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    A Generous Morning-thanks To Longines Longines And His Elegant Image Endorsers Stefanie Graf And Andre

    This morning has just passed. At Roland Garros, everyone is focusing on children’s charity.
    The arrival of Stefanie Graf and Andre Agassi Agassi caused a huge sensation. They joined the team of young tennis players from ten different countries and played eight games together on the seventh field. Despite the rain, the children and the two champions remained enthusiastic.

    At the end of the event, Longines’s elegant image ambassadors-two big tennis players donated $ 80,000 to their charity foundation. A press conference was then held at the Roland Garros Museum Tenniseum. Two tennis champions and representatives from Longines and Swatch Group attended the event.

    Stefanie Graf and Andre Agassi Agassi went to Roland Garros at the invitation of Longines to celebrate their 10th anniversary of the singles championship at the legendary French Open, and now they are again asking them for help Children’s commitments put into practice.
    Source: Longines

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    You From The Stars’ Finale Men’s Second Watch Revealed

    ‘You from the Stars’ today ushered in the finale. The watch experience of the male No. 1 ‘Du Minjun’ was already exposed by us at the beginning of the broadcast. Today we will summarize the male No. 2 Watch experience: bad guys wear super complicated functions, warm men love classic models, and simple boys can only wear smart watches. Are the three characteristics above you right?

     ‘Li Zaijing’ is wearing a Breitling Montblanc Chronograph 01

     The bad guys in almost all the dramas are mostly well-educated, well-groomed ‘not beautiful’ men. As such a complicated man, he is embarrassed to say that he is acting as a ‘bad person’ without wearing a super complicated one. In ‘You From the Stars’, the Breitling Montblanc 01 Chronograph is the watch of choice for the worst male second ‘Li Zaijing’ in the play.

     Breitling Montbrillant

     The Breitling Montbrillant exudes the classic atmosphere of the 1940s and 1950s, and is equipped with the famous circular flying slider, whose name is derived from La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland. Montblanc Avenue, from 1892 to 1979, Breitling watch factory has been located here. It was here that Breitling created the inventions and technological innovations of the chronograph, including the first independent chronograph button (1915), the dual independent chronograph button (1934) and the first self-winding chronograph watch (1969) . It is also here that Breitling produced the world-famous cockpit timer, and with the prosperity of the air transport industry, it was widely used in propeller aircraft and later jet aircraft. ‘Designated Supplier’. Today, in order to pay homage to tradition, Breitling Montblanc chronograph watches pay special attention to the aesthetics of the details of the models, slim hands, carefully embedded 1 / 100-hour graduated center timer, and 18K gold B-line Breitling logo All exude Montblanc spirit.

     Chronomat Chronomat, another watch of ‘Li Zaijing’

    Another option for ‘Li Zaijing’ is the brand Breitling. The model is the Breitling Chronomat.

     Breitling Chronomat

     As the flagship Breitling model, the Chronomat is worthy of an example of a mechanical chronograph and the ultimate pilot chronograph. Its strong and unique design combines all the standards that a “professional wrist instrument” should have: precision, ruggedness, readability, practicality, and water resistance to 500 meters (1650 feet), which perfectly reflects Breitling’s brand philosophy . Breitling mechanical chronograph watches are designed to accompany the world’s flying elites to achieve the feat of blue sky. The exclusive full line is equipped with Breitling’s self-winding mechanical chronograph movements. These extraordinary “engines” are 100% independently developed and manufactured by Breitling, and have the Swiss official Observatory certification (COSC). The atmospheric case, smooth lines, and unidirectional rotating bezel are engraved with unique numbers. The resolute and magnificent technical appearance makes the wrist shine.

     ‘Li Huijing’ wears a Breitling Transocean Chronograph

     The brand worn by the male No. 2 ‘Li Huijing’ who is said to surpass the ‘alien’ most loves is exactly the same as that of his brother ‘Li Zaijing.’ But he chose the Breitling Transocean watch.

     The Breitling Transocean Chronograph reinterprets the classic design of the 1950s and 1960s with clear modern elements. It is equipped with a high-performance ‘Breitling Engine’ for a simple and smooth ‘body’, enjoying first-class quality on the wrist. Cabin luxury overseas trip. The slim, low-profile case is equipped with Breitling’s self-developed high-performance 01 movement. Like all movements of the brand, it has strict Swiss official observatory certification (COSC) and can be viewed and played through the transparent sapphire case back. The dial is clear and easy to read, and every detail is perfect. The three-dimensional hour markers and chronograph are carefully embedded and decorated with ‘snails.’ The 18k gold capital letter B is accompanied by the Breitling logo. Sign. The watch uses the classic round chronograph button full of retro flavor, expressing the Breitling brand’s respect for the first waterproof chronograph button; and the ‘short stick’ hands coated with luminous substance, fully show the watch’s modern temperament.

     In the play, ‘Kyun Yoon Jae’ who plays the brother of Chun Song Yi is a symbol of ‘young school’. Samsung smart watch is also a watch that best suits his identity and mood. It is as simple as him. In addition to watching time, Will give more fun.