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    What About Athens Watches? How About Athens Watches?

    About Athens Watch
      Ulysse, Athens
    Nardin in Le, Switzerland on January 22, 1823
    Locle is born. Early years by his father Leonard
    Frederic personally taught the technology of watchmaking and later followed the contemporary watchmaker William Dubs
      In 1846, UIysse Nardin of Athens began to make chronographs and alarm clocks for shipping companies. However, due to the downturn in 1970, it was finally accepted by a group of investors led by Rolf Schnyder in 1983. Schnyder took over and decided to restore the company’s performance, so he contacted Ludwig, an astronomer and mathematician who loves watchmaking.
    Dr. Oechslin, and he wants to create an amazing masterpiece, which results in ‘Asbolabium’
    Galileo Galilei) set off a whirlwind in the world of timepieces.
      UIysse, Athens
    Nardin’s precision timepieces, named after the founders, show extraordinary quality craftsmanship and have a history of more than 150 years. Every Athenian watch is manufactured according to the fine tradition of quality and mechanical innovation. Its consistent and outstanding quality is exactly shown in the 18 international gold medals and 4,300 outstanding observatory timepiece championship awards. In more than 150 years of watchmaking history, Athens has been recognized as an expert in the manufacture of nautical astronomical watches. Athens’s Marine Observatory is listed as one of the most reliable and accurate timepieces in history. It has not only been collected by collectors around the world, it has also been the designated timepiece of more than fifty navies in the world.
      Ulysse won the most respected ‘Honor Award’ in the ‘Precision Timepieces, Pocketed Observatory Timepieces’ category of the London International Fair in 1862.
    Nardin holds a leading position in the field of international pocket chronometers. In 1878, its pocket chronometers and nautical astronomical clocks won the gold medal at the Paris Universal Exposition; in 1893, the Chicago Universal Exposition exhibited a fine embossed astronomical design mixed with gold and silver. The scientific peerless crystallization, won the gold medal in the category of ‘Navigation and Pouch Observatory Timepieces’; Athens’ position nautical observatory timepieces won the first place in 7 tests of the Naval Observatory in Washington, DC. In 1915, Athens won the championship among the 60 observatory watches tested by the Washington Capitals Naval Observatory.
      UIysse Nardin Story
      In 1923, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Breguet master, the Neuchatel Observatory hosted the International Observatory Timepiece Competition, Ulysse
    Nardin won the only championship. In 1935, the brand-new 24-hour double-second high-precision pocket chronograph was introduced, which can accurately calculate to one-tenth of a second. It is suitable for sports timing, and won many awards and gold awards, which is the best proof of its outstanding achievements in innovation. In 1975, the Neuchatel Observatory published the last official report on the quality of the observatory’s timepieces. According to the report, the certificates awarded by Athens during this period include: 4,324 of the 4,504 mechanical nautical timepiece certificates issued, equivalent to 95% of the total number; and 2,411 awards, of which 1069 were awarded Each is a grand prize, including 4 series of chronometer prizes; in precision marine timepieces, pocket watches, watches and other categories, won 747 championship prizes; in the 4 categories of the Neuchatel Observatory, A total of 1816 championships were won.
      In 1985, the Galileo dial watch was named after the great physicist and anthropologist Galileo. Athens reappeared, the watch was included in the King’s World Record in February 1988; the Copernican running watch was introduced in 1988 to commemorate the Polish astronomer; and the first three with active puppets were launched in 1989 Inquiry Timetable-San
    Marco, limited edition, available in gold, platinum and two-second chronograph stopwatch Berlin. The Kepler astronomical watch was introduced in 1992 to pay tribute to the German astronomer and complete the ‘Trilogy of Timepieces’ watch series. The GMT ± watch designed for tourists was first introduced at the Basel Watch Fair in 1994. In 1996, it celebrated the 150th anniversary of the Zhiqing Athens Factory, launched the 1846 Nautical Observatory watch, and the new Ludwig perpetual calendar watch named by Dr. Ockling; 1998 for Zhiqing Ulysse
    Nardin celebrates its 175th birthday and launches the single-button chronograph stopwatch ‘Pulsometer’. In 1999, in commemoration of the new millennium, Athens introduced the GMT ± perpetual calendar watch, combining two unique and exclusive functions of Athens; 2001 Introducing the new Freak watch, a 7-day energy storage tourbillon watch without the hour, minute hands, dial, and crown. Introduced the Genghis Khan watch in 2002-the first tourbillon with four hammers and three questions in the Westminster Dapeng Zhongle; 2003 launched the first SONATA bell watch combined with the springs, two places, countdown , And won the International Creative and Craft Award.
    How about the Athens watch
      Netizen comment 1: The perfect combination of artistic atmosphere and craftsmanship, Athens is just not well known and few people recognize it, I believe it can open up a situation in China.
      Netizen evaluation 2: Athens’s technical strength has always been amazing.
      Netizen evaluation 3: Among the top Swiss watches, Athens Watch topped the list with more than 4,300 awards. It is also one of the few hundred watch factories in the world that can make non-drilling watches with a price of more than 4,500,000 yuan. The extremely complicated craftsmanship is amazing.
      Netizen evaluation 4: It belongs to a famous watch. It has not done very well in recent years, and its brand value has shrunk dramatically.
      Netizen evaluation five: The president of Athens Ya said once: Most of the customers of Athens watches are watch lovers and collectors who love watch art from all over the world. So let’s say, the price of Athens watch collection will be very high.
      Netizen evaluation 6: One of the top ten famous watches in the world, the most famous is accurate marine timepieces. Since the beginning of the previous year, Athens watches have been manufactured with high technology. It is said that the production time of each watch will be halved, and such reforms are not optimistic.
      Netizen evaluation 7: Athens is already recognized as one of the top ten famous watch factories in the world. Its nautical astronomical watch is the designated timer of more than 50 countries in the world. In order to ensure the development of patented movements and implement the strategy of fine watches, Athens Watch has always maintained a small and strong independent watch factory form, focusing on the production of precision watches with historical value. At present, the research and development department of Athenian Watch and the parts manufacturing process of all self-made movements are completed in our factory. Its low, medium and high-end watches are generally released in the world every year, but the total number is only 10,000.
    Popular Athens watches recommended
    Athens Blue
    Seal Limited Chronograph (Maxi Marine Chronograph) Series 353-68LE-3

    Number: 353-68LE-3
    Series: Limited Edition Watches
    Style: Automatic, 41 mm, men
    Material: Stainless steel
    RMB: ¥
    Power reserve: 42 hours
    Table mirror material: Sapphire crystal glass
    Strap Material: Rubber
    Water resistance: 200 meters

    Athens 670-88-8 watch

    Number: 670-88-8
    Style: Automatic, 42 mm, men
    Material: 18k white gold
    RMB: ¥
    Table mirror material: Sapphire crystal glass
    Water resistance: 30 meters
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