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    Elegant And Distinguished Three Fashion Ladies Watches Recommended

    As a decoration on the wrist, the watch can not only reflect the wearer’s preferences, but also show personal taste. The exquisite and elegant watch also has fashionable colors, and the use of precious metals is even more distinguished. Elegant and fashionable women choose to wear such watches, and they complement each other. Today, the Watch House recommends three elegant and distinguished ladies watches with excellent performance to see their unique charm.
    Omega Seamaster AQUA TERRA Co-Axial Watch

    Watch model:
    Watch price: RMB 245,700
    Case diameter: 34 mm
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: Sedna gold and diamonds
    Water resistance: 150 meters
    Watch details: The Terra 150m ladies’ watch series has always been an elegant example of leading the watchmaking process. This watch is made of elegant and exclusive Omega patented Sedna gold, which is equipped with the Omega ‘Cosmopolitan’ movement. The white mother-of-pearl dial adds a feminine serenity to the watch, set with diamonds as the hour markers, bright and fashionable. The watch comes with a strap that also works with Sedna gold. The watch is elegant and distinguished, simple and stylish, and has excellent performance. The watch is equipped with an 8500 Co-Axial Observatory-certified automatic movement, escorting the watch’s outstanding performance.
    Bvlgari LVCEA Series 102260 LUP33BGDGD Watch

    Watch price: RMB 257,000
    Case diameter: 33 mm
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: 18k rose gold with diamonds
    Watch details:
    Watch price: RMB 261,000
    Case diameter: 40 mm
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: 18k rose gold
    Water resistance: 50 meters
    Watch details: chopard / 35363 /
    Watch Reviews: Chopard, with over 100 years of history, is a well-known Swiss luxury watch and jewelry brand. This Chopard watch is elegant and fashionable. The watch is made of noble and luxurious rose gold with a round case. The attractive dark brown dial is elegant and simple. It uses bar and Roman numerals and elegant sword-shaped hands. There is a date display window at three o’clock. The watch is water resistant to 50 meters.
    Summary: All three watches are made of noble and luxurious materials. The models are elegant, simple and fashionable, and equipped with a movement with excellent and stable performance. Such an elegant and noble watch is worn on the wrist of a stylish and elegant woman, shining and beautiful.

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    Clifton Manual 1830 Watch Is Equipped With Unique Twinspir ™ Technology, Modern High-end Technology And Long-lasting Craftsmanship

    Although the new Clifton Manual 1830 18K red gold watch has a classic appearance, it brings together a variety of innovative features. The new Baume & Mercier self-made movement (BM12-1975M) integrates the unique TwinSpir ™ system to improve accuracy.

    BAUME & MERCIER new CLIFTON MANUAL 1830 watch with unique TWINSPIR ™ technology
       Baume & Mercier adds a distinctive watch to its Clifton collection every year, which reflects Baume & Mercier’s unwavering commitment to creating exemplary timepieces. The new Clifton Manuel 1830 with TwinSpir ™ technology is the newest member of the Clifton family — a collection that already includes many outstanding pieces, such as flying tourbillons and perpetual calendar models and 5-minute minute repeaters. This new model is a perfect expression of the brand’s heritage. The 18K red gold case combines many unique design features, while introducing a brand new timepiece mechanism.

    New BAUME & MERCIER self-moving core: BM12-1975M

       Driven by the concept of ‘accept only perfection’, Baume & Mercier worked closely with the Manufacture Horlogère ValFleurier factory within the group to design its own self-maintaining core.
       This is a self-made manual winding mechanical movement (number BM12-1975M), tailored to precisely meet the specifications of Baume & Mercier. It has a series of unique technical features and design features of Baume & Mercier:

    Unique TwinSpir ™ technology combined with newly designed inertial balance wheel

    High-end movement decoration: Itabashi decoration ‘Geneva ripple’, plywood polished with pearl dots, blue steel screws, unique Baume & Mercier engraving
    Thickness: 3.5mm / Size: 12 ½ ‘’’/ Five-position adjustment / Number of stones: 18
    Power reserve: 90 hours
    Frequency: 4 Hz (28,800 vibrations / hour)
    Core technology innovation
       Baume & Mercier movement BM12-1975M integrates various advanced technologies developed by various research and innovation teams of Richemont Group:
       TwinSpir ™ technology is applied to a novel hairspring that uses a composite structure—two layers of silicon, alternately oriented and bonded by a layer of silicon oxide. This extra layer also acts as a thermal compensation.
    TwinSpir ™ balance spring with inertia balance:
    Jointly improved the accuracy of the movement at different positions and at different times
    Limits the effects of the surrounding magnetic field
    Ensures greater resistance to light shocks and repeated vibrations
       A non-magnetic, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant material — monocrystalline silicon exhibits different elasticity and thermal elasticity along the various crystal directions of the material, as shown in Figure 2. This inconsistency in response is called the elastic anisotropy of the material. As an oscillating element responsible for the accuracy of travel time, the hairspring expands and contracts during vibration, and the elastic anisotropy often affects the stability of the oscillation, and then affects the precision time measurement ability of the timepiece.

       TwinSpir ™ technology successfully overcomes this limitation—combining two layers of silicon with different crystal orientations (Figure 1) so that their elastic modulus deviations are also combined, thereby reducing the impact of this natural property of the material.
       The silicon oxide layer additionally incorporates the two silicon cores of the TwinSpir ™ hairspring (Figure 3) and acts as a thermal compensation element for the hairspring. This works in conjunction with the outer layer of silicon oxide to achieve stable performance at different temperatures (Figure 4).
       The newly designed balance wheel of the Baume & Mercier movement is an inertial adjustment type, which is completely different from the traditional pointer needle type. The pointer type balance wheel adjusts the travel time rate by adjusting the current active length of the hairspring. A key advantage of the inertia adjustment type balance wheel is that it has a stronger resistance to vibration when adjusting the speed, because the balance wheel is equipped with an inertia adjustment weight that is responsible for ensuring the accurate adjustment of the timepiece-it is firmly fixed to the balance arm and dedicated Between the brackets.
    One step ahead, leading the future
        Baume & Mercier is the first brand in Richemont to use this technology developed by the Group’s research and innovation department, which matches the R & D of the BM12-1975M movement created by the brand’s Manufacture Horlogère ValFleurier plant in the group. .
       Integrating this new TwinSpir ™ technology into the Clifton Manuel 1830 watch fits Baume & Mercier’s belief of ‘accepting only perfection and creating the highest quality timepieces independently’.

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    Breitlingsuper Avengers Military Limited Edition Captures People

    Impressive, extraordinary precision, excellent performance, the new Super Avenger Military ‘Super Avengers Chronograph Military Limited Edition’ deserves its name. The rugged black steel case is highly carbonitrided and has a cool, matte finish. Just like wearing an invisible outerwear, it is ready to meet the challenges of the most extreme tasks. It is water-resistant to 300 meters (1,000 feet). The equally dark night face provides a 24-hour “military time” display to avoid any potential deviations that may arise during the operation. The watch is equipped with a special military off-roader strap, which is made of synthetic materials used by elite troops in field operations, which is comfortable and wear-resistant. Super Avenger Military “ Avenger Military Limited Edition ” with anti-slip safety chronograph button and large screw-in anti-slip crown with reinforced protection to ensure its powerful functionality; thick anti-glare sapphire mirror and large hands , Time scales and numbers to ensure the best reading of time and cumulative timing; limited to 500 pieces worldwide. This true ‘professional wristwatch’ is equipped with a self-winding mechanical chronograph movement and has the Swiss official observatory certification ‘COSC’-the highest standard representing accuracy and reliability, and the only certification based on international standards. Super Avenger Military ‘Super Avengers Chronograph Military Limited Edition’: the elite troops on the wrist.

     Breitling Super Avengers Chronograph Military Limited Edition

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    40% Of The Turnover Of The Antiochouren Auction Was Created By Patek Philippe

    Patek Philippe watches have once again become the star of the auction. On October 26th, the Antigoren auction house in Hong Kong held a ‘Master Collection Now and Antique Timepieces’ auction. Two models of 3939HR set a record one after another. Two lots sold 30% of the total turnover of 3850 Hong Kong dollars.

    The top lot Patek Philippe 5140P is a platinum watch rarely created by this Swiss watchmaker. With the complex functions of three questions and perpetual calendars, it attracted a lot of attention during the auction, and it was finally sold for more than the highest estimated value of 6.12 million Hong Kong dollars.

    特殊 A special 3939 with tourbillon three-question and personalized rose gold, plus brown dial and red numbers, sold for 5.5 million Hong Kong dollars.

    的 The auction on October 26 achieved strong results. 246 watches and clocks sold 79% of the time and 116% in value.

    Other highlights include an 18K white gold watch of Jaeger-LeCoultre model 5023580 with a tourbillon and a starry sky chart, while a Lange 703.025F ‘Cabaret Tourbillon’ is a square white gold watch with a one-minute tourbillon. The former broke the highest valuation, while the latter was sold within the valuation range.

    It is also worth noting that the four most expensive Patek Philippe in this auction accounted for more than 40% of the total turnover.