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    Delacour And José Mourinho Jose Mourinho

    deLaCour announces José Mourinho Jose Mourinho as its brand ambassador and launches a limited edition watch collection: The Mourinho City Ego Collection

     José Mourinho Jose Mourinho’s recent visit to Geneva is different from other visits; this trip has received much attention and has been warmly received by President Alfred Terzibachian and Chief Designer Pierre Koukjian; José Mourinho Mourinho is visiting the boutique The store appreciates different watch collections, and he is extremely proud of his watch collection: The Mourinho City Ego Collection.

    Alfred Terzibachian, José Mourinho and Pierre Koukjian
     José Mourinho invited media reporters to share the insight of his and deLaCour’s thoughts, ‘The reason why I pay so much attention to this project is because this is my favorite brand, [deLaCour]. I don’t take the opportunity of sponsorship very seriously, I can live without them. Unless it’s something I’m obsessed with, it’s like deLaCour. ‘
    Source: deLaCour