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    Everything Is Different See The Elite Men Choose Watch Style

    As a man’s second ID card, this ID card is much low-key compared to the car house. Most of the time, the watch is always hidden under the sleeve of the clothes. , Then occasionally there will be amazing results, so how to choose a watch that suits your own style or professional has become a top priority for many elite men, today I will recommend to you a few suitable for several current Popular professionally worn watches.
     NO.1 Civil Servants —- Difficulty of Entry: ★★★★★
     Corresponding brand: NOMOS
     According to the ‘Social Blue Book’ released by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in 2011, the position of civil servants has become the first choice for Chinese citizens with advantages such as good benefits and stable work. However, the difficulty of entering this profession is still relatively large. Need to PK with the elites from all walks of life.
     Being a civil servant is bound to have a lot of envy and admiration, but this position is under the supervision of many taxpayers, so it is still important to keep a low profile in a low profile. Those who have just worked for a year or two are still a good choice to buy entry-level NOMOS.
     NOMOS Tangente 501 watch
     This NOMOS Tangente series 501 watch belongs to a relatively well-known product in the classic series of NOMOS. Of course, there is now an upgraded version of his 601 that costs thousands of dollars. The simple design of the 501 has a classic shape and excellent The quality of the product has always been loved by my cousin. Choosing him should make you shine at your own moment.
    Reference price: 14800

     NO.2 Lawyer —- Entry difficulty: ★★★★ ☆
     Corresponding brand: Rolex
     With the improvement of our country’s various legal systems and the improvement of people’s legal awareness, lawyers, a high-income group, have also been admired by everyone, but the difficulty of entering the industry can not be underestimated. In addition to eloquence and careful thinking, I think the most important thing is to have a conscience that dares to be fair to the people.
    Rolex Submariner 116613LN Black Dial Watch
     Rolex’s high domestic popularity, heavy metal rough design with 18K gold embellishment, more in line with the domineering and possessive style of lawyers, with 18K gold will not look too frivolous, black dial automatic mechanical movement, sapphire Crystal glass watch, 300 meters waterproof and strong performance, can be worn by lawyers to deal with a variety of complex case handling environments.
     Reference price: 92600 RMB

     Doctor NO.3 — Difficulty of entry: ★★★ ☆
     Corresponding brand: IWC
     It is difficult to see a doctor, and expensive to see a doctor has always been a word heard around us. Through this sentence, we can see how popular the doctor’s profession is. It is relatively easy to enter this profession. It is easier to have a lot of ancestors. If you are not so lucky, you can rely on yourself. The day after tomorrow learn to make up for the industry, after joining the industry, everyone must be a good doctor to save the lives and help the wounds.

    IWC Chronograph Portuguese Chronograph IW371417
     In my impression, the doctor’s profession is kind-faced and gentle-looking. If one day you suddenly find a big doctor, you will be in fear. Therefore, this professional watch also requires simple and simple watches, and then their high income also determines that they cannot be too cheap brands, so only IWC can meet them, IWC Portugal time series, but also IWC The classic product in the table, this product uses automatic mechanical movement, white dial, with blue hands, blue crocodile leather strap, 44-hour power reserve, and most importantly, there is a timer function, in some emergency situations Can be used as a timer.
     Reference price: 58500 RMB

     NO.4 Luxury management staff — Difficulty of entry: ★★★ ☆
     Corresponding brand: Cartier
     At present, our country has become the world’s third largest consumer of luxury goods. The annual luxury consumption quota exceeds 10 billion US dollars. Various international luxury brands have settled in China. This has also made the luxury goods industry quietly go viral in China. Correspondingly, there is a demand for talents in this area. Specialized and discerning vision, rich industry knowledge, and relationships in the upper society are the basic requirements for entry. Therefore, no one who can do this industry is mortal.
     Cartier Blue Balloon Series W6900651
     When it comes to luxury goods, Cartier cannot be said. Their product lines cover the fields of jewelry, watches, and accessories. Each product can win the top position in its industry. The emperor & rdquo; so it is also an honor for those who make luxury goods to own a Cartier product, and this Cartier blue balloon belongs to the mid-range products in the Cartier basketball series. The rose gold case has a 42 mm diameter. The dark brown crocodile leather strap is noble and not too ostentatious. It is very suitable for luxury industry managers.
     Reference price: 154000 RMB

     NO.5 —- Game Anime — ★★ ☆
     Corresponding brand: Panerai
     After more than ten years of development in China’s game industry, the entire market is also remarkable, and the animation industry is gradually coming out of the shadows, and has gradually formed its own industry chain. So currently, the IT industry is the most profitable game. There is no doubt about it, and game development and animation production personnel have become high-paying occupations, novel ideas, multi-angled thinking mode, and unique insights into art graphics have become the basic conditions for entry.

     Panerai Luminor Marina PAM 00005
     Panerai’s rough shape, large dials, large scales, large hands, as well as stunning luminous, ever-changing straps, make young people in this industry whether they are shopping at nightclubs or attending party work. The eclectic image of a job suitable for this profession, the 56-hour power reserve also solves the problem of motivation for weekend breaks, and it is indeed a well-known historical classic.
     Reference price: 36400 RMB.

     Summary: Of course, there are many other fiery high-paying jobs in our country. I have not written them one by one today, such as teachers, career planners, translators, etc., and our once brilliant IT practitioners, now also Not a hot job. I will continue to recommend some articles to you in the coming days and hope that you continue to support the Watch House.

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    Piaget Earl Of The Journey Of Happiness Time-limited Art Exhibition, Exploring The Path Of Life, Unleashing Extreme Light

    How would you define your life journey? Climb over the peaks, gather rich fruits, or reach an unknown end? Earl PIAGET regards the journey of life as a process of never ending search for light, with a firm heart to move forward to the light, the flash moments harvested in the use, engraving milestones representing happiness, achievement and love.

      In the past hundred years, Piaget has been adhering to the spirit of excellence and extraordinary artistic creativity. It has given the ultimate craftsmanship and aesthetic concepts to each piece of work, creating a fine example of the perfect combination of watchmaking technology and jewelry technology. In August 2019, Earl PIAGET invited three groups of contemporary and well-known artists to design and create with the inspiration of ‘Looking for Light’, interpreting different chapters in the journey of looking for light, and jointly creating a limited-time art exhibition of ‘The Journey of Happiness. The superb craftsmanship of Piaget’s craft masters will use an artistic experience with both aesthetic and philosophical meaning to start the journey of life in search of the light of life.
    PursuitofHappiness in pursuit of Aurora
      When we stand at the starting point and look to the future, the end of the journey cannot reach, only one tick after another marking the direction of progress. The thirst for that beam of light in our hearts prompts us to start every trivial attempt and take every faltering but unswerving step. It is also this original intention that lights up the journey of life, records the continuous climbing of human beings on the endless tower of time, and thus civilization rolls forward and blooms in endlessness.

      Chinese artist Lu Zhigang’s installation work ‘Endless Tower’ specially created for this exhibition perfectly echoes the earl’s metalworking art, and uses light, shadow, and color to form countless 24-point reincarnation, traditional techniques and modern design The combination of people makes a moment of quiet moments, looking at an unpredictable but hopeful future.

      This work expresses human’s unremitting pursuit of the future and the ultimate. Using wood as a raw material, the rich information is conveyed through simple materials, and the artist’s unique creative ideas and superb craftsmanship are vividly displayed. Lu Zhigang’s use of materials and dedication to craftsmanship are exactly like the brand connotation conveyed by Piaget through unparalleled gold craftsmanship. The pure and dazzling gold material is an important source of inspiration for Piaget to create countless best-in-class products. Craftsmen attach superb creativity to the gold material and explore the infinite possibilities of creation with ingenuity. Piaget’s pursuit of the future has never stopped, and every piece of artwork born out of the air is a step to realize the original dream in his heart, and lights up the extraordinary road to the future.

      During the long journey, we will always encounter important moments shining with burning light. Regardless of laughter or tears, these flash moments, like every ordinary moment, are fleeting, but become unforgettable scenery on the journey. Moments of Happiness II, the artwork of the Dutch artist Verhoeven brothers, uses bubbles to symbolize the colorful and ephemeral time, and tells the eternal and eternal meaning with the count.

      They creatively made bubbles from borosilicate glass, establishing a connection between the imaginary and ethereal image and the solid and stable object, and derived the double metaphor of opposition and unity. Thanks to the special material, these bubbles full of happiness have long-lasting vitality in their hands. The work is inspired by the bright light of Piaget. The glass surface refracts different brilliance through different light angles and strengths. The effect of flashing Ambilight is also like Piaget’s exquisite cutting and inlaying process. Eye-catching glory.

      Piaget Piaget excels at refraction of natural light through the facets of diamonds, transforming the infinite charm of precious gemstones, exploring the magic of light from the long-established cutting and setting techniques, making the jewelry more brilliant. The brand’s classic characteristics such as horse-eye cutting and other superb skills make diamonds shine. The extraordinary cutting technology is complemented by excellent setting technology, which injects light and agile vitality and creativity into classics. For more than 140 years, PIAGET has always enjoyed the title of Master of Advanced Jewelry Craftsmanship, occupying a pivotal position in history. Each piece of extreme beauty is dazzling, and every precious moment in the journey is solidified into eternity.

    ReflectionofHappiness Streamer: Growth with Looking Back

      Life is a journey that is intertwined with reality and illusion. The down-to-earth pace and the fantasy of looking at the stars always go hand in hand. Unrealized dreams give us courage to move forward, and firm footsteps also give us the possibility to pursue more distant dreams. Whenever we encounter bumps in the journey of life, stop and look back at the flashy moments along the way, always bring new insights and strengths, and promote our continued growth.

      Chinese artist Huang Ying uses the work ‘MyMirroredRealm’ to deeply integrate virtual and reality. It is inspired by Piaget’s color art, transforming the invisible to the tangible by capturing the change of light. Here the stars fly by, everything grows, there are no bounds, no beginnings and no end. When you enter this ‘dream’, you are surrounded by infinitely repetitive images. Weightlessness and a sense of floating have broken our habitual cognition, and thus also provided a space for discovery. Let us look back at our original heart, look back at the past, and perceive our inner yearning.

      The artist redefined the interactive relationship between reality and fantasy with whimsy, extending art into reality. This coincides with Piaget’s consistent creativity and breakthrough spirit. Piaget never stopped in the journey of searching for light, bringing the rich colors and changing shapes of precious stones into the field of jewellery and watches, realizing unlimited possibilities. Starting from looking up at the starry sky, the extraordinary craftsmanship achieved through down-to-earth, unremitting persistence and inheritance crafts brilliant diamonds and precious gems into works of art. Regardless of the choice of gold material or the application of colorful gemstones, Piaget expresses joy and joy through the passionate collision of various materials and colors. The bright colors condensed in the material are fully bloomed by the craftsman of Piaget. In the brilliant glory, the original heart was illuminated, and the dream set sail again.

    WitnessofHappiness engraving time: mapping the future with companionship

      In the journey of life, everyone will experience the expectation of seeking, the joy of encounter, and the perception of growth. The count projected the treasures along the way and projected onto the dazzling works, engraving each unforgettable scenery on the journey, and reflecting the future with the unwavering company.

      With more than 140 years of history, Piaget of PIAGET is still in the past and continues to break through itself, creating many outstanding watches that combine extraordinary fine watchmaking and exquisite jewellery craftsmanship, with original creativity and unparalleled charm in the time corridor. The glittering inside. The Altiplano ultra-thin watch, named after the Andes, is one of them. The thin shape and extreme craftsmanship that have never been seen before subvert the watchmaking tradition, and it has kept pace with the times for more than 60 years since its birth. . Gem setting, hollowing out, tourbillon, ultra-thin movement that constantly breaks the limit with excellent technology, provides infinite possibilities for creativity. Just like a glorious light from the mountains and mountains, in this magnificent journey, the PiagetAltiplano ultra-thin watch series is always around, witnessing happiness and beauty, and engraving every unforgettable time.

       ‘The Journey of Happiness’, Earl used this sentence to define the journey of life, and tells the story of the journey of exploring the light of life in four closely linked chapters. Happiness means happiness and happiness, and it represents the ultimate goal of life that humans are tirelessly pursuing, as well as light and the future. In his own journey of searching for light, Piaget walked all the way to the light. He lived up to the gift of light and never lost his heart of love. He interpreted the philosophy of the brand with his brilliant brilliance and extraordinary excellence, and created a unique artistic style.

      Since the brand was founded, art has been flowing in the blood of Piaget. Earl has worked with many artists, including Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Richard Avedon, and Arman, using precious materials and superb craftsmanship, Create a timeless work of art, leaving an indelible mark on the Time Light Promenade. The ‘Looking for Light’ time-limited art exhibition will also open a new journey for Piaget in the pursuit of art. In the vast and creative world, continue to explore the infinite possibilities with a forward-looking spirit.

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    New Breitling Super Ocean Series [Superocean]: Adventure Unending

    In 1957, Breitling’s first Superocean series watches came out, which marked the addition of a new heavyweight player in the diving watch market. These watches are known for their extraordinary performance, superior quality and authentic Breitling style. For more than 6 years since then, the series has always been very popular. Today, the brand is launching a new Super Ocean series to meet the severe test of challenging water sports.

    Super Ocean Watch 48

      With the launch of the new Superocean collection, Breitling was able to improve and upgrade one of its most popular and successful watch collections. For more than 60 years, this watch has been respected for its unparalleled diving performance. The members of the new series also reflect the brand’s genes for exploring the deep ocean, and will definitely attract fashionable men and women with active lifestyles. Thanks to the simple, dynamic design and impeccable performance, these new Super Ocean series watches can easily match any style and occasion.
      Breitling CEO Georges Kern pointed out that these watches not only reflect the brand’s historical heritage in diving watches: ‘Our Surfer Action Team and collaboration with sustainable clothing brand 0uterknown and OceanConservancy The relationship illustrates the brand’s love for the ocean. The new Super Ocean series is designed for people who are eager to explore the ocean. Whether they are actively involved in water sports or engaged in ocean and beach cleaning activities, this series of watches is their ideal partner . Of course, these watches will also excite people who love Breitling designs. ‘
    Superocean for everyone

    Super Ocean Watch 44

      Each member of the new Super Ocean series is powered by Breitling 17 movement, with a power reserve of approximately 38 hours. These watches are certified by the Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory (COSC) with Super-LumiNova @ 夜光 digital time scales, scales and hands, ensuring excellent readability under all conditions.

    Super Ocean Watch 42

     The new Breitling Super Ocean Series watches come in five different sizes, ensuring that everyone will find the ideal diving watch for themselves.
       Superocean 48 is undoubtedly a topical watch in the new collection. With its memorable oversized 48mm diamond-like-carbon (DLC) -coated titanium case and blue ceramic bezel, this watch is instantly visible at any time. However, if you taste it carefully, the wearer will also find that the watch has more subtle highlights. For example, the soft iron inner case protects the movement from magnetic field effects, while the rotating bezel can pass the The locking device is securely fixed. This watch has a new blue transparent rubber strap. This is the gospel of diving enthusiasts, because they can offset the effect of water pressure on the strap deep in the water, and ensure that the strap is firmly attached to the wrist. The water resistance of this watch is also up to 30 atmospheres (300, m).
       The Superocean 46 has a 46 mm black steel (diamond-like coated steel) case. This robust watch comes with a black or blue dial with a pin buckle or folding buckle DiverProll deep rubber strap. The watch uses a ratchet unidirectional bezel, which is an essential tool for diving enthusiasts. The sturdy Super Ocean 46 watch is a true deep dive athlete with water resistance up to 200 atmospheres (2000 meters).
       The Superocean 44 has a 44-mm stainless steel case with a black or blue dial, available with a Diver Proll deep-dive rubber strap or a stainless steel bracelet, with a ratcheted unidirectional bezel. The watch is water resistant to 100 atmospheres (1000 meters) and can accompany all your underwater adventures.
      The Superocean 42 has a 42 mm stainless steel case and a well-designed black, white or orange dial with a DiverPro II deep dive rubber strap or a stainless steel bracelet. The watch has a ratchet unidirectional bezel and is water-resistant to 50 atmospheres (500 meters).
      Designed for women, Superocean 36 is a premium sports watch that combines quality and performance, but with a smaller size. The watch has a 36mm stainless steel case and a ratchet unidirectional bezel. Available in light blue or white dial, with the same tone Diver Pro deep diving rubber strap or stylish stainless steel bracelet. Water-resistant to 20 atmospheres (200 meters).
    Breitling, the sea and you

    Super Ocean Watch 46

      The new Breitling Superocean series continues for more than six years. Although the original Super Ocean series was specifically designed for divers, the new series of watches has a wider mission than just meeting the challenges of the deep sea. These watches are both stylish and dynamic, which not only makes deep diving fans aspire, but also attracts explorers along the coast.

    Super Ocean Watch 36

      Why not have your own Breitling Super Ocean Watch? Let it accompany you to dive, surf, swim, or clean the ocean and beach. Breitling Super Ocean Watch is trustworthy, no matter how you spend the day, it will be your ideal partner.