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    Longines Hong Kong International Races – Wonderful Period For The Flat Races Throughout The Year

    Year after year, ‘Longines Hong Kong International Races’ (Longines Hong Kong International Races), a wonderful interpretation of horse racing and elegant and refined style, is the most eye-catching international horse racing event of the year. Four first-class international events staged: ‘Longines Hong Kong Vase’ won by ‘Satono Crown’ ridden by Joao Moreira; ‘Longines Hong Kong Short Distance Championship’ (Longines Hong Kong Sprint) was won by ‘Aerovelocity’ ridden by Zac Purton; ‘Longines Hong Kong Mile’ was ridden by Zac Purton ‘Beauty Only’ won first place; ‘Longines Hong Kong Cup’ won the first place by Ryan Moore riding ‘Maurice’. As the title partner and official timekeeper of Longines, Longines is honored to present the elegant Longines watches to the champion owners, trainers and jockeys of these key events.

       Swiss watch brand Longines has held the highly anticipated ‘Longines Prize of Elegance’ in the competition for three consecutive years, in recognition of the ladies who dress well in the field. Earlier that day, the brand’s new specialty store in the Hollywood business center officially opened, bringing the brand’s number of specialty stores in Hong Kong to 17. Guests of Longines watches Walter von Känel, Kevin Rollenhagen, president of Swatch Group (Hong Kong) Limited, Juan-Carlos Capelli, vice president and international marketing director of Longines, and Ouyang Chuying, vice president of Longines Hong Kong And the media representatives witnessed the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

       In addition to the designated watches at the ‘Longines Hong Kong International Race’ exhibition, the brand also displayed watches from the Longines Master Collection in the Longines Master Collection, as well as exhibits from the Longines Riding Series at the exhibition stand at Sha Tin Racecourse. Equestrian). The Longines Equestrian is the icon of the equestrian world and is designed for women who love equestrian sports. The line design of the watch reproduces the rectangular buckle shape on the stables of Frances-Montagnes, Switzerland’s only foal breed.

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    Volkswagen Phaeton’ In The Watch

    Many people know the ‘Fengteng’ this ‘god’. The Phaeton is Volkswagen’s flagship model. It is on the same platform as the Bentley Continental. It has a length of more than 5 meters and a displacement of 3.0 to 6.0. From 6 to 12 cylinders, the starting price is more than 700,000 to more than 2 million. It is a car of the same level as the S-Class, 7-Series, and A8. Although it has been discontinued now, there are still legends of ‘Phaeton’ on the rivers and lakes … Sometimes when I meet Phaeton on the road, I will say in my heart, I rely on Phaeton.

    Volkswagen Phaeton
     There are many paragraphs about Phaeton on the Internet. For example, a big brother spent 2.56 million to buy a W12 cylinder 6.0 Volkswagen Phaeton. The big brother entered the parking lot and was parking automatically. The administrator yelled at him: ‘Hey, drive Passat carefully Point, don’t hit the new BMW 320 on the side, you can’t afford it. ‘Brother yelled,’ I have enough cars to buy him 10! ‘

    Volkswagen Phaeton
     As you all know, Phaeton is so famous because this ‘luxury car’ is too low-key. With Volkswagen standards, Zhang’s is very similar to Passat. People who don’t understand don’t see that this is a car that can reach millions. Thought it was 200,000 Passat. At the same time, people who buy Phaeton are also super low-key, not showing mountains or water, and have the money to buy a million luxury cars, but they buy a low-key public, so that others do not see that they have money.

    Seiko GS High Frequency Dive Watch
     Among the famous watches, there is a watch that is very similar to Volkswagen Phaeton. They are all ‘invisible rich’ choices. This watch is Seiko GS. In the eyes of ordinary people, Seiko is usually a cheaper watch, hundreds or thousands. However, those who are familiar with famous watches know that in the Seiko watch, there is a branch called Seiko GS (Grand Seiko). Seiko GS is a high-end series of Seiko, the public price is very high, surpassing many Swiss watches. But for those who do n’t know, Seiko on the dial will think it is cheap Seiko. Two days ago I made a Seiko GS high-frequency diving watch with a public price of 89,500. The public price surpassed the famous Swiss luxury diving watches such as Rolex Nigga, Omega Seahorse, Blancpain steel case 50 噚 Bathyscaphe, let us feel below.

    Seiko GS high frequency diving watch.
    When I got this watch, I wore it and researched it, and I found that it is expensive.
     This new Seiko GS high-frequency diving watch, the official name is Seiko GS HI-BEAT 36000 diving watch, HI-BEAT 36000 means the movement swing frequency 36000, so it is a high-frequency diving watch. This Seiko GS high-frequency dive watch is the first mechanical professional dive watch of Seiko GS. Some people may say that the GS did not have a similar diving watch before, yes, but please note that the previous GS diving watch used the Seiko SPRING DRIVE movement. The Seiko SPRING DRIVE movement contains some electronic components. Purely mechanical watch.

    Seiko GS high-frequency diving watch, large size and thickness.
     The Seiko GS high-frequency diving watch is a very large watch with a size of 46.9 mm and a thickness of 17 mm. The size is even larger than IWC. In the diving watch, this watch is very large. But this watch is not heavy, and the bracelet is very light. The Seiko GS high-frequency diving watch uses a titanium case and bracelet, which greatly reduces weight. One of Seiko’s major strengths is the polishing of the case, hands, and hour markers. The most famous of Seiko GS is ‘katana grinding’, officially called zaratsu grinding, which is a polishing method used on katana. Seiko GS has been polished with this katana since the 1960s and has been used to this day. The Seiko GS Fifty Knife is polished by hand, and the polishing level is very high. There is no burr under the high-power microscope, which exceeds the Swiss watch polishing level of the same level. On the case of the Seiko GS high-frequency diving watch, polishing and brushing are alternated, the edge of the bezel is polished, and the side of the case is brushed. This is also the consistent polishing combination of sports watches. Please note that the Seiko GS high-frequency diving watch is a titanium case with a titanium chain. The polishing of the titanium case is more difficult than that of a steel watch. The GS high-frequency diving watch uses a ceramic bezel, which rotates smoothly.

    The Seiko GS high-frequency diving watch is water-resistant to 600 meters, but does not require a helium exhaust valve. Note that the crown is located at 4 o’clock on the case.
     As a professional diving watch, the Seiko GS high-frequency diving watch is waterproof to a depth of 600 meters. Generally, diving watches that reach a depth of 600 meters are equipped with helium discharge valves. But as you can see, there is no helium exhaust valve on the Seiko GS high-frequency diving watch. This is because the GS high-frequency diving watch uses Seiko’s unique L-shaped gasket in the case, so that helium can be directly discharged from the case without the need for a separate helium exhaust valve.

    The dial of the Seiko GS high-frequency diving watch is always golden in the light.
     Now let’s look at the dial. The dial of the Seiko GS high-frequency diving watch is very good. The dial of the Seiko GS high-frequency diving watch has a checkered decoration similar to the Royal Oak. The watch’s huge hands and hour markers have a large area of ​​luminous light. The second half of the watch’s second hand is gold and the second half is black with luminous dots. Note that the edges of the GS high-frequency diving watch have gold edges, plus the golden second hand and 6 o’clock golden lettering. The entire dial appears golden under the light and glows golden light, showing the luxury of a luxury diving watch. . A major change of the new GS is to strengthen the independent identity of the GS, placing the GS logo directly on the dial at the most obvious 12 o’clock. Below the GS is the full name of Grand Seiko, and the SEIKO logo no longer appears on the watch. Show the highest status of GS. But these are not the best of the GS high-frequency diving watch. The most important thing is that the dial of the GS high-frequency diving watch has anti-magnetic function. The entire watch is anti-magnetic through the dial. The dial of the GS high-frequency diving watch is made of anti-magnetic soft iron, with a level of 16,000 A / m.

    Seiko 9S85 high-frequency movement.
     The Seiko GS high-frequency dive watch uses a Seiko 9S85 high-frequency movement. The 9S85 movement is currently Seiko’s most powerful self-produced movement. The wobble frequency is 36,000 times per hour. Compared with the general movements of 28800 and 21600, the higher the wobble frequency, the stronger the watch is able to resist external vibration and interference. The corresponding travel time is easier and more accurate. Seiko 9S85 movement uses 36000 high-frequency movement, which has higher technology, so it uses several Seiko unique technologies.

    Seiko escapement wheel manufactured using MEMS micro-electromechanical technology.
     1. The escape wheel and fork of the 9S85 movement use MEMS (Chinese name, micro-electromechanical system) technology, which is photo-etched on the escape wheel and fork. The escape wheel and fork are hollow. To reduce the weight of the escape wheel and fork. At the same time, the surface of the escape wheel and fork produced by photo-etching is extremely smooth, reducing friction during operation.
     2. The oil storage tank is designed on the escape wheel of the 9S85 movement. There is an oil storage tank at the end of the teeth of the escape wheel, which keeps the lubricant to stay and improves the efficiency of the escapement operation.
     3. The balance spring of the 9S85 movement is made of Seiko’s patented Spron 610 alloy. According to Seiko, the new alloy hairspring has stronger shock and magnetic resistance.
     4, 9S85 movement mainspring is made of Seiko patent Spron 530 alloy. The power of the spring made of Spron 530 alloy is increased by at least 6% (5 hours more power reserve). Although 9S85 is 36000 high-frequency, the power still reaches 55 hours.

    The GS Lion logo on the case back of a Seiko GS high-frequency diving watch.
     The 9S85 movement of the GS is adjusted in 6 directions, and the standard daily error of the travel time is + 5 / -3 seconds, which exceeds the Swiss Observatory’s standard of + 6 / -4 seconds. At the same time, the 9S85 movement has been well decorated. The automatic movement of the movement and the upper splint are decorated with Geneva stripes, and the lower main splint is decorated with pearl patterns. There is no omission, reaching the level of movement decoration of mainstream Swiss luxury watches. Although the Seiko GS high-frequency diving watch has a solid bottom cover, the movement cannot be seen, only the GS lion logo on the bottom cover can be seen. But we know that the GS movement decoration is very in place.

    The extension chain of the Seiko GS high-frequency diving watch is very easy to use. Raise the buckle, so it can be shortened and locked.
    Just like it yourself, don’t worry about others.

    In the past few years, I have realized more and more the truth that if you want to be yourself and run your own family, you don’t have to worry too much about what others think. Before, many people teased Phaeton and said that people who buy Phaeton, why not buy BBA, what not? Because, those who buy Phaeton are willing to buy it. Although Seiko has been continuously increasing the popularity of GS in recent years, as a niche brand, GS is usually bought by fans and senior players of GS. So I don’t think I need to wonder at all, why buy the GS instead of the mainstream luxury watches such as Lao, Euro, etc., because the people who usually buy GS, the mainstream watches are usually already playing. You don’t need to use a well-known and well-known watch to show it to others. I just want to play GS.
    PS. Finally put a full set of pictures to verify the body.