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    Kunlun Bubble Series Glory Returns

    In 2000, Severin Wunderman purchased Kunlun, integrating personality and charm into his creation, and launched the Bubble series for the first time. The large case (44 mm in diameter), the towering bubble-like sapphire crystal (thickness 8 mm), and the magnified distortion of the dial’s visual effects, which were incompatible with the orthodox design, were very popular at the time.

       But the good times didn’t last long. Later, the brand decided to switch to the antique series. The Bubble watch tended to be discontinued and gradually lost its original glory. So the ‘Casino’ watch, decorated with a dial pattern and a ball-shaped second hand, could only stay in memory for the sake of memory. Of course, the dot-com Bubble of the stock market followed in 2000. From this point of view, the launch of the Bubble series watch should be timely.

        Today, exactly 15 years later, the Bubble series is returning with three new designs. The 2015 Bubble series retains the classic core design DNA, but it is not a simple copy of the original model. The new watch has a diameter of 47 mm and a spherical crown. The thickness is 18.8 mm and the sapphire crystal is 8 mm. The tall mirror has a lens function that can magnify and distort the dial’s visual effect. In addition, the large case is short and powerful The curved case is close to the wrist to ensure the most comfortable wearing effect.

        Two of the three were inspired by the work of Victor Vasarely, a French artist born in Hungary who was the founder of optical art. The first model has a bronze case with a brown dial and is decorated with retro-style luminous hour markers; the second model is a black case with a matte black dial and is decorated with charcoal black hour markers. The case is PVD-coated, with small squares engraved on the dial, and the specifications gradually increase from the edge to the center. Each pair is limited to 350 pieces.

        The third in the Bubble collection completely ditched the disc and replaced it with a skeleton movement. Through the arched sapphire crystal, you can also see the precise operation of the CO0082 self-winding movement under a magnified perspective.

        No doubt, the design of the Bubble series is a bit weird, but I think it has a unique appeal and will have its place. Therefore, it is good to see the return of the Bubble series triumph, but I have to doubt-does this mean that a new round of asset bubbles is coming? Well … time will give the answer.

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    Support Only Watch 2015 Charity Auction Richard Miller Donates Nadal To Wear Rm-27-02 Tourbillon Watch

    On November 7, 2015, the sixth Only Watch charity auction will be held in Geneva. Richard Miller specially donated the RM-27-02 tourbillon watch worn by Rafael Nadal during the 2015 tennis season in support of the medical research of the Monaco Anti-Dystrophy Association.
       In May this year, on the eve of the 114th French Tennis Open, Richard Miller released the new Rafael Nadal RM27-02 tourbillon limited edition watch. As always, Rafael Nadal personally wore a watch to compete in international competitions and conducted its ultimate effectiveness test.
       The Rafael Nadal RM27-02 Tourbillon Limited Watch is equipped with an innovative NTPT® carbon fiber hollow substrate and ring integrated structure, and the bridge is made of grade 5 titanium. The core can withstand an impact force of 5000g.
       The case is designed in black and white, and the unique appearance is particularly striking. The bezel and case bottom are made of NTPT® carbon fiber and TPT® quartz fiber. This groundbreaking material was developed in collaboration with Richard Miller and Swiss prepreg specialist North Thin Ply Technology (NTPT). During the processing, the material fiber layering is random, ensuring that each part is unique. The watch is paired with a Roland Garros laterite Velcro strap.

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    Tudor Pelagos Diving Watch-news Tudor

    Pelagos is the second of two new watches introduced by Tudor at this year’s Baselworld Baselworld Jewellery Show. This is an excellent diving watch with pure blood, which is Tudor Tudor. A fine example of vintage fashion style.
    In 2012, TUDOR was devoted to the vast ocean world. This year, the brand will continue its unique style, introducing two watches that combine elegance and performance. In honour of the brand’s long history, Heritage Black Bay reinterprets the influential watchmaking standards of the history of diving watches in the 1950s.

    The Pelagos diving watch, which combines exquisite craftsmanship and innovation, has a waterproof depth of 500 meters (1640 feet). The sports style design and reliable performance of the watch will meet the requirements of marine and diving lovers. With these two timepieces designed for the ocean, TUDOR not only showcases its more than 60 years of traditional craftsmanship, but also creative ideas that draw inspiration from history and create stylish designs. TUDOR further combines aesthetic design and extraordinary technology, which is a model of retro fashion.

    Tudor’s new Pelagos is not only an excellent diving watch, but also a perfect fusion of superb technology and reliable mechanical performance. In addition to showing many classic details of TUDOR history, this watch is one of the most representative models of the brand. With its extraordinary watchmaking technology, TUDOR made the Pelagos watch embark on the journey of exploring the ocean, and further expanded its vision.
    This remarkable watch comes with a 42 mm diameter case and is water resistant to 500 meters (1640 feet). The case is made entirely of titanium and is matte-creating a unique luster and rough look-an aesthetic interpretation of this deep-sea diving watch. The case is equipped with a helium exhaust valve, which helps reduce pressure to prevent damage to the watch. The sharply lined case is next to ‘GAS ESCAPE VALVE’. The matte black ceramic word ring and the unidirectional rotating outer ring of the luminous numerals add a lot of color to the watch. The design of the outer ring is ingenious, which makes the operation easier and easier to read. Even in extreme environments, the eye-catching hour markers and ‘snowflake’ luminous hands ensure clear reading. The special double-layer inner ring not only merges the triangular, rectangular or square hour markers into one body, but also reminiscent of the brand’s historical models. In addition to its practical, easy-to-read and sturdy features, in addition to stainless steel discounts, the Pelagos watch’s titanium strap is also equipped with a patented automatic adjustment spring device developed by TUDOR.

    With this extraordinary system, even if the diving suit shrinks with increasing depth and pressure, the strap can be tightened automatically; on the contrary, when the diver returns to the surface, the diving suit expands as the water depth pressure decreases, and the strap will Become looser. TUDOR Pelagos series also has a rubber strap with an extensible system, which is convenient for users to adjust when wearing a diving suit. This new watch pays tribute to the sea, diving swimmers and marine protectors. Pelagos is a rugged, reliable and high-performance premium sports watch-water-resistant to 500 meters deep-a sign that this TUDOR watch has set a new milestone in the field of diving timepieces.

    Original source: Tudor