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    Exclusive Guide: Holding Hands And Son-in-law Revealing Your Love

    Since ancient times, love has always been an eternal topic in the long river of human emotions. Whether it is in literary works or real life, many people are full of anticipation and yearning for love and treat love with loyalty. A love story between Zhuo Wenjun and Sima Xiangru, a famous writer in the Han Dynasty, has been talked about so far. ‘Separation’ has been praised to this day. Maybe there is no long-lasting love, but there are long-lasting memories, permanent miss and care. Are you still alone today? In the past, you may have been alone watching someone’s Valentine’s Day with roses in your hands. Now wear a couple watch, and celebrate various festivals with your beloved, let Singles’Day be far away from us.

      Some feelings are difficult to express in words. Let time describe the story for you. The meaning of sending a watch means that you want two people to spend every minute and every second of your life and write your love on your wrist. If you want to surprise your beloved, please take the right seat and see which class you belong to. (PS: When you think the gift is not enough to express feelings, the gift is too vulgar, then the handsome guy will give a kiss of love, and the ugly one will go directly to the bank card! Xiaobian can do nothing about it.)

      First stage: unknowing green love

      Love is wonderful and self-evident. At each stage, you need to taste carefully, feel attentively, get to know each other and fall in love. As buds appear, buds like buds are tender and full of greenness. When love is still ignorant, it is the most wonderful moment of love. For young boys and girls, the criteria for choosing gifts should be both fashion personality and good quality. There are two major categories of Casio watches, one is a jumper table for sports and leisure images; the other is a young and stylish pointer watch. Here are two couple watches for you.

      CASIO Casio G-SHOCK & Baby-G watch with the theme of ‘Devil & Angel Angel and Devil’ runs through time and space, engraving the exclusive lover’s totem on the strap or the back of the watch to commemorate the deep love between lovers. The models selected each year are extremely popular or classic models of that year. Due to the limited use of regional quotas worldwide, and the watch itself with angel and devil back cover patterns, each launch will trigger a buying spree. The bright black pair of watches uses DW-6900LA and BGA-6901LA models. The pearl black pure black body with partial red scale embellishment emits pure and dazzling light. The watch adopts a unified watch box, and the back cover of the watch is engraved with cute shapes of angels and demons, which is very interesting. In addition, the watch has multiple functions such as multi-function alarm, fully automatic calendar, and the stopwatch is accurate to 1/100 second. The official website price is ¥ 2290.

      The concise dial design, the fan-shaped week dial shows elegance. The golden particle-coated bezel enhances the overall noble and stylish feel of the watch, with a stopwatch timing function, and a screw back cover design for greater water resistance. The white dial with rose gold hands and time scales is also clear at a glance. The 24-hour, 60-minute and small seconds dials are located at three, six and nine o’clock. This couple watch is a fashion-friendly design that is the first choice for couples.

      Second stage: sweet love in struggle (suitable for couples just entering work)

      The well-known star Huang Bo, with many works during this year’s eleventh year, took the top spot at the box office. His success is inseparable from the struggle of his debut as a young man. Therefore, the struggle is hard and happy, and one day you will be grateful The sweat and sadness you give are the precious wealth of your life. For two people who are dedicated to reality, meticulous and pursuing a stable life, they need two simple and magnificent watches, because they don’t need too flashy decorations, they only need to work hard and down-to-earth, so that the time witness can work hard. the process of.

      Lovers with deep feelings wear the ideal series of watches to combine love into one, which can show happiness and show personality on any occasion. This Tissot ideal series T038.430.11.037.00 men’s mechanical watch uses a polished stainless steel case and strap. The sapphire crystal glass has a strong anti-wear ability. The dial design is simple and classic. The concentric circles are outlined by two concentric circles. , Also expresses love for partners. Silver-white dial with calendar display at six o’clock. The model of the ladies’ watch is T038., with a 33 mm diameter. Except for the position of the calendar display window, the other designs are similar.

      The Tissot watch is a perfect fit for both men and women. The design uses a polished stainless steel strap and case, and a silver bracelet with a butterfly buckle attracts envious eyes between the wrist swings. The watch is equipped with the Swiss ETA2834-2 movement. Through the transparent bottom, you can watch the beauty of the rhythm of the automatic movement.

      In fact, there are many choices for people-friendly couple watches. For example, Mido’s Lencelli series and Commander series are also very suitable for couples to wear. Men’s watches are equipped with high-quality mechanical movements. The ingenious design reproduces the century-old watchmaking skills and cultural accumulation, and also shows the good taste of men. Ladies’ watches are exquisite, delicate, flexible and moving.

      Third stage: bland love in stability (suitable for couples in their 30s and 40s)

      ‘I do n’t have a colorful phoenix with flying wings, but my heart has a rhinoceros.’ I hate that I do n’t have the colorful phoenix-like wings on my body. I can fly to my lover, but each other’s minds are like the rhino horns. There is expectation, the distress of Acacia blends with the comfort of heart and heart, depicting the complex and subtle mentality of the lovers who deeply fall in love but can’t stay together. When people have a stable life, decent work, and organized a family, love slowly turns to the care and companionship of the family, and it is also appropriate to use a good watch to treat yourself.

      This pair of watches looks noble and elegant, marrying countless feelings into the long river of timepieces. The Omega Constellation series, with its famous ‘claw’ and eye-catching dial, shows the timeless and charming design concept. First of all, the model number of the Omega men’s watch is This watch is equipped with a champagne dial and decorated with diamond hour markers, which is noble. At 3 o’clock, there is a calendar window, and it is covered with a wear-resistant sapphire crystal, which is clear and clear when reading. The men’s model is a 35mm stainless steel case with an 18K yellow gold diamond bezel. This timepiece is equipped with a 2500 coaxial movement, the movement of which is clearly visible through the sapphire case back, with a satin-plated surface.

      The female model is, with a champagne dial with a ray pattern, diamond hour markers, and a wear-resistant sapphire crystal. The 27mm stainless steel case is equipped with an 18K yellow gold diamond bezel, which dazzles with a dazzling light. With an 18K yellow gold steel bracelet, the gold bracelet is more charming. The movement of this watch movement is clearly visible through the sapphire caseback. It is equipped with the Omega coaxial escapement movement, which has more lasting superb precision and stability. The two watches are soft and rigid, and they complement each other. The combination of the two watches reflects the beautiful and romantic mood and carries love to the end.

      Stage 4: Lifetime in enjoyment (suitable for couples above 50)

      ‘Death and life are broad, talk with Zi Cheng. Hold your hand, grow old with your son’ This is not a love poem, but a description of the vows made by soldiers before entering the battlefield, which is now used to describe the steadfastness of love It is presumed that those who reach this age have only material and spiritual life, and only enjoyment is left. Hidden in a small corner, every happiness is waiting for its owner to discover its existence. Happiness has been waiting, but people think silly that they are waiting for the patronage of happiness. Therefore, in the end, we will lose touch with happiness.

      First of all, I recommend a pair of romantic watches for everyone, MasterCalendar series 1552520 watch, in a harmonious and clear way to display the full calendar display: week, month, date and moon phase display. Its design is inspired by the Jaeger-LeCoultre classic calendar watch, which was introduced in 1945. Adhering to the classic aesthetic elements of the Jaeger-LeCoultre MasterControl series of watches, the refined and simple design combines excellent technical performance, slightly reduced size, and perfectly fits everyone’s wrist. The sapphire crystal case back of this timepiece admires the traditional details of the movement. To match this ladies watch, the editor chose the dating series. Although women at this stage are already dating, they still hope that they can keep a loving heart and always remember the memories of the past.

      The Jaeger-LeCoultre date series show women’s watches day and night is a charm for Jaeger-LeCoultre dedicated to women, the essence of its design coincides with the purity of love. The elegant and feminine atmosphere is vividly displayed in every detail of the circular outline. From the appearance, the Jaeger-LeCoultre date series Q3462521 ladies mechanical watch, the bezel set with beautiful diamonds sets off every romantic experience. At the moment, 60 cut diamonds glitter, and time flows quietly under its halo. It is not so much a watch as an appointment with time. The day and night display is located at 6 o’clock, and the sun and moon are engraved on the disk. The two appear alternately as you walk through the changes from sunrise to sunset every day.

      As time goes by, Cartier’s long history and superb watchmaking technology have witnessed the development, progress and take-off of the brand. I hope that Cartier watches can also witness the strong affection between husband and wife. Cartier Santos100 series watches have both men’s and women’s matching, large silver stainless steel case, a geometric design with a sense of time, curved square corners let you experience a stylish design. Under the transparent sapphire crystal glass, the scale of the dial is clearly visible. The oversized ancient Roman time scale and sword-shaped rhodium-plated luminous hands are classical and reveal a trace of history. Stainless steel faceted crown with a faceted rubber button. The harmonious lug arc, the male W20106X8 is a black alligator leather strap with natural texture decoration, noble and low-key, and the female W20126X8 is a pink alligator leather strap with a folding buckle.

    Summary: What is the best love? It is a kind of silent effort, selfless tolerance, and unrequited favor. You cannot treat it with suspicion and doubt, cherish love, and understand love, you can have love. The longest love is companionship. It is not easy to talk about each other in life. Nowadays, whether it is a couple on the screen, or a couple of tossing in life, they are torn between division and union, in fact, life is ordinary. Some people’s love is just rhetoric, others love it with all their heart and soul. Life is like an encyclopedia. Only you have experienced and experienced it, and you know the true meaning of emotions. I hope that everyone can find the harbor on which their hearts depend. When time is presented in the form of a watch, I hope it can also accompany you to witness the important moments in life. Jing good years but so! (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

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    Jaeger-lecoultre And Aston. Martin Team Played Side By Side

    With the assistance of the Aston Martin Racing team, Jaeger-LeCoultre launched a brand new AMVOX racing commemorative chronograph this year.
    AMVOX Racing Commemorative Chronograph
         Jaeger-LeCoultre and the famous British car manufacturer Aston. Aston Martin has entered into a partnership since 2004. In conjunction with this year’s racing event, Jaeger-LeCoultre launched a new AMVOX racing commemorative edition chronograph to provide technical support for AstonMartin Racing team in timing work. Earlier this year, Jaeger-LeCoultre launched the Amvox2 DBS Transpondor watch at the Geneva High Jewellery & Watch Salon Event (SIHH). The miniature transponder circuit was built into the case to create an independent but fully functional timepiece. The first watch with doors to control the launch of top sports cars. It can be called a classic of miniaturization technology and mechanical engineering, with both chronograph and key functions, it is a super accessory belonging to the top sports car.