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    Longest Watch In History

    Lange launched the most complicated watch in German watchmaking this year, with 14 displays and 7 functions. It integrates almost all traditional complex functions, such as minute repeater, double-tracking time with 1/5 jumping seconds, perpetual calendar with moon phase display, etc. You can easily switch between them, and switch between voiced and silent. Even more amazing is the sound of the hands that can be controlled and can be adjusted to a silent mechanical watch.

     It is arguably one of the most complicated watches ever, limited to six.

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    Hamilton Returns To The Screen With The Second Season Of ‘jack Ryan’

    On November 1, 2019, the second season of the American drama ‘Jack Ryan’ (‘TomClancy’sJackRyan’) will be launched on Amazon Prime. Jack Ryan’s trusted Hamilton Khaki field The series of automatic chronograph all black models (model: H71626735) will also return to the screen.

       This watch features a black PVD stainless steel case with a diameter of 42 mm and an anti-glare sapphire crystal. The entire watch is water-resistant to 100 meters. The black dial is decorated with hours and minutes hands coated with gray SuperLuminova fluorescent material and a chronograph second hand with a red tip. The day and date display window is set at 3 o’clock.

       Equipped with Swiss-made Hamilton H-21 self-winding movement, this movement contains 25 stones, a frequency of 28,800 vibrations / hour (4 Hz), can provide up to 60 hours of power reserve, and the balance bridge is also decorated ‘H’ -shaped engraving pattern shows the brand identity. This watch has a black rubber strap with a PVD stainless steel pin buckle. It is reported that the official website of the watch is priced at 13,650 yuan. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

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    Sophisticated Companionship, Hope To Go With You Cartier Warm And Colorful Christmas

    Christmas in 2014 will come as scheduled, and the bell of the New Year is about to ring a new era. This festival brings not only laughter and laughter when they meet, but also hopes for a better life in the coming year. . Glittering jewellery, ticking watches, elegant and exquisite accessories, French palace-level brand Cartier has selected works to present colorful Christmas and New Year true love.

      Glittering pearls, true love forever

      The colorful lights on the Christmas tree light up the winter night sky, and the beautiful jewellery has great expectations. Cartier, the emperor’s jeweler, and the jeweler’s emperor, will look forward to the beautiful expectations that follow, and will be transformed into sparkling pearls through extraordinary creativity and superb craftsmanship, conveying affection and affection for lovers and friends.

      At the 100th anniversary of the brand’s iconic cheetah image, Cartier has a new masterpiece for this. The Panthèrede Cartier ring is carved in 18K yellow gold, and the shape is seamless. A pair of leopard eyes inlaid with Shafre garnet flashes a captivating light. In the same series of necklaces, the cheetah chain pendant locked on the lower jaw, looking straight ahead, pure white snow-like white water dripping down the mouth. On Christmas Eve, the cheetah elves coexisting with femininity and personality coexisted in the carnival party of clothing and shadow, showing their unique charm.

      ‘Amulette’ means ‘talisman’ in French. Cartier’s new Amulette de Cartier series is such a magical token. When the courage to pursue hope is transformed into a smart lock of exquisite shape, the magical guardian force comes into being and quietly releases the beautiful wish that hope accompanies under the halo of brilliance. Shaped like round pebbles, the Amulette de Cartier necklace set with mother-of-pearl, onyx or diamonds will cherish your dreams and hopes.

      ‘HowFarWouldYouGoForLove?’ Cartier LOVE series gives the perfect answer. Heart-to-heart, interlocking, simple lines, classic design decoration with pink sapphires, builds eternal love in the heart. The Cartier JusteunClou series turns nails into jewelry, blooming the beauty of the simplest form. Nail-set inlaid diamonds add a touch of beauty to this highly individual piece. Cartier CdeCartier Diamond Necklace, set with the classic Cartier letter ‘C’ as the base, inlaid with beautiful diamonds, to convey the beauty and love of the world.

      Wrist eternity, hope forever

      The famous social philosopher Louis Mumford once said, ‘Clocks and watches are a kind of power machinery, and its products are minutes and seconds.’ Warm fire, candle swaying Christmas Eve, ‘Creative Watchmaking Pioneer’ Cartier continued to compose a hymn of time with watch Zhen as a watch for the light of the years, and engraved the hope of the future.

      In the bloodline inheritance of nearly 100 years, ‘NeverStop’ represents the spirit of Cartier Tank series watches. The TankAnglaise series hides the crown in the hollow vertical lugs, and extends the creative passion of the Tank series with its minimalist shape and unique design. In anticipation of the future, the newly launched TankMC chronograph in 2014 with calendars and chronograph dials is a perfect expression of the masculine spirit of men.

      Cartier ladies watch has more feminine elements in addition to the design and superior performance beyond the times. Last year, when Cartier TankAnglaise jewelry watch came out, its integrated fashion shape captured the hearts of countless ladies. The iconic vertical lugs inlaid with gorgeous diamonds and a bright rose-red strap add a touch of tenderness to the toughness of the rectangular dial. In contrast, the dignity and elegance of women is vividly demonstrated in Cartier’s Tortue jewelry watch. With compact lines, a curved case, an exquisite design, and a chic shape, the Cartier Tortue watch exudes extreme femininity and perfectly interprets the definition of elegant style.

      Classic accessories for an extraordinary look

      The details highlight the style. The classic and chic accessories can not only add color to the Christmas and New Year, but also put forward the yearning for career, family and life.

      In 2014, Cartier’s new high-end leather goods JeanneToussaint series is just like the women of today-it is gentle and considerate and resolute and rational. It is not only full of strong retro colors, but also full of strong modern flavor. The 1930s design details such as the ‘eyelet’ buckle, ‘hidden’ lock and full handmade chain are reproduced on the simple and elegant bag shape, making the new handbag extremely mature and attractive. In contrast, the LouisCartier series of leather goods are sharply cut, with smooth lines, simple and capable shapes, and the diamond-shaped logo inspired by the Cartier seal. It perfectly interprets the exploration and enterprising heart of modern men. The free soul and the vast world touch endless Inspiration.

      Reflect the exquisite attitude of life in every bit of life, go to a perfect Christmas appointment, and start a new chapter of hope. Cartier’s Eaude Cartier fragrances have a long history of condensed fragrances, bringing a refreshing fragrance experience to women seeking quality. Cartier’s PanthereWild series of sunglasses are cleverly integrated into the brand’s iconic cheetah elements, full of mystery and original charm, highlighting women’s bold atmosphere.

      The crisp bells on Christmas Eve, the loud bells to welcome New Year, turned into shiny neon, bring people new dreams and hopes. Cartier will prepare a unique giant Christmas tree at Beijing International Trade Mall and Shanghai Hong Kong Plaza from December 17, 2014 to January 5, 2015. Welcome guests to take pictures and record beautiful moments; with cheetahs as the main characters, And a carefully created Christmas short film will also be presented on Cartier’s official website from November 17, 2014. During this colorful festival, Cartier hoped to accompany him with hope, and followed him with hope.

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    Preheating Basel 2019 Bell & Ross Launches Br 03-92 Bi-compass Limited Watch

    The instruments in the aircraft cockpit are all models of precision, readability, reliability and performance. Bell & Ross took this as inspiration to launch the new BR03-92Bi-Compass Limited Watch (BR0392 -IDC-CE / SRB).

       With this watch, Bell & Ross reproduces the graphical style of navigation tools as much as possible, and provides an alternative to traditional finger pointing. It is reported that the watch is limited to 999 pieces.

    Bell & Ross BR03-92Bi-Compass

    Model: BR0392-IDC-CE / SRB


    Technical specifications

    Case: Black matte ceramic, 42 mm diameter, anti-glare sapphire crystal, water-resistant to 100 meters.

    Movement: Swiss-made Bellex Caliber302 movement, containing 25 gems, a frequency of 28,800 times / hour (4 Hz), with hours, minutes, seconds and date display function, can provide 38 hours of power reserve.

    Dial: matte black dial with numbers and hour markers coated with SuperLuminova fluorescent material. The dial has a double-layer structure, and the stepped borders on the inner and outer layers adorn the minute circle. To improve legibility, the hour and minute scales are distinguished. The minute scale is highlighted on the main dial (same as the original instrument), and the hour scale is centered. Hour information is indicated by a green triangle mark on a separate concentric disc.

    The concentric discs are lightweight and will not reduce the power reserve or affect the accuracy of the travel time. In addition, the disc is durable enough to not deform or wear. Even the digital font (Isonorm) is the same as on the analog aviation counter.

    Chain strap: black rubber strap with black PVD stainless steel buckle, or super-stretch black synthetic fabric strap.

    Suggested retail price: USD 3,900, equivalent to approximately RMB 26,400.