fireman Racer Classic is made of extremely high quality stainless steel material, and passed 5000Gs impact test and 100 meters water resistance. This model is the first model in the Fireman series, featuring a wide bezel with a diameter of 42 mm and a raised metal face scale. With a concise seconds scale outer ring and a date display window at 4:30, it creates excellent and reliable legibility for the watch. The dial and hour markers on the dial are inlaid with a total of 15 self-luminous miniature gas lamps, without relying on any external light or energy source. The brightness is 100 times higher than that of ordinary luminous paint. .

     BALL WATCH Fireman Racer Classic

     Dark gray or silver dial with layered sun light pattern, making the dial more layered, showing a stylish dynamic, with stainless steel or high-quality alligator leather belt with standard pin buckle This superb watch is chic and sophisticated, and undoubtedly becomes the latest accessory indispensable for fashionable men.

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    Omega Seahorse Aqua Terra 150 Meters Co-axial Observatory 38mm Watch 55,000 Rose Gold Blue Rubber Strap Waiting For Your Appointment

    Since its birth in 2002, the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra watch has become one of the more prominent features of the brand in just over ten years. While retaining the classic design, In appearance and performance, it can always follow the pace of the times and become the ideal wrist watch in the hearts of watch friends. This year, Omega launched a new model of the Sea Horse series Aqua Terra, incorporating clever innovations in the popular design elements to give the watch a new look. Recently, we visited Omega Beijing’s new Dongan flagship store and found that this year’s Omega Seahorse series AQUA TERRA 150-meter Co-Axial Observatory 38mm watch is already on sale, adding low-key luxury rose gold to pure tough steel , And then matched with a dynamic blue strap, leaving a deep impression. Let’s take a look together: (watch model:

          This time, the brand not only provided a wide range of styles for the new Omega Seamaster AquaTerra watch, but also upgraded its appearance and performance to create unique and outstanding wristwatches. This watch is made of stainless steel-Sedna®K gold, the case and the white dial with horizontal ‘Teak’ texture, presenting a unique symmetrical design, which makes the watch as a whole beautiful in balance. With a blue rubber strap, it brings a unique visual impact and is one of the more beautiful new models this year.

       The screw-down Sedna®K gold conical crown is engraved with the Omega brand logo on the top and the non-slip texture design surrounds the watch to ensure comfortable and smooth commissioning.

       Dial with teak texture, this texture style is the most prominent feature of the Omega Seahorse AquaTerra watch. Inspired by the teak deck on the yacht, it presents a lifestyle that fits the ocean. This time, the new product changes the original vertical texture into a horizontal texture, adding vitality to its ornamentality. Simple and easy-to-read dial layout, equipped with three-dimensional triangular time scales, and the hour, minute and chronograph seconds hands are covered with a white Super-LumiNova luminous layer, making time clear and intuitive, even in darker environments. .

       This watch is equipped with the Omega 8800 Chronograph Observatory movement and passed the leading industry certification standard approved by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS), the Chronometer Observatory, to ensure the watch’s accurate travel time and extraordinary anti-magnetic performance. Through the back cover design, the cardless balance with silicon hairspring and the balance of the Geneva-style Geneva decoration, you can enjoy the view.

    Blue rubber strap

       Equipped with a delicate blue rubber strap, the middle is decorated with a check pattern and the edges are decorated with gray stitching, which is very conspicuous, and it has become one of the hot designs of this year. Equipped with a stainless steel folding buckle and embossed Omega brand logo, giving the brand full charm.

    Summary: In addition to this, there is also the Omega Seamaster AQUA TERRA 150-meter Coaxial To Zhen Observatory 41mm watch in stainless steel. If it happens to be out of stock, the brand also supports ordering services, and it will only take a few days to get this beautiful watch. If you like this series of Omega watches, you may wish to enter the brand store for details.
    More details:
       This quotation was collected on October 30, 2017. The watch price / spot is subject to change at any time. For the final price, please pay attention to the store details.
    [Dealer Name]: Omega Beijing New Dongan Flagship Store
    [Dealer Address]: 106B & 107C, First Floor, New Dongan Plaza, 138 Wangfujing Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
    [Contact]: 010-65255018 Please call as a ‘watch home’ user

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    Snake Charm Legend Of Bvlgari Watch

    When people describe their cherished prizes or their favorite watches, words like ‘legend’, ‘icon’ and ‘myth’ are often used, but strictly speaking, big In most cases, this description is not true, because we can always find similar or even more advanced models in other brands ‘sale models or auction houses’ catalogs. But Bulgari’s ‘Serpenti’ serpentine watch is one of the few masterpieces worthy of these words.

    The design concept of the Bulgari ‘Serpenti’ serpentine watch is not astonishing. It just embeds a watch movement in the tongue of the Bvlgari curvy snake bracelet. However, it is this combination of innovation, craftsmanship and uniqueness that sets Bvlgari’s watches apart from many women’s watch brands.

    But what kind of watch or timepiece deserves to be called ‘legendary’ or ‘iconic’? In my opinion, it needs a unique and timeless design, excellent craftsmanship, and a style that is true to the brand’s history and DNA.

    For thousands of years, the snake has been a symbol of seduction, rebirth, and wisdom, so it has undoubtedly become the subject of human designing jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets and rings. But it wasn’t until the 1940s that the famous jewellery brand Bulgari from Rome first used snake-like elements in watch design, and snake-like elements also became the signature feature of Bulgari watches.

    Bulgari’s antique serpentine watches come in many different styles, such as often using different surface treatment techniques, different colors or different gem inlays, so it is difficult to find two identical ones.

    Bulgari’s jewellery dynasty was founded by Greek immigrant Sotirio in 1884. By the beginning of the 20th century, Sotirio’s two sons George and Costantino expanded the family business from silver jewelry to various jewellery The jewellery they produced combines outstanding craftsmanship and precious stones, embodying strong Greek and Italian classic styles, and quickly became popular among the elite, including European nobles, socialites and Hollywood stars at the time.

    In fact, many legendary actresses often visit Bulgari’s head office on the famous Viadei Condotti in Rome, especially when they are filming in the film city of the Italian capital. In the 1963 movie ‘The Cleopatra’, Cleopatra’s Elizabeth Taylor is one of them, and she owns a Bulgari snake watch. Some photos show that she wore a Bvlgari snake-shaped watch made of gold and set with diamonds at the snake head and tail. The watch was auctioned for $ 974,500 at the Elizabeth Taylor Collection auction in New York in December 2011, 65 times higher than the estimated $ 12,000 to $ 15,000.

    This seems to outsiders to buy a souvenir with such an astronomical figure may not be reasonable. Recently, however, another Bulgari snake-shaped watch decorated with black hair salons and diamonds sold for £ 662,500 at the London Jewellery Auction. For the first time, the Bulgari snake-shaped watch broke the million dollar mark. Time, showing the new value of Bulgari watches in investment perspective.

    In the auction of antique watches by international watch collectors, the most intense stages of investment are usually reserved for outstanding watch brands such as Lange, Airbnb, Breguet, Cartier, Patek Philippe, Rolex and Vacheron Constantin. Also among this level. Since Bulgari launched the ‘Serpenti’ serpentine watch at the Basel Watch Fair in 2010, the Bulgari brand has become more and more popular, and has now become a well-deserved legendary brand. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

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    Clear And Easy To Read Bell & Ross Aviation Watch Br 03-51 Gmt Carbon Brief Review

    Professional soldiers are often in harsh environments. The Bell & Ross brand has always regarded professional military watches as its brand positioning, and strictly adheres to the four principles of clear display, excellent functions, precise guidelines and stable performance. This shows the pursuit of quality. Nowadays, people who like military watches are more like the tough guy temperament of military watches-but they are more modified and can withstand the wind and rain. Today, the Watch House brings you a dual time zone watch from Bell & Ross’s AVIATION series. The reference model is 03-51GMTCARBON.

    This watch uses a self-winding mechanical movement. The 6 o’clock position of the watch in the second time zone is displayed on a separate dial. The black dial can effectively absorb light, with the white light-reflective coating of the scales and hands. pursue.

    Functional illustration

    The mirror is made of sapphire crystal and anti-glare treatment, which will not affect the reading even in the sun. The design of the four locking screws on the case is rare in watches of other brands, and its design inspiration comes from the aerospace dashboard.

      The top of the crown is printed with the ‘&’ logo, symbolizing its brand identity. The sand-blasted black carbon coating makes this watch introverted and delicate.

    The case back adopts a dense bottom design made of stainless steel with a sand-blasted black carbon coating on the surface, which is simple and generous. The indication at the bottom of the table indicates that its waterproof depth is 100 meters, which can meet most of the daily waterproofing needs in life such as car washing and showering.

    The black rubber strap is soft and smooth and very close to the hand, which adds a touch of fashion to the watch and is completely waterproof for sports. The buckle uses a matte black PVD steel pin buckle, which is easy to use, has sharp edges and corners, is simple and generous, and is full of rigidity.

    The diameter of the case is 42mm, the thickness is moderate, and the hands are not dropped. The black carbon coating is sandblasted and polished to make the case appear matte, low-key without losing its content.

    The scale and hands have a soft fluorescent coating, which makes it easy to see the time in the dark. The large calendar at 12 o’clock on the dial is also very clear.

    Summary: For friends who often work or travel internationally, a dual time zone watch is definitely the best companion for business trips. However, for many male friends, complex functions such as dual time zones often make the dial look complicated and messy, making it difficult to check the time, which makes the watch’s most basic function-ease of use in terms of time greatly reduced. Bell & Ross has always adhered to the clear and easy-to-read military watch design concept. This watch will definitely satisfy male friends who admire simple and practical. The current domestic price of this watch is 43,800 yuan. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

    More watch details: bellross / 33193 /

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    Vacheron Constantin 14 Days Power Reserve Tourbillon Watch Limited Platinum Collection

    Pure, rare and long-lasting platinum is the finest material in the field of fine watchmaking. In 2006, to commemorate this innate perfect combination of precision machinery and precious materials, Vacheron Constantin launched a limited platinum collection series, designed for collectors of outstanding watches.

    Vacheron Constantin created a limited edition platinum collection to showcase the outstanding quality of platinum. As the most noble metal, platinum was first discovered by explorer and astronomer Antonio de Ulla in the 18th century, and Vacheron Constantin’s use of platinum dates back to 1820. Unlike 18K gold, which has a purity of only 75%, platinum has a purity of 95%, which is mainly composed of magmatic rocks. It is produced in only a few places worldwide. Due to its high density and weight, platinum is much more durable than other metals, making it a top watchmaking material. In fact, platinum has long been regarded as the exclusive collection of the princes and nobles. Platinum is timeless, superior in performance and sturdy. It has a lasting charm for advanced connoisseurs and collectors.

    The Patrimony Traditionnelle 14-Day Power Reserve Tourbillon is an extraordinary addition to the limited platinum collection. This distinguished watch has reached the pinnacle of watchmaking craftsmanship, bringing the complex functions represented by tourbillon to the extreme. For a long time, Vacheron Constantin has demonstrated its bold pursuit and superb skills in this extremely challenging field.

    The Patrimony Traditionnelle 14-Day Power Reserve Tourbillon Limited Platinum Collection is equipped with a movement 2260. This is a manually wound tourbillon movement with a power reserve of up to 14 days. In addition to the tourbillon and small seconds at 6 o’clock and the slightly off-centered hour and minute hands, this watch is also equipped with a power reserve indicator. A drag-and-drop pointer shows the remaining energy and rotates up to 280 degrees. This area is larger than the power reserve display area of ​​traditional watches, so the swing range of the hands can be accurately divided into 14 days, and each day is divided into two small cells, each cell represents 12 hours, so it is very easy to read the stored power.

    In order to guarantee a 14-day power reserve, the Vacheron Constantin 2260 movement is equipped with two sets of dual barrels, that is, four barrels connected to each other and released at the same time, but four times slower than a single barrel.

    The 2260 movement consists of 231, parts and two large splints. The finely polished and engraved Côtes de Genève pattern of the movement presents a three-dimensional visual effect. The tourbillon frame is inspired by the Maltese Cross and showcases the superb grinding of fine parts, including a large number of hand-cut inner and beveled corners. It only takes 11 hours to polish the tourbillon bridge manually.

    With the exception of the movement, the entire watch is certified with the Geneva Seal. Geneva Mark’s latest certification standard extends to the external components of the watch, focusing on the part where the movement is connected to the case.

    This high-end watch reinterprets the distinctive features of the limited platinum collection: the exquisite design, meticulous workmanship, exudes a quiet and elegant temperament, and the ultimate beauty is fully expressed by the master. The aesthetic concept of the limited platinum collection has been continuously enriched since 2006, and has been fully interpreted in this work. The elegant 950 platinum dial is sandblasted, and the fine ‘PT950’ is engraved between the 4 and 5 o’clock positions. ‘. The dark blue Mississippi crocodile leather strap fixed with the 950 platinum folding buckle uses a riding stitching process, and the hand-stitched 950 platinum silk thread exudes a flawless and charming luster. This watch is issued in a limited edition of 50 pieces, each with its own product number.

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    Bvlgari Octo Chronograph Refined Design Maverick

    This latest Octo Chronograph presented by Bvlgari BVLGARI combines the wonderful design of Italy with the perfect craftsmanship of Switzerland. The character of the Octo watch is rooted in its roots. It is the result of the fusion of Italian creativity and Swiss technology. Octo’s most talked about is that it is an architectural masterpiece that pays tribute to Italian creative talents, and it is also a timepiece full of symbols.

    BVLGARI Octo chronograph (solid steel case with stainless steel bracelet)

    The octagon—an ancient figure recognized universally with many symbolic meanings, has an inseparable relationship with human civilization and cultural history. Regardless of the eastern or western continent, the octagon consisting of two basic figures has countless symbolic values ​​and meanings. The concepts of balance, harmony, strength, and eternity are often associated with octagons. In medieval Europe, alchemists believed that the combination of square and circle was a perfect expression, and also symbolized the relationship between heaven and earth: a square represents a person, a circle is the embodiment of God, and the combination of two shapes represents the unity of heaven and earth.
    There are many remains of octagonal buildings in Europe and Asia. The octagon has a deep relationship with the history, civilization and beliefs of the Chinese. In later China, squares and circles expressed symbolic meaning according to architectural principles.

    BVLGARI Octo chronograph watch (solid steel case with crocodile leather strap)

    Octo’s structure incorporates the octagonal iconic meaning into a watch. It goes beyond the meaning of the watch and not only extends to the chronograph function, but also covers symbolic aesthetic and emotional significance. The rigorous and concise design contains complex images: on one side is excellent clockwork, and on the other side is balance, perfection, and timeless expression.
    Combining Italian creativity with Swiss watchmaking technology, blending glamour style and refined design, Octo watches break through the norms of traditional design and create a double meaning interpretation.
    The ultimate expression of an urban style watch, Octo is dedicated to those who have a strong personality. This exquisite watch shows a clear personality at first glance. Unique, discernible outlines, coupled with precise technical connotations, fully demonstrate special strength and style. The dial of this Octo Chronograph inherits Octo’s usual style: three small dials are arranged in a V shape, the small second dial is at 2 o’clock, the hour dial is at 6 o’clock, and the minute dial is at 9 o’clock. The time display has a clear layout, so the hand-polished black lacquered dial has a balanced visual effect.

    BVLGARI Octo Chronograph (18K Rose Gold Case with Alligator Leather Strap)

    Don’t get me wrong: This seemingly straightforward timepiece actually hides a masterpiece full of power and elegance. Whether in rose gold or stainless steel, Octo’s appearance looks simple, but it includes an octagonal case with a complex design, and the crown design is relatively pure and restrained. The rigorous structure of the case subtly displays the perfect geometric figure, with a total of 110 facets with polished and satin-finished surfaces alternating. The harmonious proportion of the case shows its unique personality that runs counter to traditional watch standards.
    The unique construction of the case should naturally be driven by an equally outstanding mechanism: BVL Calibre 328 is an integrated high-frequency (36,000 vibrations per hour) self-winding column-wheel chronograph movement with a 50-hour power reserve . The Octo Chronograph is available in three styles: an 18K rose gold case with an alligator strap; a solid steel case with an alligator strap; and a solid steel case with a stainless steel bracelet. The Octo watch series perfectly reflects BVLGARI’s interpretation of male heroic style, full of charm and personality. Since its introduction in 2012, Octo watches have set a new standard for men’s watches. The latest Octo Chronograph chronographs will continue to occupy the top spot in Yunyun’s outstanding watches, just like the existing models in the series.

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    Sihh 2014 Exhibiting Brand Introduction

    The 24th International Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) will be the first grand event in the watch industry in 2014. As a large gathering of retailers, journalists and staff of participating brands, each new show confirms that SIHH is a growing event.

    Exhibition time:

     The exhibition will be held from January 20th to 24th, 2014. At that time, more than 12,000 visitors from five continents will come to the 23rd Geneva International Haute Horlogerie, including more than 1,200. Global media reporter.

    Exhibition location:

     This year’s show is still located at the Palexpo Convention and Exhibition Center next to Geneva Airport. The exhibition hall is elegant and comfortable, covering an area of ​​30,000 square meters. It is expected that nearly 13,000 visitors will attend the exhibition.

     This educational exhibition traces the history of time measurement. In fact, from the birth of the sundial to the miracles of contemporary micromechanics, the various inventions that made people seek the footprint of time are closely linked to the scientific and technological discoveries of the centuries. The tradition supported by timepieces will be fully demonstrated by major brands at SIHH 2014.

     As an exhibition of brand creativity and expertise, as well as its innovative ability, SIHH emphasizes the strange world of culture, art and history, and science and technology.

    Exhibiting Brands:

    A. lange & Söhne, Audemars piguet, Baume & Mercier, Cartier, Greubel Forsey, IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Montblanc Montblanc, Officine Panerai Sea, Parmigiani Fleurier, Parma Gianni, Piaget, Ralph Lauren, Lauren, Richard Mille, Roger Dubuis, Vacheron Constantin, Vacheron Constantin, Van Cleef & Arpels.

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    Tudor 10,000 Yuan Grade Bronze Popular Recommended Black Bay Bronze 二代 目

    TUDOR Tudor began to participate in the Bronze Watch War from 2016 at the time, when Black Bay was taking off. Joining Bronze, a hot topic in recent years, has made the series more popular in the market. The brand’s first bronze watch The burgundy bezel with coffee-colored dial looks very similar to the retro impression of bronze. When the bronze watch was first released, there were not many models of the same material and material on the market, so Tudor successfully became a chapter. Becoming the first choice of entry-level bronze watches, also caused the grand occasion of watch grabbing in the market.

    Later, Tudor released the special edition of the Bucherer watch shop with blue face and blue circle and the Only Watch charity bazaar version with green face and left crown. Waited for a long time, until the brand finally launched a second mass-produced bronze watch in 2019, this time also based on Black Bay, the main change is mainly the color change of the bezel and face plate, even so , Enough to make people look forward to this.

    Tudor, which mainly uses stainless steel or titanium to make its case, introduced the topical material of bronze for the first time in 2016. In 2019, it launched the Black Bay diving watch with a bronze case.

    Feature 1: aluminum-copper alloy for better protection
    The reason why the bronze models are hot or even overpriced at the beginning is mainly because the material of bronze can change color after wearing for a long time. This was originally a disadvantage of bronze used for watchmaking. I did not expect that the modernity that focused on personality turned into a flattering The selling point of TUDOR is that the ratio of bronze used by TUDOR is a little different from that of ordinary brands. Their family uses ‘aluminum-copper alloy’, so the case looks bright when it is brand new, and it is slightly deeper than other brands Different bronze colors. The reason why this formula is used is because the addition of aluminum on the basis of copper can improve the hardness and corrosion resistance of the case, which is a unique experience of Tudor’s own research and development of bronze materials.

    The faceplate inherits the appearance characteristics of the Black Bay family, including the large crown, dots and triangle-shaped hour markers, and the pointer shape commonly known as the ‘snowflake needle’

    Feature 2: Slate gray surface is a new element in 2019
    This faceplate is simply ‘retro’. Bronze is a material that changes its appearance over time. The dark color after patina generation is quite suitable for replicating classic models. Therefore, Heritage Black Bay Bronze’s The dial just inherits the reference to the Ref.7922 diving watch from 1954, and incorporates the essence of some antique diving watches from Tudor over the years. Also inspired by the brand’s first generation of diving watches. The new 2019 version is replaced with slate gray anodized aluminum and the same color face plate. The color of the slate gray face plate also has a gradation effect. This is a new attempt not seen in the previous Black Bay bronze watches. In the case that the specifications and design have not changed significantly, the new visual experience brought about by color matching will be the key to determining whether consumers pay the bill.

    The MT5601 movement is currently only used by Black Bay Bronze. Its diameter is a relatively large one in the Tudor-made movement family, but other specifications such as 70-hour dynamic storage and 28,800vph vibration frequency are no different from other Tudor-made movements

    Feature 3: The Black Bay series is replaced by a homemade watch, starting with a bronze watch
    Not to mention that you may not have noticed that the Black Bay series is from the original version of this bronze watch in 2016 with its own movement, because the diameter of the MT5601 movement is large (33.8mm), so most of the other Black Bay series The table diameter is set to be 41mm. The difference in table diameter will be good news for watch fans who like large watch fu and bronze materials, and the MT5601 movement uses a silicon hairspring that is now becoming standard equipment and has a COSC observatory certification , As well as the two-way automatic winding, the practicality, durability and quality of the movement are unimportant.

    Black Bay Bronze

    Bronze material / MT5601 self-winding movement / hour, minute, second display / C.O.S.C. Observatory certification / sapphire crystal mirror / water resistance 200 meters / diameter 43mm / reference price: 29,000 RMB

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    Glashütte Pano Inverse Xl Chronograph

    Glashütte’s new classic Pano Inverse XL watch
    Glashütte Original (Glashütte) classic series PanoInverse XL was launched in 2008, Saxon maker displayed its unique internal elements on the display surface of the watch, making its internal beauty exposed for the first time. Both new versions of the PanoInverse XL utilize a more sophisticated case and a wider dial to present a dual gooseneck trimmer in a unique modern trend.
    的 The red and gold version of this extraordinary chronograph is already on the market, with a limited edition of 200 pieces worldwide. Available in 42mm stainless steel, the case is made of stainless steel with finely-coated polished surfaces and stripes.
    Glashütte’s new classic Pano Inverse XL watch
    At a glance, the beauty of the PanoInverse XL is striking: its gold rhinestones with threads, each with three white screws, set on a three-quarter splint with a Glashütte rib; Arabic digital , Scale and hands; elegant power reserve indicator, unique double gooseneck trimmer that cannot be ignored.

    Glashütte’s new classic Pano Inverse XL watch
    The galvanized silver fine-tuning device is inlaid on the balance bridge. The balance bridge is decorated with white galvanized carvings. The spiral weight below it swings regularly, showing the beauty of the rotation of the central Glashütte movement 66-04 Right now, the charm is endless.

    AnoPanoInverse XL’s off-centre design gives the dial the unparalleled importance of the double gooseneck fine-tuning device, making the rhythm and frequency of mechanical movements extremely accurate and with minimal errors, making connoisseurs sincerely praise its components.
    It is the beauty of this carefully crafted function that inspired watch manufacturers to redesign the movement to make the double gooseneck trimming device known as the ‘butterfly’ the most striking feature on the dial.

    Glashütte’s new classic Pano Inverse XL watch
    Invert the elements that can usually only be seen through the sapphire crystal case chassis, exposing their inner beauty. This bold design requires the creation of new components and a substantial redesign of existing and accessory components. To accommodate this new design, all three splints and gear attachments for the movement and power reserve need to be rebuilt.

    Glashütte’s new classic Pano Inverse XL watch
    新款 Each new model of the PanoInverse XL comes with a well-made strap: a red gold model with a brown Louisiana alligator strap, and a stainless steel version with a gray Louisiana alligator strap.