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    Sihh 2009: Vacheron Constantin And Haute Joaillerie

    Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin’s road to success is an extraordinary trilogy: on this road, the brand has been devoted to the traditional sublimation and inheritance of high-end watches and jewelry.

    Kalla Haute Couture à Secret

    Lady Kalla Flame
    First, the brand has worked for Kallista for thirty years. Through Kallista, he created a world known for its unique style and heavy use of gems.
    Next, he first introduced diamond cutting in the field of watchmaking, creating a radiant effect for two charming watch gems.
    Finally, thanks to the Malte Tourbillon Regulator, the high technology of watchmaking is combined with the most sophisticated and unique technology of all inlay technology: invisible inlay.

    Malte Tourbillon Regulator with invisible mosaic
    These four unique watches are the crystallization of art. They make the gem setting artisans show their talents. The setting of each rare gem is a challenge, and they are full of the craftsman’s extreme craftsmanship and patience.
    Source: Vacheron-Constantin

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    Buy A Watch With Raiders Amy Long Accompany You Carnival Double 11

    Since e-commerce ushered in the first ‘Double 11’ in 2009, this day is no longer just an e-commerce event, it has even been enlarged into a celebration or even a festival. From the original one-day event on Tmall platform to the participation of major e-commerce platforms today, the event has been longer.

       In November, 18 years is not far away. Has the effort and effort in this year been recognized by you? In this double 11 carnival, the merchandise that usually does not have the heart to start finally came to a big price! Take this opportunity and give yourself a reward. The Swiss Emilon brand watch unfolds with the ‘wing of time’ element, ideally inserting the wings of time, so that dreams are no longer constrained by time and fly higher and higher; as a reward, give yourself A watch with quality and meaning cannot be more suitable. For this double eleven, the Emilion brand has prepared a super strong discount benefit for you who love watches on the JD platform. Hi you double eleven, but there are many double eleven activities and the rules are complicated. Let’s take a look at Amy Long watch double 11 watch purchase strategy.
    Double 11, Amy Long Jingdong self-operated store prepared 4 highlights,
    I. November 1st-November 11th Crazy limited spike
    From November 1st to 10th, a popular watch every day for only 1111 yuan each! Open at 21:00 on time.
    On November 11th, at 00:00, 11 classic time wing series watches were released for a spike. First come, first served. Opportunities do not wait for others. Buy immediately!
    Second, November 1st-November 4th, 1000 minus 100

    In these days, the watch in my heart seemed to be held in my own hands, and I was thrilled at the thought! This event is extremely attractive to customers who are fancy high-end watches. What models will be involved in the welfare? Hurry up and check out Amy Long Jingdong’s self-operated shop.

    3.November 5th to November 6th
    You do n’t have to squeeze the Internet peak on the night of the 11th, and you have to take down your watch in a few days; 5 to 6 days to grab God coupons (values ​​of 500, 1000, 2000 yuan), 7 days to use God coupons and continue to reduce !! Unexpected benefits are waiting for you!
    Fourth, November 10th to November 12th
    Explosive models straight down, give you a surprise price! No need to count the full reduction, no need to make up the bill, what are you waiting for, Amy Long flash sale is with you! The activity time is from 10th to 12th, avoiding traffic jams caused by Internet speed on the 11th.
       Every minute and every second of life needs to be experienced carefully, and the taste of life is seriously felt. The time is the same for everyone, but you are so different in the long sea. Let Amy Long watch and record every life in your life. Every minute, with that special you. The activities of Amy Long Jingdong’s self-operated store are so great. You must do your homework in advance. For details of the event and the watches you want to know, please consult customer service in advance, so that you do n’t have any regrets for Double 11.

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    Details Of The Five Engraving Methods Of Carved Watches

    ‘Fine Carving’ is strictly a collective term for several processes in the art of dial making, not a specific one. In other words, you can say that a certain craft belongs to the category of fine carving, but fine carving doesn’t stop there. Today we will reveal to you the 5 most common engraving methods used in watchmaking, and understand why they are more important.
    Jacques de Petite Heure Minute Relief Dragon Watch
    Method one: the deepest relief with hammering and deepest three-dimensional impression
        One of the most common methods of fine carving in gold relief, ‘hammering deep relief’ is actually a common processing art in European advanced gold and silver processing. It is a specialized art and a special industry. Its social status is even comparable to that of watchmakers. A well-made deep-relief case can make a watch more than 10 times worth of similar products.
       The ‘hammering deep relief’ process does not use a knife or a ‘mold’. With only a small hammer and a few simple tools, two eyes and a pair of skillful hands, you can complete the bending, Stretching, splicing, compounding, molding, polishing and other very complicated procedures. Deep relief is mainly shaved, but real deep relief micro-relief can look very three-dimensional. It is called zan (zan) engraving, which is to smash down with a tool. Although a knife is not used, the relief effect is not inferior to the work of the knife carving, and because there are no traces of the knife, the pattern is more uneven, and the characters’ lines are vivid and smooth.
    Petite Heure Minute Relief Dragon watch
    Method 2: Lightly emerged bas-relief & bas-relief

        Bas-relief is the second most common way of carving in gold relief. Antique pocket watches are dominated by shovel. The jargon is called ‘shovel flower’. Compared with deep relief, the level of cross relief is low. Bas-relief is relatively easier than deep-relief. On the basis of the bas-relief, hollowing out the background or foreground part of the bas-relief becomes a bas-relief. The bas-relief and bas-relief are often used in a cross-like fashion. , It also increases the difficulty of carving, and the value of collection also increases.
    Patek Philippe 982 136G platinum bas-relief white enamel pocket watch
    Method 3: Don’t have the splint carving

        The dial is beautiful, and the splint on the watch is also called ‘Xiuwai Huizhong’. Therefore, the ornaments and patterns are carved between the square inches of the watch splint, so as to give the watch works a more expressive and personalized artistic style. However, the constraints of the creative carrier make this technique even more difficult, because the engraving of complex movements requires not only deep aesthetic accomplishments, but also the sculptor’s comprehensive understanding of the design orientation and structural layout of the watch, and the pattern complements it.

        In the industry regulations in the field of gold carving, there are even strict requirements on the preparation procedures, carving techniques, agility and even carving posture of the sculptor to ensure that the finished product has the perfect artistic sense and ornamentality. It is rare that the splint can be carved well.
    Breguet splint carved
    Method 4: One-time shell art
    Shell relief tools and semi-finished products

        Mother-of-pearl is widely used in dials. Shell carving can also be made into deep relief and bas-relief. The difficulty is that starting from the first knife, the sculptor can’t make mistakes, because there is no chance for correction after each knife cut. The sculptor is required to be absolutely ‘steady’, ‘quasi’ and ‘ruthless’.
    Vacheron Constantin engraver describes the outline of a flying pigeon
    Method 5: Double legendary carved enamel and carved transparent enamel

        The finished bas-relief or relief is covered with transparent colored enamel for firing. Usually, the relief under the enamel is geometrically patterned. The filling of the enamel requires the skills of the sculptor and the deep-painting skills of the enamelist. The color changes of 150 different glazes after sintering and the change of each color at different temperatures can ensure that the finished product is delicate and lifelike.

        The engraving technique of filling enamel is an ancient enamel technique. The difficulty lies in that when a carver sculpts a pre-designed pattern on a silver tire, the thickness of the line on the pattern must be accurately reflected. The sculptor needs to carefully sculpt the grooves of different figures to show the structure pattern with vivid lines. In addition, there is a carved transparent enamel process. It uses transparent and colored enamel glazes to show the finely carved patterns on silver tires. Only by careful taste can you understand what is called ‘under transparent glaze’ world’.

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    Xie Xinying’s Elegant And Handsome Show Oris Oris Red Sea World

    Oris, a century-old Swiss watchmaking brand, has joined hands to create the ORIS Aquis Red Sea Limited Watch in order to express its concern for the world’s top diving area Red Sea. For each watch sold, ORIS donates a fixed amount of money to RSEC for the ecological use of the Red Sea. With practical actions, it continues to support marine ecological conservation projects. The latest Aquis series maintains this precious seawater inlet, and Arouse the world’s cherished awareness of the earth’s resources.

    Well-known actress Xie Xinying wears ORIS Red Sea Left Crown Limited Watch

    Located between Africa and the Asian continent, the Red Sea of ​​the Indian Ocean is not only one of the world’s top diving destinations, but also one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet; more than 1,200 tropical marine life living under this underwater Gorgeous paradise; the balance and prosperity of this complex-structured ecosystem depend on the efforts of the RSEC Association.

    Xie Xinying, who likes large surfaces, loves the bright red scale on the ORIS Aquis Red surface.

    Male model wearing ORIS Artix analog moon phase and Artelier Jumping Hour watch and Xie Xinying elegant interpretation of ORIS

    ORIS’s new Aquis Red Sea Limited Watch perfectly embodies the spirit of the RSEC Association. The Aquis diving watch has a unidirectional rotating upper ring, scale and second hand, painted with a strong bright red, which echoes the Red Sea. In order to combat the expansion and contraction of wetsuits under the influence of water pressure, ORIS has developed a sliding folding buckle that can quickly change the length of the strap without opening the buckle, ensuring that it can be easily adjusted and stabilized at any time according to the environment. Water-resistant to 30 times the atmospheric pressure of 300 meters, limited to 2,000 in the world, presented in a unique watch box group. Dedicated only to the fantasy red sea underwater world, the ORIS Red Sea Limited Watch is designed with ideals and persistence to create works with both taste and connotation.

    ORIS Aquis Red limited watch fits the dual demands of diving enthusiasts and environmentalists

    ORIS launches new Artix pointer moon periodic table
     Committed to innovation and research and development of high-quality watches, ORIS is proud to introduce the new member of the Artix family, ORIS Artix Analog Moon Periodic Table; in the classic watch shape design, it is presented by hands, and the Moon Periodic Table is injected into the dial.
    ORIS’s self-developed 761 calibre movement is a masterpiece of the brand’s strengths and technological development as an independent watch factory. The new Artix analog moon periodic table is another milestone in the development of watch functions. In addition to the traditional date display, the dial adds a moon periodic table and hands. The hands will move every half day to accurately indicate the moon cycle, completely subverting the previous display. Moon phase form.

     ORIS’s new Artix pointer moon periodic table will be the best novelty collection for watch lovers of moon phases

    The appearance of the Artix analogue periodic table of the moon, in order to be more comfortable to wear, has also been redesigned to make it more elegant and thinner. The lugs have a special bevel. The design of the two dials inside and outside also adds to its complex functionality. demand. Fluorescent-coated nickel-plated polished hands ensure that the watch can be easily read even under weak light sources. The stainless steel case washed by the chain not only maintains excellent precision but also increases its durability. The watch has a black calf Leather strap and stainless steel bracelet are available.
    ORIS announces new Artelier timepiece
     Being a traditional mechanical watch brand does not mean that there is no room for research and innovation. Committed to creating high-quality watches that are at the forefront of the times, ORIS is proud to announce a new Artelier time-hopping watch that incorporates a digital display time design.
    The newest member of the Artelier family, the Artelier hour-jumping watch, displays the time in an unusual way, and breaks away from the ordinary central hour hand indicating frame. ORIS launched a functional design. .

    The new Artelier timepiece, for you who are creative and uncommon

    ORIS first introduced this kind of fine function, which is the essence of watchmaking technology. It only uses two counters to rotate minutes and seconds. Silver guilloché dial with protruding scales, fluorescent scales and polished hands, waterproof function 3 times the atmospheric pressure, multi-piece stainless steel case, crown. The elegant case structure and rounded sapphire crystal are delicately crafted. You can choose calfskin, alligator strap or metal chain strap according to your preference. The groundbreaking research and development in the ORIS series will further expand the Artelier family.