Hamilton Intra-matic 68 Automatic Chronograph

In 1968, Hamilton launched two watches, including Chronograph A with a white dial and a small black dial, and Chronograph B with two white dials on a black background, forming a ‘reversal panda’ ‘face. This dial design was all the rage in the 1960s and 1970s, and after years of refinement, fans have continued to grow. Just at the Basel 2017, we saw a new limited-edition black-and-white two-color inversion ‘Panda’ dial, inspired by the historical model of Chronograph B in 1968, with a distinctive personality and a simple black and white design, it is bound to Admired by collectors today.

 The attention to detail is a key element of the new Intra-Matic 68 watch, many of which are almost the same as the prototype. The dial is particularly loyal to the original ‘reversed’ panda face design, and the outer ring surrounds the white tachometer scale. Black and white colors form the main theme of the watch, including the date display on a black background, snow-white middle chronograph seconds hand and black lacquered chronograph hands.

 The Intra-Matic 68 automatic chronograph inherits the prestigious original design, with retro-style buttons on both sides of the crown and the stainless steel case back, which will surely delight Hamilton watch fans and collectors. The arched dial and curved hands further accentuate the vintage charm and heritage of the watch. The black calfskin strap is trimmed, crafted using traditional strap-making techniques, and carefully punched to show the 60’s sporty style.

 The polished stainless steel case is equipped with an H-31 self-winding movement, which has a 60-hour power reserve, and ample power fits the modern busy rhythm of life. Other parts have also been adjusted to cater to contemporary fashion, including a 42 mm diameter case larger than the original, and the hour and minute hands are coated with Super-LumiNova® for a clearer reading.
Summary: Baselworld 2017 will present us a beautiful and unique visual feast, and we look forward to the report group in front of the Watch House to bring us more exciting content. For more details, please click the watch house Basel live event:

Montblanc 2019 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Show Pays Tribute To The Spirit Of Adventure And The Tradition Of Fine Watchmaking

Montblanc’s global brand ambassador Hugh Jackman, model IsabeliFontana and many friends of Montblanc brand gathered at the Geneva International Haute Horlogerie to enjoy an outstanding outdoor experience.

SIHH2019 Montblanc showroom

   To celebrate the launch of the new watch series, Montblanc invites guests to return to nature and experience an immersive and pleasant outdoor experience at the Geneva International Horological Fair. Combined with natural solid wood decoration, lush vegetation walls and breathtaking mountain views, the multi-sensory experience is designed to give guests the feeling of walking in a real natural environment. The theme of the exhibition hall was inspired by Montblanc’s latest 1858 series of timepieces, which reinterpreted the legendary Minerva professional military and mountain adventure watches of the 1920s and 1930s.

Montblanc brand friend JuanAvellaneda (first from left), Montblanc brand friend DavidGandy (second from left), Montblanc brand friend Isabelle Fontana (third from left), Montblanc brand ambassador Hugh Jackman (third from right), Montblanc brand friend AldoComas (Second from right), NumanAcar, Montblanc’s best friend (first from right)

Montblanc brand’s best friend NumanAcar (first from left), Montblanc brand’s best friend DavidGandy (second from left), Montblanc brand ambassador Hugh Jackman (middle), Montblanc’s global CEO Berrich (second from right), Montblanc brand’s best friend Isabelle Fang Tana (first from right)

   Entering the Montblanc booth, the first thing that catches guests’ eyes is the new Montblanc timepiece inspired by the legendary Minerva, which has a 161-year tradition of fine watchmaking, including bronze and khaki in natural style. The new 1858 Geosphere World Time watch in green, as well as the new heritage watch and the new Timewalker watch. After 3 years of research and development, the global CEO of Montblanc Nicolas Baretzki introduces the new Montblanc Star Series changing watch (limited to 8 pieces) for the first time. This is a very innovative watch, equipped with a large number of professional engineers from Montblanc And the complex features that watchmakers develop and produce completely independently.

Montblanc’s best friend Wang Guanyi

Montblanc Watch Product Management Director Davide Carrato (left), Montblanc Global CEO Berrich (middle), Montblanc Brand Ambassador Hugh Jackman (right)

   When the remixed song ‘The SpectacularNow’ performed by Munich music producers sounds on the exhibition floor, guests can also enjoy live cuisine prepared by Michelin 3-star chef ChiccoCerea. Montblanc Global Brand Ambassador Hugh Jackman and brand close friends Isabeli Fontana, DavidGandy, AldoComas, JuanAvellaneda, LawrenceWong, SvevaAlviti, NanniSaul, NumanAcar, BlandaEggenschwilerg, opinion leaders, Mr. Ji Liang attended the cocktail party together, sharing the ‘1858’, ‘Jackman’ and ‘Fantana’ cocktails specially prepared by the bartender, and savoring the natural atmosphere and taste of the mountains and veins.

Montblanc Global Chief Executive Officer

Montblanc watch product management director DavideCarrato (left), Montblanc brand ambassador Hugh Jackman (middle), Montblanc Global CEO Berrich (right)

   In order to reaffirm the concept of going outdoors and returning to nature, Montblanc will change the traditional practice of gifting Montblanc gifts to guests at the Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Exhibition and beyond, and will instead use the Montblanc Alpine Ecosystem Research Center (CREAMontBlanc ) Donate funds. All donations will be used for projects by scientific and academic organizations to provide high-quality ecological research, understand how alpine ecosystems work and respond to climate change, and increase communication and education initiatives.

30-second Tourbillon Kalpa Xl Tourbillon

Parmigiani Fleurier watch factory researched and developed this Kalpa XL Tourbillon 30-second tourbillon, which also has 8-day kinetic energy storage. Under the research and development of precision technology, the Kalpa XL Tourbillon’s 30-second tourbillon holder has reached 1 minute and can be rotated twice. This achievement can better compensate for errors in the timing process. The Kalpa XL Tourbillon 30-second tourbillon is equipped with the Cal. 500 hand-finished tourbillon movement, which was self-developed by Parmigiani Fleurier, inspired by the first manually-wound cal movement manufactured by Fleurier. 110. The technological achievements of the tourbillon have become the most precious and complicated craftsmanship in watchmaking, and Parmigiani Fleurier also showed the superb watchmaking technology of Fleurier Manufacture through the release of this watch. This restrained tourbillon watch, whether viewed from the front or the back, shows the same elegant and refined style.

Simple And Stylish Tasting Watch Series Gold Diamond Watch

Swiss watch brand celebrity founded in 1830, always adhering to its founder’s ‘aestheticism, the motto of manufacturing high-quality watches, is committed to creating outstanding quality and restrained luxury watches. Today watches The house brings you a series of watches made by Baume & Mercier for women. This watch has a stylish design and a simple model. The official model is MOA10163.

Baume & Mercier Collection MOA10163

   This watch is exquisite and exquisite, with a round case made of excellent stainless steel and a rose gold bezel. The watch’s simple dial uses a large three-hand to indicate time. The watch is paired with a stainless steel and rose gold chain bracelet. The style of the watch is simple, stylish and elegant.

Polished steel crown

   The steel crown of the watch is relatively flat and partially hidden in the groove of the case, which can be protected to a certain extent. The round crown is embossed on the side, making it easy to adjust the watch; the top of the crown is decorated with the brand logo, making the crown not monotonous, and at the same time highlighting the brand’s grasp of details.

Gold bracelet with unique design, stylish and exquisite

   The watch strap is made of stainless steel and rose gold. The links made of stainless steel and rose gold are unique in design, exquisite in style and very fashionable. And the strap link is short, and the joints can ensure wearing comfort.

Stainless steel case round and smooth

   The watch case is made of stainless steel with a diameter of 34.4 mm and a thickness of 9.33 mm. After polishing, it reflects a bright metallic luster. The edges and corners of the case are specially treated, round and smooth. The case is embedded with a rose gold bezel, which is unique in design and more layered.

Beautiful minimalist dial with radial ripples

   The watch’s white dial is simple in style, with delicate and stylish wave patterns. The dial uses rose gold Roman numerals and diamond hour markers, and the central hand indicates the time. Simple function, clear display and easy to read.

Exquisite and compact lugs

   The watch’s lugs and case are cast in one piece, and the shape is small and cute. The short lugs are polished and polished carefully, and the surface is smooth. The unique shape can make the watch and the strap fit more closely to the wrist.

Simple folding buckle

   The strap is equipped with a folding clasp with a push-button opening device, which is easy to open and close, making it easier to wear. The use of folding clasps makes the strap look more natural when closed.

Polished delicate mechanical movement

   The watch uses a back case that is engraved with the name of Baume & Mercier and other watch information on the edge of the stainless steel case. Through the transparent mirror on the case back, you can observe the automatic machinery inside the watch. The core, the movement performance is excellent, the parts are polished carefully and very fine.

To sum up: This Baume & Mercier appointment series watch is simple in style and fashionable in appearance, which is very suitable for women; and its colleagues have fine details in place, precise and excellent movement, making the watch more refined and excellent. This watch is worn on the female wrist, which is not only compatible with the feminine elegance and elegance, but also can show the female’s fashionable personality and independent personality.

Zenith Heritage-el Primero Women’s Watch

In 2011, Swiss watchmaker Zenith was writing a new chapter in the romance of women’s legends. The world’s most precise movement, the legendary El Primero is equipped with a 38 mm case for the first time, which fits the wrist of a woman.
Its excellent performance depends on its balance wheel vibrating at 10 times per second, which means it is much faster than most other movements-just as people’s heartbeat speeds up when emotions are strong.

The high-frequency automatic chronograph and speed dial are designed for women’s convenience, yet elegant and delicate: the chocolate dial and chestnut brown crocodile leather strap complement the timely marking of the rose gold case, showing perfection.
The delicate bezel and lugs studded with diamonds further enhance the senses of this watch. The date display is between the 4 and 5 o’clock positions. Whether it is a steel gray or glacial blue dial, it is based on mother-of-pearl or the mother-of-pearl lays the hour markers, and it is even equipped with a metal bracelet. Different variations provide a wide range of combinations, which their future masters can explore Its various matching styles.
Source: Zenith

The Patek Philippe Museum: The Louvre In The Watch Industry

The Patek Philippe Museum is in an inconspicuous old building on the ancient streets of Geneva. The door face is smaller than expected, and it is easy to miss it if no one leads. When I stepped into the museum, I first saw a set of equipment used by watchmakers on the left side of the window, and paid homage to my heart. It seemed that the workers were beating.

 Patek Philippe is a combination of the names of two great people. Patek is a Polish aristocrat and has a passion for art throughout his life. Philippe is a French watchmaker and highly skilled. The two met by accident in Switzerland and they hit it off. A great watch brand was born more than 150 years ago, admiring future generations.

 Patek Philippe is the world’s most professional watch museum with unparalleled exhibits. Many antique watches, rare in the auction for many years, are crowded here in a crowd. Qianlong’s luxury watches from the Palace Museum can be found here. It is just that our aesthetic taste pays most attention to appearance. Painted enamel clocks are the favorite of the Chinese people, while Swiss professionals pay more attention to watch movements. They have brought the technical revolution of clocks together, taking the pride of industrial revolution.
 Clocks are too great. All the mechanical parts record the ingenuity of human beings. It is breathtaking and even feels insurmountable. Clocks and clocks are used for timing. Due to the accumulation of one minute and one second, the invisible time has become a visible passage.

Jaeger-lecoultre Extraordinary Watchmaking Shines At Shanghai International Film Festival

On June 14, 2014, Jaeger-LeCoultre, the official partner of the 17th Shanghai International Film Festival, held a grand press conference and public auction dinner at the Shanghai Film Museum on the opening day of the film festival. , Continue to help the development of China’s film industry. Jaeger-LeCoultre Brand Ambassador Zhao Wei, world-renowned French director Jean-Jacques Annaud, global action film master Wu Yusen, well-known Chinese actors Feng Shaofeng, Dou Xiao, Dong Xuan, Gao Yunxiang, Guo Tao, Liu Tao, director Wang Yuelun, Hong Kong actor Ye Xuan and Liu Xinyou, famous Taiwanese actors An Yixuan, Zheng Yuanchang, Ke Zhendong and other domestic and foreign celebrities wore Jaeger-LeCoultre fine jewelry watches and advanced complication watches to shine on the red carpet of the film festival. Nearly 200 domestic and foreign media and 300 distinguished guests dressed up to attend the Jaeger-LeCoults Charity Dinner, and together they helped.

The close cooperation between Jaeger-LeCoultre and the Shanghai International Film Festival began in 2011. At the beginning of the collaboration, Jaeger-LeCoultre announced that one of the most important projects in the next few years is to restore many classic Chinese films and contribute to saving China’s long-standing film cultural tradition. This is also the first time that domestic companies have participated in film copy restoration. So far, Jaeger-LeCoultre has funded the restoration of ‘One River Spring Water Flowing East’ (upper and lower), ‘Eight Miles and Clouds’, ‘Cross Street’, ‘Crows and Sparrows’, ‘Beautiful People’, ‘ Nine classic Chinese movies, including “Wanjia Lantern”, “My Life” and “Sisters on Stage”.

The newly restored ‘Sisters of Stage’ is the first color film repaired by Jaeger-LeCoultre and the Shanghai Film Festival. ‘Sisters of the Stage’ is a classic masterpiece directed by the famous director Xie Jin in 1964. In order to make this Chinese film classic better preserved and inherited, Jaeger-LeCoultre and Shanghai International Film Festival cooperated with the Italian film restoration laboratory of Bologna, Italy, a copy restoration institution with a reputation of ‘temple of film restoration’. 4K technology full color restoration of this classic work. A total of more than 80 staff members from the two teams in Shanghai and Bologna worked hard for 6 months. 2014 is the 90th anniversary of director Xie Jin’s birthday. The restored digital version of ‘Sisters of Stage’ will be the opening film of the 17th Shanghai International Film Festival. During this film festival, you will meet with everyone and pay tribute to the famous director Xie Jin.

In addition to rescue and preservation of old movies, the more important significance is to promote the protection of film heritage and cultural heritage, which has aroused the attention of all sectors of society. Therefore, the Shanghai Film Festival Organizing Committee and Jaeger-LeCoultre jointly decided to restore Wu Yusen’s classic masterpiece ‘The True Colors of Heroes’ in 2015, in order to arouse greater attention from all sectors of society to the restoration of old movies, and contribute their own heritage for the preservation of Chinese film heritage power. In addition, based on the pleasant cooperation experience between the two, Jaeger-LeCoultre and the Shanghai Film Festival signed a three-year cooperation agreement again, hoping to continue to work together in the next three years to jointly promote the development of Chinese film culture.

Whether it’s film creation or watchmaking, it’s full of the same dedication. As a close friend of film art, Swiss watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre and the film industry have the same values ​​and mission: let every second remember the eternal moment. For a long time, Jaeger-LeCoultre and the film industry have maintained a deep friendship, passionately supporting and promoting the inheritance and development of film art. In the past 10 years, Jaeger-LeCoultre has worked closely with the world’s most prestigious film festivals: Venice International Film Festival, Shanghai International Film Festival, Abu Dhabi Film Festival, San Sebastian International Film Festival, Spain, Lincoln Center Film Association, New York , New York Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, Los Angeles Film Festival … Jaeger-LeCoultre’s passionate figure is active in every movie event.

Jaeger-LeCoultre donates high-end watches
On the night of the opening of the film festival, the Shanghai Film Museum was star-studded, and distinguished guests from home and abroad gathered together to support the restoration of Chinese classic films to help the Jaeger-LeCoultre dinner. Professional auctioneers from Christie’s will host this far-reaching auction. This time, Jaeger-LeCoultre donated a Duomètre Unique Travel Time double gold watch with a “SIFF 2014” engraved on the side of the case for public auction. This watch is the world’s first world time watch that can precisely adjust the second time zone to minutes, perfectly condensing the essence of the Duomètre biplane series, providing an unprecedented experience for travellers who love fine watches.

The stars actively responded to the public welfare call jointly advocated by Jaeger-LeCoultre and the Shanghai International Film Festival. In support of the development of Chinese film industry, the famous French director Jean-Jacques Annaud brought his latest movie ‘Wolf Totem’ to the well-known mainland Actors Feng Shaofeng and Dou Xiao love to donate a very memorable important item in the filming of the film—Matouqin and the Jaeger-LeCoultre Duomètre Unique Travel Time biplane series Universal Travel Time Watch for public welfare auctions, all the proceeds are used to support Chinese classic movies The restoration work pays tribute to the Chinese film industry with infinite sincerity and enthusiasm.

Jaeger-LeCoultre launches new HYBRIS ARTISTICA
The Jaeger-LeCoultre watch factory has been adhering to the traditional watchmaking technology and constantly creating complex-function watches that challenge the limits. At this film event, Jaeger-LeCoultre presents twelve new watches and clocks that symbolize the great craftsmanship of the Great Workshop—Hybrid Artistica’s extraordinary and sophisticated craftsmanship series. The new Hybrid Artist Artistica extraordinary intricate craftsmanship series blooms the magical colors of the super complicated function watch, continuing the gorgeous life that Rugu Jaeger-LeCoultre has given to the Hybris Mechanica series for many years, sublimating the brand’s iconic masterpiece again, showing the Jaguar watch in Rugu The factory’s unlimited creativity and rich cultural heritage of watches and clocks.

Among the twelve masterpieces of the Hybrid Artistica’s extraordinary and complicated craft series, Jaeger-LeCoultre watchmakers perfectly blend styling design, technical ideas, watch art and delicate craftsmanship, highlighting 180 precious crafts that are gathered under the same roof of the watch factory. The balanced beauty of the watch showcases the craftsmanship and unique style of the watch factory. The watch factory uses bold materials to promote a strong aesthetic concept. Whether it is the case or the movement, it carries the ultimate beauty and top craftsmanship. The encounter between the art of horology and transcendent creativity brings a brilliant light never seen before.

The 17th Shanghai International Film Festival is the fourth gathering of Jaeger-LeCoultre and Shanghai International Film Festival. Under the witness of bright stars, the Chinese film industry has ushered in a new event, and Jaeger-LeCoultre is honored to participate. As a fine watch brand with a glorious history of nearly two centuries, Jaeger-LeCoultre perfectly integrates its unremitting passion for watchmaking with its sincere support for the film industry, and composes it with a spirit of innovation beyond itself and the pursuit of perfection in craft Another gorgeous movement in fine watchmaking.

Three Elegant And Dreamy Van Cleef & Arpels New Recommendations

Van Cleef & Arpels has once again revealed its glamorous new look at the 2017 SIHH in Geneva. From the exhibition hall to the models, it fully reveals the elegant and dreamy spiritual realm. Each piece is a fusion of innovative technology and master craftsmanship, and finally becomes a masterpiece of masterwork, writing an extraordinary movement for Van Cleef & Arpels. The watch house below recommends three ladies’ watches with a sense of inspiration.
Van Cleef & Arpels Charms Extraordinaire Fée Rose de Nuit Watch

Watch Series: CHARMS
Watch diameter: 25 mm
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: 18k white gold, bezel set with diamonds and gradient sapphire
Watch details: Watch review: This Van Cleef & Arpels CHAMS series watch has a 25 mm diameter case, which is small and exquisite. The gradual tones of sapphire and diamonds on the bezel are staggered, leaving the dazzling beauty on the wrist. The dial is filled with white gold and diamonds to depict the fairy tales of beautiful flowers carved from mother-of-pearl, which are poetic. Elegant and fashionable with a blue alligator leather strap and 18K white gold pin buckle. The back of the table is adorned with rose buds and fairy reliefs, which is also elegant and moving. The watch is equipped with a quartz movement, which is accurate and reliable.
Van Cleef & Arpels Lady Arpels Papillon Automate

Watch Series: Poetic Complication Watch
Watch diameter: 40 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18k white gold with diamonds
Watch details: watch review: this Van Cleef & Arpels poetic complication watch is also the finishing touch at the SIHH watch exhibition, 40mm white gold case, snowflake-set diamond bezel and diamond-set watch The crown makes the watch brilliant. On the dial under the crystal mirror, a variety of traditional craftsmanship are used to create a poetic and picturesque butterfly world. As the hour and minute hands on the right side of the dial move slowly, the butterfly flaps its wings 1 to 4 times in succession according to the power reserve change. Lightly press the button on the dial to display the device, and the butterfly will flap its wings to perform a graceful dance on the dial. The watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement developed exclusively by Van Cleef & Arpels and is a limited edition watch.
Van Cleef & Arpels Charms Extraordinaire Fée Sakura Watch

Watch Series: CHARMS
Watch diameter: 32 mm
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: 18k rose gold with diamonds and gradient pink sapphire bezel
Watch details: Watch review: This Van Cleef & Arpels CHAMS series watch is inspired by the blooming cherry blossoms. On the round case of 32 mm, there are two rows of gradient pink sapphires inlaid on the bezel. On the dark pink dial, the master craftsman also uses a number of exquisite traditional craftsmanship to portray fascinating natural scenery: hand-carved and colored mother-of-pearl, to outline the delicate beauty of cherry blossoms, and the front row of flowers on the dial It is perfectly presented by the convex round enamel process, and the milky white petals dimly reveal the three-dimensional layer. The back is also engraved with three cherry blossom relief patterns, which are charming. Pair it with a pink alligator leather strap and a rose gold pin buckle. The watch is equipped with a quartz movement and is limited to 100 pieces.

Summary: Each Van Cleef & Arpels watch tells a story full of elegance, luck or joy, and each piece contains a surprising treasure of creativity. Wear it between your wrists to show your elegant personal style.

Earl Polo Team Enters British Polo Open

By Mark Piaget, the ambassador of Piaget. The Piaget polo team led by Marcos Heguy successfully reached the semifinals of the British Polo Open and competed with other teams for the Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup on the Cowdray Park polo field. The Earl PIAGET polo team won a glorious record in the Queen’s Cup Polo Tournament in June and stood out from the 14 participating teams. Never lost, for a team that hasn’t been established yet, the results are quite good.

    The PIAGET polo team was established in 2008. The Earl of PIAGET cooperated with the Pilara Polo Polo Club of Argentina. Aikui served as captain and played in the Triple Crown in Argentina in 2009. Earl PIAGET is also special for Marcos. Aikui created a Piaget Polo FortyFive limited edition model, using a blue-faced sub dial and large second hand, with the words ’10 Handicap’ engraved at ten o’clock, and the transparent mirror on the case back did not forget to add the handwriting of Marcos Heguy. signature.

    This time the Earl PIAGET polo team made another expedition. In the semifinals of the Queen’s Cup Polo, Aikui and his brother Bautista Heguy and rival Enigma were in a tough fight, although The opponent hung in the end and finally drank hatred with a 9-11 score, but already snatched tickets for the Triumph Champagne Gold Cup. The British Polo Open is played by top teams from more than ten countries. This match is ranked as one of the most important polo matches in the world with the Argentina Open and the US Open.

Introduction To Jaeger-lecoultre’s New Replica Watch

Memovox Tribute to Deep Sea
 The Memovox Deep Sea watch is the first diving watch manufactured by Jaeger-LeCoultre. In 2008, the brand launched a re-engraved series of two outstanding classic diving watches. The two diving watches are Memovox Tribute to Polaris 1965 and Memovox. Tribute to Polaris 1968. Later, a replica of the 1959 Memovox Deep Sea watch was launched, named Memovox Tribute to Deep Sea. As a tribute to its glorious watchmaking history, the brand has launched two limited edition replica series of 1959 Memovox Deep Sea watches this year.
 On the basis of faithfully recreating the original model, the new replica watch series has increased the diameter of the case from 39.8 mm to 40.5 mm. The case is made of stainless steel and the back is engraved with the classic pattern of the watch introduced in 1959 : Frogman in a bubble. Two different versions, a dark black matte dial and luminous hour markers for European models; a black / gray two-tone dial for American models; the outer ring scale is every five minutes, and engraved & ldquo; LeCoultre & rdquo; sign. Both watches are equipped with hour, minute, central seconds and alarm functions. The crown at 2 o’clock is used to adjust and wind the alarm, and the crown at 4 o’clock is used to set the time and wind the movement. Both watches are equipped with a Memovox 956 self-winding movement with a power reserve of 45 hours and a water resistance of 10 meters.