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    Empower Of The Emperor Tudor 76200-62480 Men’s Watch

    Tuduo, a well-known watch brand founded in 1946, from cutting-edge technology to fashionable style, Tiduo not only inherited more than a century of traditional watchmaking craftsmanship, but also created a life-only with unique handicraft skills. And soul watch. Today, this Prince 76200-62480 watch can fully reflect the true spirit.
     As the most popular model in the series, the Prince Tudor model 76200-62480 has made a lot of innovations in the design. The case and bracelet are made of stainless steel, and the overall lines are smooth and tough, which is most in line with the appetite of casual sports men. The silver-gray silk dial is one of its major features. The delicate decoration adds a lot of color to the compact dial, which also highlights the princely style. As a sub-brand of Rolex, enjoy the same quality treatment as Rolex. The convex calendar window, 12 o’clock long curved window-type week indicator, and bar pointer are all classic Rolex elements. The layout and Rolex weekly log type Also consistent. The watch glass is made of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass, and its hardness is second only to diamond. It is currently the most commonly used watch material in watches. At the same time as the polished stainless steel bezel fixes the mirror, it is necessary to ensure water resistance. In addition, it must be matched with the external design of the watch to enhance its temperament.

     Functionally, the Tudor 76200-62480 watch has a simple dual calendar function, focusing on practicality. Unlike Rolex’s weekly diary, Tudor’s prince doesn’t have so many languages ​​to choose from, it’s just a regular calendar. Months with fewer than 31 days require manual calendar adjustment. The crown has a screw-in design, and the tight bezel and bottom cover together form a 100-meter waterproof system. In addition, the Tudor Prince watch creates a simple and comfortable noble life. All the designs are simple and appropriate. The buckle is a triple folding buckle. The operation of the buckle and loose is simple and convenient. The crown has multiple gears. Time, adjust the calendar, but it should be noted that when adjusting the time (especially when adjusting the calendar), try not to adjust within three hours before and after midnight, because the movement is now automatically jumping to the calendar, the adjustment will It causes adverse effects.
    Concise functions, simple operation, excellent performance experience, the Tudor Prince watch brings people a sense of temperament and life.
     The ETA 2834 self-winding mechanical movement used in the Tudor Prince model 76200-62480 watch. The thickness of 5.08 mm as a simple automatic mechanical movement is still beyond expectations. However, Rolex focuses on pragmatism, and Tudor also has such characteristics. The core can have more room for display. ETA 2834 is an upgraded version of 2824, one of the three major ETA movements. It is not as well-known as 2824. On the basis of it, it has added the week function, stable performance and good practicality, but it does not have sophisticated polishing and decoration, and it is mostly used in the low-end The watch is a movement with high cost performance, and there are 2836 movements in the same series. The 2834 movement has 25 jewels, a 4HZ vibration frequency, and a dynamic reserve of about 38 hours. It is not amazing enough. In the basic movement, it has good stability.

     The Tudor Prince 76200-62480 watch continues the brand’s traditional style and has won market recognition for its unique quality and temperament. It has a very similar design to Rolex, which enhances brand recognition. It is also unique because of the shield and the rose logo. A major feature of the Tudor 76200-62480 watch is the silver silk dial. Silk is a symbol of honor, conservation and status. The dial is adorned with silk. Functionally, a simple and practical dual calendar reflects the calm personality, and also uses the Rolex week log type as a template, with a long arc window type week and a convex date design. The movement uses the ETA 2834 movement for mass production of the Swiss core. On the basis of the 2824 movement, the week function is added, the performance is stable, and it is processed by the Tudor brand process.
    The 76200-62480 watch has a price of less than 20,000, has a high price-performance ratio, and is a good choice for men with gentlemanliness or leadership qualities.
     Watch details: tudor / 14248 /

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    Hublot Opens Second Boutique In Las Vegas

    On September 18, 2017, Hublot celebrated the grand opening of the second Las Vegas boutique in Crystal Shopping Center. To this end, the brand held a special ribbon-cutting ceremony and cocktail party, and image ambassador Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin appeared to help out. Last weekend, he just faced Mexican boxer Canello Alvarez at the T-Mobile Arena.

       Kazakhstan professional boxer Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin is currently the WBA / WBC / IBO / IBF middleweight world professional boxing champion. His record includes 37 victories in 38 games, including 33 K.O. battles in shorts decorated with the Hublot logo, marking another unforgettable moment in his career. On March 18 this year, Golovkin draped the Hublot flag for the first time, defeating American boxer Jacobs in Madison Gardens in New York City.

       The opening ceremony of the new boutique was hosted by Jean-François Sberro, general manager of Hublot America. After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, the brand hosted a tequila cocktail party and welcomed Glovkin. To commemorate the game and Mexico Independence Day, the shop is decorated with Kazakhstan and Mexican elements, and displays boxing gloves, uniforms and championship belts of Golovkin for guests to appreciate. Also on display is a limited edition 45mm classic fusion chronograph specially designed by Hublot for the middleweight world professional champion and brand ambassador.

       Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe shared: ‘We are returning to Las Vegas on another exciting weekend to celebrate the second boutique with brand ambassador Golovkin Golovkin is an extraordinary champion and it is a great honor to see him put on the Hublot flag in the battle last night and unveil the new boutique of Crystal Shopping Center with him. ‘

       Crystal Mall’s new boutique has a VIP lounge area with a more modern and luxurious design. There is also a full bar behind the store for guests to enjoy. In addition, the store will also display all black limited edition watches, as well as the Big Bang Las Vegas special watches released last month, set with black diamonds.

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    Longines’ New Daichao Wiener Series Dolcevita Watch Is Listed In Surprise

    Surges of light and light illuminate the banks of the Pujiang River, Italian style infiltrates the fashion capital & mdash; & mdash; Longines, a famous Swiss watch manufacturer, uses the Huangpu River as its bright background, and in Shanghai it is its Daichaouner series The latest model of the brand has landed in China for a grand banquet. Longines Dai Chuo Wiener series 2010 new style fusion of stainless steel and rose gold or gold, its pleasing and fashionable rectangular design, a model of century-old elegant watch & mdash; & mdash; Longines brings a new brand dimension. On the night, Longines Ambassador Lin Zhiling and movie stars Sun Honglei, Yunjun Mei, Yineng Jing, Song Jia, Zhao Ziqi, Zhang Yiyi, Ren Quan, famous directors Hu Mei, Li Yu, Gao Qunshu, Liu Jiang, and famous host Meng Fei gathered at the scene to celebrate the event. Opening a gorgeous curtain for the sweet life brought by Daichao Wiener watches. Longines’ first direct brand store in China also opened on Nanjing East Road in Shanghai on the same day, opening a new chapter for Longines in the Chinese market.

     Since its creation in 1997, Longines Dai Chuo Wiener series has won the favor of fashionable women with its modern design and fashionable beauty. This series of styles features a rectangular case, and a variety of designs are derived between rectangular square inches to meet the different elegant qualities of modern women. Combining ART DECO’s simple lines and elegant atmosphere, its classic design and elegant style without time limit, just like the romantic story of Liufangbaishi, fully interpret the fashion trend of the modern metropolis. The latest models use different colors of gold to brighten the brightness of stainless steel, and interpret modern elegance and beauty from a new perspective, adding a footnote to Longines. The new Daichao Wiener series features a white dial with gold waterdrop-shaped moments and Arabic numerals, a silver enamel dial with blue Roman numerals, and a white mother-of-pearl dial with diamonds. The rectangular case and strap are a perfect combination of brilliant stainless steel and rose gold or gold that exudes noble light. Some models are also embellished with diamonds. All new models are equipped with a quartz movement.

     The Longines Daichovina collection is inspired by the Italians’ spirit of enjoying life. It draws inspiration from the beauty of ‘Eternal City’ Rome. With a long tradition of watchmaking and superb skills, the Longines Daichovina collection A beautiful and elegant lifestyle portrayed in a timepiece. ‘Delchau Wiener’ is an Italian transliteration of DolceVita, meaning ‘sweet life’. For Longines, letting go of your heart, enjoying every moment of your life, taking in the scenery every few years, a smile, a melody, and a scent of fragrance are a ‘sweet life’. Daichao Weiner series freezes every happy moment and condenses on the dial, letting people feel the sweet life every second. The new style of Daichao Weiner 2010 brings a playful temptation, a natural feminine beauty, and the warmth of shared friendship. Such a lifestyle is more suitable for modern women who are not exciting, successful, busy but still know how to choose a lifestyle. She is not just a watch, but an attitude.

     Women of modern taste insist on pursuing beautiful things and a better life, and always have higher requirements for inner elegance. This remarkable rectangular stainless steel 18K gold watch evokes people’s yearning for a free, luxurious and joyful lifestyle, just as the famous Italian director Fellini’s movie ‘La Dolce Vita’ shows. At the feast of the night, Longines made every guest feel as if they were in the charming city of Rome, and experienced the charming and timeless classic movies. The VIPs are like walking on the streets of Rome in a leisurely and comfortable way: Throwing a copper coin into the wishing pool, the sparkling light reflects everyone’s longing for a sweet life; Huafu Liying, cleverly smiling and standing beside an antique car, becomes a spotlight Or imitate the elegant ICON, set foot on a light classic white motorcycle, like the happy princess Audrey & middot; Hepburn from ‘Roman Holiday’, enjoy the sweetness of life.

     Settled in the glorious ‘Colosseum’ and admire the beautiful blockbuster starring three beautiful gods representing different cultures of the world: Longines Elegant Image Ambassador & mdash; & mdash; 2009 Best Actress British Actor Kate & middot; Kate Winslet, Bollywood idol Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Asian star Lin Zhiling gathered together to interpret the contemporary connotation of the sweet life of Italian lifestyle & mdash; & mdash; La DolceVita . At the end of this brand-new Longines Daichao Wiener series beautiful advertising film, Lin Zhiling wore this artwork to stunningly appeared on the stage. The new Daichao Wiener series stainless steel 18K rose gold watch was fully loaded with Huaguang elegant appearance, film and television The stars Sun Honglei, Wu Junmei, Yineng Jing, Song Jia, Zhao Ziqi, Zhang Yiyi, Ren Quan, famous directors Hu Mei, Li Yu, Gao Qunshu, Liu Jiang, and famous host Meng Fei also elegantly experienced the Italian luxury feast together, toasting for a sweet life .

     ‘Longines has always been favored by Chinese consumers for its elegance and precision. The new Italian style of Daichao Wiener 2010 brings the elegant elegance and romance, hoping to bring a new interpretation of the elegant taste of contemporary Chinese women. ‘Mr. Li Li, Vice President of Longines China, said,’ Longines opens China’s first direct brand flagship store in Nanjing East Road Pedestrian Street in Shanghai, hoping to create a better quality exemplary sales service platform for consumption in China. Pay tribute. & rdquo;

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    Jacques Meteorite Moon Phase Watches From 175,000 There Are More Classic Moon Phase Spots On Sale

    I don’t know if you saw the big moon a few days ago, it’s round and big. Coincidentally, Beijing was windy in the past few days. There was no haze at all. The time and place were in place. All that remained was the moon watching. Did you guys see the super moon that day? It would be a shame if you forgot to ‘look up at the moon’, because if you miss this time, the next super moon will not reappear until 2034. In fact, when it comes to Moon’s clever cousins, they will think of moon phase tables. The author recently visited the Jaeger-LeCoultre store in Beijing Intime Department Store and saw several classic moonphase watches listed prominently, as well as ladies’ date series showing stainless steel watches day and night, taking advantage of the super moon a few days ago After heat, this time we better than addicted to watching the moon.

    Jaeger-LeCoultre Q1552540

       This watch is a special one because its dial is made of meteorite. 18K rose gold with a scratched cyan meteorite dial, showing the unique charm of the watch. The date hands inherit the classic design style of Jaeger-LeCoultre. The gold hands are connected to the red moon-shaped hands, highlighting the theme of the moon phase watch. Appearance adopts small three-hand design, the second dial is located inside the moon phase dial, and the layout is delicate and reasonable. The watch is equipped with a Louisiana crocodile leather strap, which contrasts with the 18K rose gold case, showing the understated luxury of men. If you like it chic, don’t miss this opportunity.

    Jaeger-LeCoultre Q1368420 watch

       The simple and elegant silver-white round dial is elegant and generous, showing the mature and stable side of men. This style will never fall into the cliche. At 6 o’clock, the date dial also has a moon phase display, which is practical and redundant. The watch is equipped with a black crocodile leather strap, which looks great with a stainless steel watch. Although the watch looks quite satisfactory, it is suitable for uncles. However, it is not difficult to observe carefully that it can be worn by younger men, exquisite and elegant, showing a unique temperament.

    Jaeger-LeCoultre Dating Q3468421

       It seems that every lady is looking forward to a date that is full of surprises. Just like this date series watch, the unique and gorgeous starry sky day and night display function can also bring you different surprises. The simple and exquisite dial with stainless steel diamond case is luxurious and low-key, very beautiful. Paired with a short alligator leather strap, it shows the elegant and noble temperament unique to women. Do not need too much decoration, set off your own unique charm on the wrist. If the budget is adequate, it is absolutely right to start with this watch.

    Summary: Although these moon phase watches from Jaeger-LeCoultre cannot be regarded as new models, they have become more classic models of the brand due to their good market performance. Table friends who like them may wish to visit the store for details.
    More details:
    [Watch discount]: Please call or go to the store to inquire, indicating that you are a ‘watch home’ user, you will get more discounts
    [Dealer name]: Jaeger exclusive store (Beijing Intime Department Store)
    [Dealer Address]: No. 106, 1st Floor, Yintai Center, 2 Jianguomenwai Avenue, Chaoyang District, Beijing
    [Contact]: 010-85171578

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    Love Is Unique And Perfect

    ‘There is only one person in this world, to you, he is perfect, and only perfect to you.’ — Plato
      Not simply ‘I love you’ but firm ‘I only love you’. For Cartier, who knows a lot about love, loyalty is the best portrayal of romance. On this Tanabata occasion, hand Cartier’s classic small red gift box to TA’s hands, let love surround your fingertips, and let warmth linger.

    Love Cartier’s red box

    Cartier’s new Clé de Cartier watch
    The unique ‘key’ shaped crown turns gently to open the door to fate. The rotation of the blue steel hands intersects, muttering happiness from time to time. The entire watch is simple and atmospheric, exuding a strong calmness and self-confidence. It is accompanied by lovers. It fades the glitz, away from the hustle and bustle, and the most firm guardian of love.

    Men’s Watch Recommended, Black Strap, 40mm Diameter, Automatic Mechanical Movement, 18K White Gold, Reference Price RMB 148,000

    Recommended for women’s watches, shiny pink leather strap, 35mm diameter model, automatic mechanical movement, 18K rhodium-plated white gold, set with brilliant-cut round diamonds, reference price RMB 235,000

    Men’s Watch Recommended, 40mm Diameter, Automatic Mechanical Movement, 18K Gold and Stainless Steel, Reference Price RMB 70,500

    Recommended for women’s watches, 31 mm diameter, automatic mechanical movement, 18K gold and stainless steel, reference price RMB 58,500
      Cartier Wedding Series Wedding Rings

      Cartier’s wedding ring series, witness and protect the happiness of the two people’s world. The work follows Cartier’s most classic design style, and is created by the brand’s jewellery masters.

    Reference price RMB 17,000

    Reference price RMB 32,000
      Cartier Love Jewelry
      Cartier LOVE, witness many lingering legendary love, the embodiment of the declaration of love. Let TA’s love be always by your side.

    Love series bracelet, reference price RMB 45,800

    Love series necklace, reference price RMB 22,900
      Cartier Amulette de Cartier jewelry
      Amulette de Cartier series of jewelry, carved with rare gems to open the lucky amulet, to protect her always surrounded by luck. The precious and delicate amulet swayed softly and clearly. The contrasting materials and round and smooth curves complement each other, which is simple yet elegant.

    Amulette de Cartier necklace, 18K rose gold, carnelian, diamond, reference price RMB 15,000

    Amulette de Cartier bracelet, 18K yellow gold, green chalcedony, diamond, reference price RMB 17,300
      CœurTorsadé de Cartier necklace

      The heart-shaped design appears on Cartier’s rings, pendants and earrings. It is a testimony of love and a mark of happiness.

    18K Rose Gold, Diamond, Reference Price RMB 24,000
      Caressed’Orchidées par Cartier earrings

      Orchid, which represents feminine beauty, is one of Cartier’s logos and sources of inspiration. Cartier uses the perfect technology to interpret the beauty of the King of Flowers, and uses delicate materials to express its delicate petals.
      The orchid pattern first appeared in Cartier’s design in 1925, and today it has become one of the classic elements of the brand’s jewelry collection.

    18K Rose Gold, Pink Chalcedony, Diamond, Reference Price RMB 24,900
      Cartier C de Cartier handbags
      C de Cartier handbags are detailed and bright, inspired by magnificent gems. The elegant design of the handbag is full of Parisian vigor and set off the French romantic tenderness of women.

    Pink quartz crystal color, the whole small leather, reference price RMB 14,800
      Panthère de Cartier sunglasses
      The overall shape of Panthère de Cartier sunglasses is noble. The vivid and realistic portrait of a cheetah on the temples shows the unique charm of modern women’s avant-garde.

    Classic square shape, reference price RMB 9,000
      Cartier La Panthère perfume
      A captivating perfume, like a free and passionate woman. A floral fragrance with a wild scent, blending the hearty gentle gardenia floral fragrance with a velvety musk fragrance. The sculpture in the bottle outlines a solemn and mighty cheetah.

    Reference price 75ml RMB 1,220
      Cartier Oval Lighter
      The simple design is her silent and accompanying company

    Reference price RMB 6,350
      Cartier Santos embellished gold and silver cufflinks
      Pointing between the rivers and mountains is her careful and considerate care

    Reference price RMB 15,200
      Diabolo de Cartier Guilloche Pen
      Exquisite materials such as natural high-quality gems, gold nib, luxurious style, highlighting the extraordinary taste of men.

    Black composite material pen holder, rose gold finish cap, blue convex round resin, reference price RMB 5,100

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    The Elaborate Interpretation Of The Hamilton Marine Astronomical Clock

    As Hamilton enters the 120th anniversary of land, sky and ocean timing, the Hamilton Khaki Navy Pioneer Limited Edition watch recreates the brand’s deep ocean-era history. This precision timer is a carefully contemporary interpretation of the 1940’s Hamilton marine astronomical clock, with dual uses for watches and table clocks. The conversion between the two forms is extremely clever and simple, highlighting the essence of modernity. Based on the company’s year of establishment, this watch was issued in total of 1,892, each with a serial number and an exclusive Pará rubber tree box that reproduces the ‘predecessors’ of wartime. Its design combines a proven pioneering spirit with a commitment to detail to create extraordinary looks and performance. The wearer can choose to enjoy contemporary accurate timekeeping on the wrist or proudly place the watch on the table or in the display box-keep it in a safe and level position, and it will definitely not cause fashion and operability. Any negative effects.

       The original Hamilton nautical astronomical clock showed unparalleled accuracy and was called ‘zero error’ perfection by the Naval Observatory. Today’s Hamilton Khaki Navy Pioneer Limited Edition watches share the same great ambition, aiming directly at the highest standards of reliability. The Swiss-made manual-winding mechanical movement is responsible for driving this watch. Its exclusive decoration and unique engraving are proof of the signature watchmaking craftsmanship and highlight the brand’s 120th anniversary milestone. At 6 o’clock, the continuously moving second hand perfectly matches the hour and minute hands. The waterproof and durable performance of up to 10ATM (100 meters) marks the perfect end.

       The driving force of the 2012 Hamilton Khaki Navy Pioneer Limited Edition is nostalgia, and it reflects the latest watchmaking technology and materials. The hand-crafted marine blue hands are reminiscent of the unique blue hands of the 1940s Hamilton marine astronomical clock, the traditional case shape integrates the leather strap link ring and the finely-trimmed bezel, and the silver satin-finished dial shows classic luxury . The tailor-made stainless steel universal table clock, or the stitched leather strap that secures the watch firmly to the wrist, is the ultimate design bridge between the past and the present. In 2012, the marine astronomical clock looked wearable, versatile, and stylish—and perfectly suited for terrestrial life.

    Hamilton Khaki Navy Pioneer Limited Edition
    Case: stainless steel case
    Diameter: 46.5 mm
    Dial: Silver satin dial
    Strap: Brown stitched leather strap
    Movement: 6498 manual winding mechanical movement
    Mirror: Sapphire crystal glass
    Water resistance: 100 meters
    Limited: 1892 only

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    Bvlgari Bvlgari: A Praise Of Nature’ Grand Opening

    November 26, 2013, Nanjing-The world’s top jewellery brand BVLGARI Bulgari was proudly announced today, in celebration of the Nanjing Hardy Plaza boutique hardcover with a new look to the world. The “Bulgari: A Praise of Nature” will be presented to the public gorgeously. 1940-1990 Collection of Jewelry Art Exhibition. The exhibition period will be from November 26, 2013 to December 26, 2013 in Nanjing Deji Plaza. About 30 rare gems representing the history of Italian jewelry development will present a feast of precious pearls.

     On the day of the event, Ms. Ni Ni wore BVLGARI Bulgari’s natural marine series antique jewelry to attend the event. The noble temperament and the smart jewellery perfectly blended, deducing the low-key luxury of BVLGARI Bulgari. Ms. Ni Ni said: ‘I am very happy to be able to return to the familiar Nanjing again and feel very kind. The vintage and elegant style of Bvlgari antique jewelry is very charming. I hope everyone can come to this newly opened Nanjing Deji Plaza Bao Gree boutiques appreciate the “Bulgari: A Praise of Nature” collection of jewelry art exhibitions. I personally like Bvlgari jewelry, especially this set of nature ocean jewelry, which is worn today. It has a playful geometry The cute little fish shape shows a different kind of agile style. This kind of agility is also the realm of the requirements and pursuit of his performance. ‘

     BVLGARI Bulgari Nanjing Deji Plaza Boutique has a single floor with a total area of ​​about 246 square meters. Its design reflects the modern style of timeless beauty, perfectly interpreting BVLGARI’s immortal reputation and its long history from Italy. The appearance of the new boutique pays tribute to BVLGARI’s iconic serpentine design, giving a strong visual impact to the three different metallic tones presented in BVLGARI’s jewellery-gold, platinum and rose gold. It was used in the design of boutiques to create waterfall-like golden scales, coupled with the large light box design, which made every piece of delicate and luxurious BVLGARI Bulgari works stand out from the score and make people linger.

     At this ‘Bvlgari: A Praise of Nature’ collection of jewelry art exhibition, Bvlgari presents one by one the changes of classical treasures and watches in the last century, telling the attention of this world-renowned jewelry brand. legend.

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    Introduction Of Cartier Archives

    Cartier archives are now kept in separate archives in Paris, London and New York. These business archives are constantly updated, detailing Cartier’s creative process from the beginning to the present day.

    Cartier Account Book

    Cartier sales books

    Cartier design sketches and plaster molds
    The Cartier Archive is made up of business data from four different sources:
    Incoming record book-record the details of the newly purchased works (color, texture-carved or unengraved-the size and weight of the gem, etc., are carefully and thoroughly recorded here);
    Order Record Book-Customer’s commissioned order record;
    Sales list-updated daily to record the daily business of the boutique;
    Customer File Book-Records details of each transaction.
    This systematic file management mechanism accurately records Cartier’s business details.
    地 Since 1899, Cartier has been stationed on the Peace Street in Paris and has never stopped. Therefore, from the beginning of the 20th century to the present, the archives of Paris have been extremely well-preserved, with almost no omissions.
    In addition to all kinds of documentary records, Cartier Archives also holds a large number of negatives, spanning the entire history of photography. Since 1906, Cartier’s Photography Studio has systematically taken large-scale photos of each kind of work. Cartier’s Paris archives contain approximately 40,000 negatives, including 50 Outokrom microparticle color screen dry plates (the earliest color photo negatives) and more than 30,000 gelatin silver bromide glass dry plates. These constantly updated photo albums allow us today to visually witness Cartier’s carefully kept work records.
    The Cartier Archive also has a large collection of large-scale hand-drawn drawings, including sketches and production drawings. These collections are important documents that document the creative process.
    钢笔 ‘Creative’ sketches drawn with pens are kept in binders, and external inspiration-usually architectural works-are collected on inspiration boards. The production drawing sent to the workshop is the same front view as the real thing (rarely a perspective view). Cartier’s designs are mostly drawn on tracing paper with gouache and watercolor techniques, and then the graphite pencil is used to outline the structure of the jewelry work. This method is mostly used to beautify and modify the work in order to balance the light and the volume of the work. With the change of design trends, the style of drawings also evolved, from pure decorative style in the early 20th century to gouache in the 1930s; in the 1920s, more free color combinations were preferred. Expressionist painting inspired by nature.
    The Paris Archive also houses one of Cartier’s workshops’ most complete testimony: Cartier’s unique three-dimensional plaster model made between 1905 and 1915.
    Jeweler’s job is mainly a team collaboration, with a designer as the director, responsible for creative inspiration and supervision of production. This can be done from the initials LC of Louis Cartier (LC) and the words A Ex. (From French ‘à exécuter’, meaning ‘making’) signed by Jeanne Toussaint figure it out.
    The Cartier Archive provides detailed records of brand history, including countless documents, invitations, advertisements, photo albums compiled by designers, and a large number of business correspondence and travel diaries. These well-preserved archives are the strongest evidence of the creative dynamism that Cartier has shown since the very beginning.

    Cartier Paris Archives, 13 Peace Street, Paris

    Cartier London Archives, New Bond Street, London

    Cartier New York Archives, Fifth Avenue, New York

    Cartier’s ‘Grand Livre’ with Important Guest Works

    Use reverse film to document the design of fine jewelry

    Garland Style Brooch Plaster Mold

    Zhen% U2022 famous gold and amethyst necklace design in Dusan period

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    Hublot Big Bang Unico Full Magic Gold Watch The First Scratch-resistant Heavyweight Full Magic Gold Watch The Magic Magic Gold That Can Only Be Cut By Diamonds

    On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of HUBLOT Hublot Big Bang, and one week before the opening of the 2015 Basel International Watch and Jewellery, Hublot today launched the Big Bang Unico full magic gold watch. !!

      This watch perfectly combines classic tradition with the innovative spirit of the 21st century. It also integrates Hublot’s three strong sounds: the independently developed revolutionary world’s only scratch-resistant 18K synthetic gold ‘magic gold’ and the Big Bang series logo Design and independent research and development of the UNICO chronograph movement. The three iconic innovations complement each other and compose a new masterpiece of fusion.

       Hublot Global CEO Ricardo Guadalupe said: ‘The fusion of materials is always flowing in Hublot’s blood and is an indispensable brand DNA. 4 years ago, Hublot created The only scratch-resistant gold in the world, Magic Gold. Today, Hublot is still the only brand that can create this epoch-making material! The ordinary 18K gold Vickers hardness is only 400, and the magic gold Vickers hardness is nearly 1,000. That’s more than twice the average 18K gold. ‘

      Magic Gold has been patented and officially certified as 18K synthetic gold by the Central Office for Precious Metals Control. Developed by Hublot and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Switzerland, after months of trial and error and fine-tuning, it finally appeared.

       Since the advent of ‘Magic Gold’ in November 2011, Hublot has also officially announced its superior ability to independently produce gold and ceramic composite precious metals. Thanks to cutting-edge scientific research technology and top-level production facilities, the Hublot factory in Nyon, Switzerland has undoubtedly become an important production base for ceramic firing and metal forging in the industry.
       As we all know, this revolutionary extraordinary metal is an intelligent product that combines 24K pure gold with the latest cutting-edge materials. Parts made of this material need to undergo extremely complicated manufacturing processes: First, the boron carbide ceramic powder is introduced into a silicon model, and the ceramic powder is pressed into a compact embryonic body structure by cold pressing. After high temperature treatment, the ceramic particles are connected into a hard porous structure. After the treatment is completed, 24K pure gold and 3% liquid gold composite are poured into the embryo body under the environment filled with inert gas at high temperature and pressure, until the gold molecules have completely penetrated and filled each void of the ceramic embryo body. The seamless fusion between them makes it into the ‘Magic Gold’ which is extremely hard and noble in color.
       After nearly three years of unremitting research, Hublot, as the Swiss watch industry’s innovative leader, finally cast an unprecedented precious metal material, ‘Magic Gold’, which is stable and permanent, while taking into account its own characteristics. At the Baselworld 2012, the first Big Bang Ferrari Magic Gold Limited Watch with ‘Magic Gold’ was officially launched, perfectly interpreting the brand genes shared by Hublot and Ferrari in terms of independent innovation and technological excellence. .

    Big Bang Unico Full Magic Gold

    Serial number 411.MX.1138.RX-limited collection of 250 pieces
    Case diameter 45mm, polished magic gold
    Bezel Polished Magic Gold
    6 black PVD-coated H-shaped titanium screws, countersunk, polished and locked
    Mirror Sapphire crystal with anti-reflection coating on the inside and outside, gold-plated Hublot logo
    Crown Satin black PVD-coated titanium, engraved with Hublot logo, black over-pressed rubber
    Button Satin Black PVD Coated Titanium
    Case back Sapphire crystal with internal anti-reflective coating
    Microblasted black PVD coated titanium
    Water resistance 10 standard atmospheric pressure, about 100 meters underwater
    Dial Matte black lacquered cutout
    Rose gold and 2N gold transfer hour markers
    Gold-plated satin chronograph ring at 9 o’clock (small seconds)
    Gold-plated satin-finished chronograph ring at 3 o’clock (minutes)
    Gold-plated readings with black SuperLuminova ™ fluorescent coating
    Hands Gold-plated satin-finish black SuperLuminova ™
    Gold-plated, red lacquered chronograph hands
    Movement HUB 1242 UNICO movement, gray coating, Hublot independently developed and manufactured automatic flyback chronograph movement
    Dial Column wheel and double clutch visible on the side
    Date 3 o’clock white window
    Table hammer grey coating
    Power reserve about 72 hours
    Strap Structured, threaded black natural rubber strap with quick-change system
    Clasp Black PVD-coated titanium folding clasp with ceramic inserts

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    [Video] Close View Of Patek Philippe Stainless Steel Weekly Watch

    Patek Philippe launched Ref.5212A-001Calatrava weekly calendar watch. This watch is equipped with the new 26-330SCJSE self-winding basic movement, which can not only display the day and date, but also indicate the week number. At the same time, the watch is made of stainless steel, which reduces the price and makes it more affordable to start with complicated functions.

    Patek Philippe Ref. 5212A-001 Calatrava Weekly Watch

       The Ref.5212A-001 Calatrava weekly calendar watch uses a shiny white dial and a relatively rare five center hands layout. The hour and minute hands are black white gold sword-shaped hands. The seconds hand is slender and equipped with a counterweight. The hammer-shaped week hand relies on the ‘red hammer head’ and the circular scale ring in the middle of the dial to indicate the day of the week. Another hand of the same design indicates the number of weeks and months through two sets of concentric scales on the outer edge of the dial. It is reported that the official price of this watch is 244,900 yuan.

       The above is the latest cutting-edge information of the 2019 Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show brought by the Watch House. Next, we will provide more and more exciting exhibition reports, so stay tuned.

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