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    Stanislav Kruglykhin Riding The ‘conard Lord’ Won The Championship In The ‘presidential Cup Of The Russian Federation’ Responsible For Timing With Swiss Watch Brand Longines

    Longines is proud to be the official partner, official timekeeper and designated watch of the Russian Federation President’s Cup for the second consecutive year. The race was held at the Central Moscow Hippodrome on June 11, 2017. Longines served as the official timekeeper and designated watch of the race, and guests included Longines’ elegant image ambassador Ingpoja Dakuneti. (Ingeborga Dapkunaite). Stanislav Kruglykhin, who rode the ‘Conard Lord’, won the championship with the enthusiasm of a live audience.

       The ‘Presidential Cup of the Russian Federation’ was established in 2004. It is the most important event of purebred horse racing in Russia. It attracts the attention of horse breeders, lovers and Moscow citizens. For this reason, this event is an important sporting event, and even the Russian president will attend it every year.

       This horse racing day, held at the Moscow Central Racecourse, is a great place to enjoy the watch designated by the race. This is a women’s watch with a blue dial from the Longines Master. The new tone of the watch cleverly matches the classic and subtle design style of this series, and there are a variety of diameter sizes to choose from, anyone can find a watch that fits their wrist size. This elegant timepiece features a self-winding mechanical movement with a blue alligator strap.

       In 1878, Longines introduced a chronograph pocket watch engraved with knights and its riding horses. Since then, it has always shown a love for equestrianism. This chronograph pocket watch has been used on racetracks since 1881. It is very popular with jockeys and horse lovers, because it can calculate horse racing time to the accuracy of seconds. To this day, Longines actively participates in equestrian sports, including forming partnerships with important international institutions, participating in flat races, field obstacle races, triathlons, endurance races, carriage competitions and dressages. Brands have developed a close relationship with these sports for more than a century, because they coincide with each other in values ​​such as tradition, excellent performance, and elegant style.

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    Hublot Hublot × Lang Lang Art Fusion First Presentation

    Since its inception, Hublot HUBLOT regards the creation and revival of ‘Art of Fusion’ as the supreme spiritual philosophy of the brand. With HUBLOT’s continuous exploration in infinite imagination, The extraordinary creative works of art are unique and set a unique precedent for artistic fusion.

    HUBLOT announces Lang Lang, internationally renowned pianist, as global brand ambassador

    A new chapter of ‘HUBLOT Loves Art’ was played in Shenyang Shengjing Grand Theater-HUBLOT is pleased to announce that Lang Lang, the world’s top piano artist, has officially joined the HUBLOT family as the global brand ambassador. HUBLOT and Lang Lang will bring unprecedented inspiration and collision, which means that the traditional concepts of watchmaking art and classical music are about to be overturned, and the pioneering pioneering spirit will become the strongest music that shocks the future.
    At the press conference, Lang Lang and the Chinese rock band Demon Hunter performed a passionate cross-border performance. With this unusual music language, he showed eclectic imagination and creativity, and deservedly became HUBLOT’s ‘Fusion Art Best spokesperson. ‘ Also debuting at the press conference was Lang Lang’s latest advertising picture for HUBLOT, directed by Chen Man, a top Chinese fashion photographer. The avant-garde style of fashion presents a completely different Lang Lang-an extraordinary HUBLOT brand ambassador.

    Becoming the first, being the only, and being different, the close connection between HUBLOT and Lang Lang, in the unprecedented fusion of art, it is infinitely inspirational and exciting!

    The chairman of the board of HUBLOT and the president of the watch department of LVMH Group Jean-Claude Biver warmly welcome Lang Lang to join the HUBLOT family: ‘Lang Lang is not only a very outstanding piano artist, but also a world-renowned music superstar and a young man. ‘I appreciate his thrilling passion for music and his bold attempt to innovate. I look forward to the collaboration between Lang Lang and HUBLOT will inspire an unprecedented artistic fusion.’
    Lang Lang said: ‘I am very happy to be HUBLOT’s brand ambassador. I love this brand, not only because of its respect and heritage of the top Swiss watchmaking arts. I can feel unparalleled from every breakthrough and subversion of it. Vitality and passion. HUBLOT’s concept of fusion of art is completely consistent with the spirit of music I advocate: the uniqueness and difference we present to the world stem from our unreserved love for art. ‘
    HUBLOT & Lang Lang unprecedented art fusion
    Be the Number One: Pioneering Spirit
    For a long time, HUBLOT has been adhering to the traditional essence of excellence in Swiss watchmaking, and has incorporated bold innovations into it to create a contemporary design that subverts the general watchmaking industry, showing an unparalleled pioneering spirit. This spirit is continuously confirmed in HUBLOT’s many cross-border cooperations, no matter in art, football, racing, music … HUBLOT continuously challenges the limitations of traditional watchmaking industry, breaks through the world’s recognition of traditional ideas, and has made HUBLOT countless ‘the first’.
    And Lang Lang, a man who is obsessed with classical music and a person who has done his best to bring change to the field of classical music, he has led classical music out of the serious halls and into the cooler NBA basketball, World Cup football and Olympic games The scene infects hundreds of millions of viewers; he has performed with many internationally renowned pop musicians, rock musicians, theater artists and other artists. Lang Lang is China’s first and youngest UN ambassador for peace. With his strong personality and pioneering spirit, he conquered the world and became the ‘first.’
    Be Unique: Philosophy of Fusion Art
    ‘Fusion Art’ gives HUBLOT unlimited development space and ever-changing brand philosophy. Since its establishment in Nyon, Switzerland in 1980, HUBLOT has created a brand identity with natural rubber straps and precious metal materials, setting a precedent for fusion in the history of watchmaking at the time. Since then, each unique collision will result in a new breakthrough in material fusion, domain fusion or spiritual fusion. The way of integration lies in deconstruction and reorganization to shape a new world and future.

    Lang Lang performed at the press conference, showing the ‘first’ style

    As it happens, this is also the philosophy that Lang Lang pursues-young piano artists embrace the spirit of the times in an inclusive manner. At the 2014 Grammy Awards, a historic cross-border performance with American heavy metal band giant Metallica drove global audiences crazy. This process is also full of explorations and attempts for innovative forms of music. Lang Lang injects new changes and vitality into classical music with an open and integrated mentality, allowing classical art to enter the hearts of more young people.
    Becoming Different Beyond Past and Future
    HUBLOT soul figure Jean-Claude Biver once said, ‘We are not trying to break the past. Instead, we pay tribute to tradition by connecting the past and the future.’ The glorious history of fine watchmaking has laid the cornerstone for the future, HUBLOT Always based on inheritance and innovation, we make an iconic timer bearing the most talented and creative. In this way, HUBLOT has become a fusion art that stands out between watchmaking culture and innovative development.
    Lang Lang’s music mission is to inherit the classics and transcend them. He is not content with the repetition of rigid techniques and mechanics. He hopes to infect the audience with his passion and persistence, and share his distinctive interpretation of music to more people, so that the essence of classical music will be modernized in innovative practice The spirit inspires new inspiration and creativity, and brings classics into the future.
    Lang Lang’s Choice: Big Bang Carbon Fiber Square Gemstone Watch
    As the global brand ambassador, Lang Lang carefully selected the Big Bang carbon fiber square gemstone watch to attend the press conference. This is the first time that HUBLOT has used gemstones in its signature patented carbon fiber material field-a bold fusion with precious and rare gemstones, introducing the concept of HUBLOT full carbon fiber into the ultimate expression. As Lang Lang’s choice, the Big Bang carbon fiber square gemstone watch not only provides the pianist with a light and dynamic wearing experience, without burden during the performance, and the gorgeous gemstone also adds Lang Lang’s temperament to the artist’s note flow. Wrist charm.

    The Big Bang carbon fiber square gemstone watch uses an exclusive manufacturing process. The carbon fiber components developed and produced by HUBLOT are hand-inserted by traditional watchmaking artists. The precious square-cut gemstones are perfectly integrated on the all-carbon fiber bezel.

    This watch series uses an exclusive manufacturing process. The carbon fiber components developed and produced by HUBLOT are hand-inserted by traditional watchmaking artists. The precious square-cut gemstones are perfectly integrated on the all-carbon fiber bezel. Big Bang’s carbon fiber square gem series has a bezel with a diameter of 44 mm. All four gem versions are made of 100% carbon fiber. They are dynamic, super strong, and light and comfortable. The bezel of carbon fiber is surrounded by 48 square-cut precious stones, which are shining and shining with extreme elegance. The three small dial scales and HUBLOT logo in the same color design as the gem are clearly visible. The tonal alligator leather strap of the same color is lined with natural rubber and sewn with black velvet thread to give the skin a natural and comfortable touch. The watch is equipped with the HUB4100 self-winding chronograph movement, and the all-black calendar window further explains the all-black carbon fiber concept (black PVD coating, ruthenium-plated black gold). The movement frequency is 4 Hz (28,600 times / hour), with a total of 252 parts and a power reserve of up to 42 hours. Water-resistant to 100 meters.

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    Van Cleef & Arpels: The Art And Science Of Gems Exhibition 4/23 ~ 8/14 At Singapore Art And Science Museum

    Van Cleef & Arpels and the Paris Museum of Natural History jointly organize the exhibition ‘Van Cleef & Arpels: The Art and Science of Gems’, which integrates in a unique way Arts, craftsmanship, history, and geosciences together showcase the craftsmanship behind fine jewelry design and the formation of minerals and gems on the earth. The Art and Science of Gems exhibition is currently on display at the Singapore Museum of Art and Science, and Cate Blanchett, a friend of the brand, is invited to kick off this unique exhibition.

       ‘Van Cleef & Arpels: The Art and Science of Gems’ is a unique exhibition that simultaneously explores the artistic skills required for fine jewelry design and the inevitable process of minerals and gems forming on the earth. The ArtScience Museum is a center that explores art and science, and its role in shaping the creative process of society. It aims to show how things are created through the emotional bonds created by art and the interpretation of science through its exhibitions and projects, so that people can fully understand the nature of things. More than 400 treasures presented in this exhibition are from Van Cleef & Arpels’s collections and private collectors’ selections, which reflect the poetry, exquisite craftsmanship and unique technology of the family.

       VanCleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels: TheArtandScienceofGems exhibition is designed and implemented by JouinManku firm, VCA has a long-term special friendship with them. In 2006, the prelude was played at Fontaine Plaza. Over the years, this architecture and design firm has completed numerous projects, including exhibitions, for fine jewelry families around the world.
       Invited by L’ÉCOLE Van Cleef & Arpels Academy of Jewelry and Watches, important natural treasures and scientific relics displayed side by side with these stunning works are from the French National Museum of Natural History) is an internationally renowned collection of minerals and gems. This exhibition integrates art, craftsmanship, history and geographic science in a very distinctive way. This exhibition will take visitors on a dramatic journey through the evolution of minerals from the center of the earth to the ground, while exploring how extraordinary craftsmanship has transformed these rare minerals into masterpieces of art.

     About the ArtScience Museum
       The ArtScience Museum, located in Marina Bay Sands, is the premier cultural institution in Southeast Asia and specializes in exploring the interrelationships between art, science, technology and culture. The iconic lotus-style building features 21 display galleries, totaling 50,000 square feet, and is the stage for some major exhibitions by key artists of the 20th century, including Salvador Dalí, Andy Warhol ) And Vincent Van Gogh, the main exhibition venue for exploring the history of science.

       As a symbolic landmark of the Marina Bay Coastal Area, the Museum of Art and Science is a vivid reflection of the theme of art and science. Designed by the famous architect Moshie Safdie, the shape is reminiscent of a lotus flower. The visionary chairman of Sheldon, Marina Bay Sands Corporation, LasVegasSandsCorp Mr. Sheldon Adelson called it ‘The Welcome Hand of Singapore’. The shape of the building is composed of 10 ‘fingers’ and is fixed in the center by a unique circular base. The interior of the finger is a unique gallery space. Natural lighting from the fingertips illuminates the vivid and engraving-like interior walls. The roof of the Museum of Art and Science can store rainwater and form a water channel that passes through the center of the structure and is poured into the reflection pool below the building. After that, the rainwater recirculates and is redirected, creating a continuous cylindrical waterfall through the water potential.
    Jouin Manku’s immersive stage setting
       As an internationally renowned architecture and design office, Jouin Manku has conceived an immersive stage arrangement for this exhibition. With nearly 450 creations and 250 minerals, you are invited to experience the in-depth journey of the history of gems and jewelry. For harmony with the unique environment of the ArtScience Museum, a metaphorical design of lotus shapes, Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku draw inspiration from nature to create A set of stage layout design was designed to make everything created by the power of the earth blend with the world of Van Cleef & Arpels in a charming and magical atmosphere.

    Friends of the brand Cate Blanchett arrives at the Art and Science of Gems exhibition in Singapore

       Each display gallery is decorated with a variety of scenic decorations, bringing gems and minerals together. We can appreciate these jewellery works from various angles, and place them in a slender transparent display tube as if floating in the air. The gems from the Natural History Museum of Paris are displayed on highly uneven hexagonal columns, which means to reproduce the shape of the original crystal. The two worlds are sometimes trapped in the same box, telling of the seemingly acquaintances between the two. The gems born millions of years ago and the forgings of human hands forged a story of past and present.
       Visitors walk through the exhibition halls one after another, as if immersed in an almost eternal mysterious atmosphere. From night blue to dark green, the change of light and shadow adds a sense of presence. In order to guide the walking route, colored cotton curtains give a sense of space rhythm, creating a light and smooth environment. The exhibition’s exclusive 1500 square meter exhibition hall is completely changed through the stage layout, subtly embellishing the perfection of the exhibits, and the audience is in the realm of fantasy and treasure.
    Innovative teaching tools
       The Museum of Art and Science at Marina Bay Sands specializes in exploring the interrelationships between art, science, technology and culture. For a cross-generational audience, what sets the exhibition apart is the rich content (text, video, audio, etc.) that promotes understanding and exploration. This emphasis on disseminating knowledge fits well with Van Cleef & Arpels. To this end, a large number of teaching tools are used throughout the exhibition. Movies, interactive events, and games enrich visitors’ experiences and immerse them in the fascinating world of gems and jewelry.
    Audio navigation app
       To assist visitors, a free audio-guided application that can be downloaded from your smartphone can provide supplemental content as you explore the exhibition. At the entrance of each exhibition hall, a digital world is greeted: the theme of the exhibition hall and the history of Van Cleef & Arpels’ selection, and the birth of gems is passed through the Natural History Museum of Paris. The collection of gems and minerals is depicted in a lively way. A set of creative highlights are highlighted through special and fascinating displays, injecting an interesting atmosphere into the audio guide. The public can interact with projects projected on the screen: challenges include redesigning gems at the fingertips, recognizing Van Cleef & Arpels inspiration on world maps, and capturing butterflies through enhanced realism. The entire exhibition is packed with entertainment, learning and exploration.

    Cate Blanchett carefully visits The Art and Science of Gems exhibition at the grand exhibition of the Singapore Museum of Art and Science

    Close contact with the work
       In order to exhibit a piece of jewellery up close, an innovative optical system called ‘exobox’ completes the theme of nature. The installation three-dimensionally projects the image of the Bouquet brooch created in 1938, making the work seem to float in the air. The yellow gold, topaz, and sapphire used in the new angle suddenly look like a new angle, as if within reach. During the exhibition, visitors can also experience the behind-the-scenes production of Van Cleef & Arpels’Van Cleef & Arpels design through interactive visits to the Paris Fontaine Workshop. In the movie theater, touch screens guide visitors to explore the superb craftsmanship of fine jewelry.
       At the same time, nine short films were completed by French directors Loic Prigent and Willy Papa, featuring family artisans. Gem Craftsmen, Inlay Craftsmen, Gem Sourcing Experts, and more: Van Cleef & Arpels’s Golden Hands (Mains d’ Or ™) passionately share their craft secrets. In the cinema, a digital version of the exhibition catalog is also available to the public. Content combined with rich text and pictures, you can browse the work as you want and get more videos.

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    Wyler Genève Builds Official Watch For Dakar Rally

    Wyler Genève, the luxury watch maker, became the official timer of the 2009 Dakar Dakar Rally. He launched the official watch for this race: a limited edition stopwatch made of rare metal tantalum.
    The Dakar Rally will be held on January 3, 2009 in Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires. The product was scheduled to be launched at that time to warm up the race. The watch is limited to 180 Twelve, this number is the number of participants in the first Dakar thirty years ago.
    In addition to appearing as an official watch on the screen and having the right to produce official models, Wyler Genève also has a three-year cooperation agreement with the organizing committee of the competition, which includes responsibility for life in this event sponsored by Wyler Genève Cycle analysis. The results of this analysis will be used to determine the Wyler Genève Award to be awarded in 2010. The purpose of the award is to reward those involved in Dakar, including participants and organizers, for their environmental efforts.

    Dakar’s official watch uses a Wyler Genève’s unique shock-absorbing case. The internal movement is sealed in a tantalum metal package, which is placed in a carbon fiber resin frame. The upper and lower ends of the disc are fixed to this frame with tantalum spring screws, so that the movement is suspended inside. These discs are also made of tantalum, making this Dakar official watch unparalleled and highly characteristic. Not only is tantalum metal more rare than gold, but it is also more difficult to process-especially for the complicated Wyler Genève case-this rare metal has also given this rare limited edition watch a glamorous glorious blue.
    Source: Wyler Genève