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    I Said I Would Buy Luxury Goods Online, But I Was Fooled By Toplife …

    Everyone knows that rabbits love to spend money, and they are a firm brick-and-mortar store experience. For many years, they have only bought children’s clothing and rabbit food online, and they haven’t tried clothes with more than 1,000 yuan. Luxury goods are impossible. But recently I was beaten by myself. I heard that when JD.com invested in Farfetch, a well-known e-commerce company, I was still unmoved. In the past few years, you have come and gone for luxury e-commerce companies. It seems that I haven’t seen any one company. But a few days ago, when I saw the emergence of JD.com’s independent luxury e-commerce platform TOPLIFE, I finally couldn’t hold back my curiosity, quietly downloaded the app to see what happened, and then I couldn’t control the order. I bought the first one in my life. Online shopping bags, ANTEPRIMA. This is certainly not the result of impulse, because TOPLIFE just met my needs:

    1, to me, this bag is just the type of ‘you can place an order without going to a physical store’; 2, pure luxury Environment, will not jump out of various fake and fake products in the search to interfere with the experience; 3, suitable for people who have no time to go to the store in a busy day to browse pastime in bed (T Classroom is similar to magazines telling brand stories and matching experiences, so this is not a simple and rude (Buy, buy and buy process); 4, full of expectations for Jingzunda’s white gloves service (delivery brother in a special car, wear white gloves).

    After the order was completed, I began to rejoice and wait for the white glove brother to come. I used to think that e-commerce’s hard work in transportation could not replace the experience of physical stores, but this time looking forward to express delivery really made me re-examine this judgment. In October last year, TOPLIFE officially landed in major online application stores and did not make much publicity, but in the past six months, it has activated millions of users, which of course also benefits from the strong JD.com as the backing. Jingdong brought the selected high-end consumers to TOPLIFE, which directly completed the most difficult step for many individual brands-drainage. Although some luxury brands such as LV and Gucci still insist on being e-commerce themselves, they have to admit that in the era of increasingly expensive traffic, the cost is too high. In addition to traffic, there are subsequent distribution links. For most brands, there is no such strength to complete the entire build. This is why, the negotiation between TOPLIFE and the brand is easier than in the past, and all the cooperating brands have settled in the form of official flagships. Recalling that from 2008 to 2010, when the first generation of luxury e-commerce was on the rise, they were all vertically integrated, basically buying through agents and channel vendors, without changing the fundamental relationship with the brand. Such e-commerce has no source, no customer loyalty, and no service. Of course, the scariest thing is that you may be buying fakes. This cooperation method of TOPLIFE has also completely broken the concerns about e-commerce flooding with fakes. Rest assured of the source of goods is the first step for us to get rid of our worries. In the past six months, more than 20 brands have entered TOPLIFE, such as high-end underwear brand La Perla, popular fried chicken Rimowa in bags, B & O Play, Emporio Armani and so on. After that, Alexander McQueen handed over China’s first touch to TOPLIFE, and Saint Laurent also built China’s first online flagship store, Chinese designer brand Derek Lam, high-end jewelry brand Pomellato, a very niche Perrin Paris, and Oscar King de la Renta has been stationed. This number will continue to grow in the future (I ca n’t really list them all, do n’t be lazy, enjoy it in your next app). I have to lament that the biggest experience of this shopping is the extremely fast logistics. At 10:07 on Monday evening, I checked the order on my mobile phone in bed. I didn’t expect to deliver it at 10 am the next morning. Those who have experienced Haitao must have various painful stories-not only slow, but also often deducted by the customs to pay taxes. When you want to save money on shopping, the result is often not too much money and time. If you say that 10 years ago, everyone bought things online for cheap (the original role of the shopping festival created by e-commerce was to popularize online shopping and rely on price wars to attract people, but now the demographic dividend of online shopping has disappeared and consumption is quietly upgraded) But today, low prices are no longer the selling point of luxury online shopping. When I shared this shopping experience in the circle of friends, only one person asked me: ‘Looking at the price, it doesn’t seem to be a big price difference?’ Will LV’s official website price be cheaper than a physical store? of course not. The biggest significance of luxury online shopping is to cover the potential market without physical stores. Maybe you are a big mall when you go out in the first-tier cities, but many people in the villages in the fifth or sixth tier towns need to travel hundreds of miles to find a shop. For them, online shopping is a new convenient channel. Second, for very mature luxury consumers, online shopping can reduce the time it takes to run a store. For example, rabbit me, I still have to go to the store to try on clothing, but bags under 20,000 yuan can be completed online on a secure platform. In addition, for many niche brands, the cost of physical stores is too high. For example, Perrin Paris from Paris, without the support of a large consortium, can not spread the facade in the Chinese market by itself, so platforms such as TOPLIFE give niche brands a very good opportunity to face Chinese consumers. In the future, luxury goods will compete with the uniqueness of brands and products. Therefore, TOD’s and Hogan provide a large number of exclusive styles. Mulberry and TOPLIFE launched a co-branded Amberley golden bag, Saint Laurent 2018 spring and summer series Niki Bag first launched in TOPLIFE before the brand store … There is always a reason, I hope I can leave you. Finally, I will share with you the package I received. But a little regret is that the white glove Mr. I was looking forward to didn’t show up (pretending to wipe a tear). On the day the rabbit received the goods, the staff of TOPLIFE took the initiative to call me, and after we were allowed to add WeChat, informed: Because Hangzhou has not yet opened the Jingzunda service (the result was on the 20th of this month, Jingdong announced the Jingzunda service The opening of Hangzhou was really 3 days early, and the days were so different that tears flowed across the face …). However, there are many other services. As long as you complete an order, you can enjoy 24-hour telephone membership services, and you can also communicate with fashion consultants on WeChat. In this regard, TOPLIFE completely uses luxury services as the basic standard. In fact, in the past ten years, Chinese luxury e-commerce has experienced changes in channel goods, discount-driven purchases, and so on. Until today, it has been considered as a mature environment. It has a group of customers who are less sensitive to prices but pay great attention to experience. Also in recent years, the luxury brands on the sidelines have gone from ‘exclusion’ to ‘trying’, and consumption upgrades have also brought opportunities for niche brands. A sentence I very much agree with: ‘All the so-called ways to save money in the world will eventually prove to be expensive.’ After all, I believe that rabbit fans are mostly like me, willing to spend money to experience and save time, not to save money to learn lessons . Finally, Rabbit was curious to ask everyone, what is the most expensive online shopping so far? how much did you spend?