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    Racing Passion On Your Wrist Recommended Tag Heuer New F1 Series Watches

    In September 2014, the world’s first electric car event, the FIA ​​Formula E Championship, is about to begin, and Swiss watch pioneer Tiger has deep roots in motorsport. TAG Heuer will be the official partner of the event. To celebrate this collaboration, TAG Heuer has launched a new model of the F1 series.

      From the Carrera series originating in the Pan American Road Race to the Monaco series inspired by the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix, TAG Heuer has never disguised its passion for motorsport. The cooperation between TAG Heuer and McLaren Formula 1 team F1 watch series is bold and excellent performance, its creative inspiration is directly derived from precision F1 racing drive technology, has six professional sports appearance essential six Item characteristics. From Ayrton Senna to Jenson Button, many F1 champion drivers have worn TAG Heuer F1 watches.

      The 41mm diameter automatic watch and 44mm diameter automatic chronograph introduced this time have retained the characteristics of the F1 series, with the same performance, and welcomed the first FIA Electric Formula Championship with a new attitude.
    TAG Heuer F1 Calibre 6 Automatic Watch (41mm)

      This watch is the first TAG Heuer F1 series automatic watch with Calibre 6 movement. It has all the features of the F1 series, including the ‘Easy Grip’ screw-in crown and one-way rotating watch. Hoops, fluorescent hands and hour markers, an extensible stainless steel bracelet with a double security buckle, and a classic checkered caseback. The case has a new and unique shape design, the sculpted lugs are elegant in style, and there are black and white dials, steel chains and sports perforated belts to choose from. Keep your time in your mind.

    Retail Price: 12,500 RMB
    TAG Heuer F1 Series Calibre 16 Automatic Chronograph (44mm)

      The latest TAG Heuer F1 series Calibre 16 automatic chronograph exudes all the passion of F1 motorsport. The details of the watch and chronograph show a fiery red color, which contrasts with the black on the chronograph timer, making it more readable. The black titanium carbide-coated bezel is its basic speed measurement tool. The small seconds dial of the watch is decorated with a spiral carving, and a date window is set at 6 o’clock. Control time in seconds.

    New products are not priced
    About TAG Heuer:
      Since 1860, TAG Heuer was founded by Edouard Heuer in Saint-Imier, and has made many remarkable achievements in the field of high-end watchmaking, especially the outstanding design The chronograph is renowned for its extreme precision. Among the many innovative brands in high-end Swiss watchmaking, TAG Heuer, an avant-garde brand, has always been committed to sports watches and has worked hard to create the world’s most accurate timekeeping instruments and watches, continuing the Swiss legend.
      After learning from past achievements, TAG Heuer was awarded the most coveted award in the indicator industry in 2012-the Geneva Watch Award ‘Golden Pointer Award’. TAG Heuer relentlessly pursues innovation, excellence, performance and high-end.
      This ambition is also reflected in its cooperation with outstanding people in many industries, such as Vodafone McLaren and its F1 world champion Jenson Button, Le Mans 24 Hours) and Formula E, the world’s top electronic power racing event organized by the new International Automobile Federation. TAG Heuer is also a partner of the Oracle Team of the 34th America’s Cup Championship.
       In addition, TAG Heuer is also actively working with Hollywood stars Cameron Diaz, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Indian star Shah Rukh Khan. Rukh Khan), famous Chinese film and television artist Chen Daoming, and WTA tennis champion Maria Sharapova, among other superstars, hope to use their image to show the unique charm of TAG Heuer: achievement and innovation.
      TAG Heuer is the industry’s first manufacturer to use 100% self-developed Swiss chronograph movements: following the oscillating gear invented by Heuer in 1887, it also independently developed the calibre Calibre 1887.
      In addition, its watchmaking workshop has developed a Monaco V4 powered by a belt, a Carrera Mikrograph that can measure and indicate 1 / 100th of a second with a central hand, a Carrera Mikrotimer accurate to 1 / 1000th of a second, and a precision of 5/1000. Carrera Mikrogirder for 10,000 seconds. Engineers and watchmakers fulfilled the challenge of using miniature blades and magnetics to replace the escapement. Such outstanding watchmaking craftsmanship has made TAG Heuer a place in the Swiss watchmaking elite’s elite watchmaking foundation.

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    Beauty First Kiss On Wrist, Blancpain Eccentric Moon Phase Watch

    The original intention of the eccentric watch is for women’s pursuit of beauty, to create more aesthetic space on the dial. Blancpain watchmakers laid the dial with the Nautilus Gold Spiral (the golden law of human beings in composition and aesthetics for thousands of years) as the concept. What’s more, the three-dimensional small dial at six o’clock, with retro Roman scales and retro small hands, adds elegance to women’s time.

        A diamond needs billions of years of loneliness to wait for a woman to shine.

       When the eternal diamond symbolizing love is gorgeous, delicate, elegant and unique, the rose gold case is decorated with 40 diamond bezels totaling approximately 1.740 carats. Beautiful.

       The crown is set with approximately 1 carat of round diamonds, which is like the crown jewel, shining brightly.

       The dial of mother-of-pearl, with its fascinating texture, looks like the warm sunshine of the first sun, and the waves are romantic, bright and evoking imagination. Four pieces of mother-of-pearl perfectly create the dial’s magical look. Five diamonds embedded on the dial add color to the lunar phase face at 12 o’clock, and it looks like the twilight is beginning to dye, and the moon and the moon are beginning to brighten.

       The top of the serpentine blue steel hand that indicates the date raises the brightest star in the night sky for you. When it walks to the end of the month, it will retrograde back to the beginning of the month. The elegant date retrograde function adds a touch of expectation and rhythm to each month.

       Through the sapphire back, the five-petal flower-shaped K-gold oscillating weight is clearly visible. The five-petal flower is the legendary five-petal lilac. The lilac is actually four petals. It is said that if you find five petals of lilac, you can realize your wish and get happiness. Of course, this is the best wishes of Blancpain watchmakers for elegant and delicate ladies.

       Blancpain has always been committed to the pursuit of art and beauty, creating a unique core for women. Cal for this watch.
    The 2650RL self-winding movement is Blancpain’s self-developed movement for ladies. Its polished and chamfered details are round and sapphire. Blancpain has upgraded the entire line with anti-magnetic silicon hairspring, so that the watch is not affected by magnetism, without fear of mobile phones, computers, bag buckles, etc., so that ladies always stay elegant and calm.