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    Mr. Wu Xiaobo Is Blancpain’s New Culture Ambassador Press Conference

    November 2013, Shanghai, November 2, 2013. Blancpain, the top watch brand under the Swatch Group and the creator of classic timepieces, is on a global scale in Shanghai’s fashionable landmark Xintiandi. The largest flagship store, Blancpain Blancpain Xintiandi Club, held a press conference on the brand new culture ambassador, announcing the cooperation with economist, well-known financial writer and ‘Blue Lion’ financial book publisher Wu Xiaobo.

    During the event, Mr. Wu Xiaobo brought to the attendees a story about the past and present of luxury goods in the context of macroeconomics, and shared the process of meeting with Blancpain. Mr. Alain Delamuraz, Blancpain’s global vice president and marketing director, and Mr. Liao Yu, vice president of China, awarded Mr. Wu Xiaobo the title of ‘cultural ambassador’. The cooperation between Blancpain and Mr. Wu Xiaobo is the classic combination of strong and strong prosperity: Mr. Wu Xiaobo enjoys a good reputation in the financial industry, not only leading the theoretical direction with his deep knowledge background and unique academic insights, but also in bold practice Expansion ranks among the leaders in related business; the brand Blancpain has been committed to the production and development of mechanical watches for nearly 300 years, and has been ranked first in the industry with excellent and stable performance. Driven by the brand spirit, it has maintained a steady pace of progress, leading the prosperity and development of the mechanical watch industry. With the same high degree of shared responsibility, I wish Mr. Wu Xiaobo the cooperation with the Blancpain brand and look forward to creating success in the future!
    The elite share the common intention
     In today’s dazzling luxury goods market, Blancpain has a century of calm and faith, its accumulated strength shows its deep charm. This watchmaking brand with a history of nearly 300 years, has consistently inherited the insistence on high-end mechanical watches since its inception. The situation of Ren Huaihua is full of changes, and I have never changed my mind since the beginning; In this century-long development, objective and rational self-knowledge, fearless self-challenge, and independent innovation spirit are the driving force of brand vitality. It is this commitment to mechanical watchmaking and the innovative pursuit of perfect craftsmanship that have led Blancpain to the pinnacle of fine watchmaking.
     The same is true of Mr. Wu Xiaobo’s academic spirit. He started writing when he was 30 years old. With a solid knowledge background, he has made serious financial topics into the best-seller list, and with his consistent rigorous attitude, his works have an extraordinary influence: his first book ‘ The Great Loss was named one of the ‘Twenty Books Affecting China’s Business Circle’; the 2007 ‘Thirty Years of Violence: Chinese Enterprises 1978-2008’ was named the ‘2008 New Weekly New Year List’ ‘Books’; 2009 ‘A Hundred Years of Downfall: Chinese Enterprises 1870-1977’ was named ‘Top Ten Books of 2009’ by the China Book Review Association; and 2012 ‘Majestic Two Thousand Years: Chinese Enterprises 7th Century-1869 BC’ ‘Was rated as’ 2012 Annual Book of Influential Books ‘.
     In 2013, Mr. Wu Xiaobo re-created the book ‘Profits and Losses of Economic Reforms Through the Ages’. From the perspective of Mr. Wu Xiaobo’s economics research, China’s economic reforms in the past have also shown a regular way forward and ups and downs. Mr. Wu Xiaobo summarized and analyzed China’s economic reforms from the past, from the genius economics reform of Guan Zhongshangyang to the Confucian and Political Reforms of the Han Dynasty and the Tang Dynasty, to the closed-loop contradictions of the Ming and Qing dynasties, and the exploration and integration of modern and eastern things. It is the coupling of what seem to be ‘unexpected consequences of human behavior’ that brings together the Tung Chung River in Chinese historical economic civilization. And the rich connotation and vigorous vitality of the Chinese nation have been passed down through the ages, and their blood is endless.
     Truth is one, but it is infinite. The development of Blancpain brand also shines with the light of rationality. As Mr. Liao Yu, the vice president of Blancpain China who promoted the cooperation with Mr. Wu Xiaobo, mentioned: ‘It is the classic temperament of Blancpain Blancpain that fits the research field of elite scholars, which has contributed to this intelligent cooperation. Scholars It is expected that the direction of the market will be deduced from a small perspective; the brand learns from history, respects the laws of economic development, makes better use of the overall perspective, integrates the current situation of the global market and the Chinese market, and seeks breakthroughs and steady development. Under faith, it bears a responsibility to the Chinese luxury watch industry. ‘

    Rational sharing, true cooperation
     Mr. Wu Xiaobo, as a well-known financial writer and publisher of the ‘Blue Lion’ financial book, not only collects experience from shopping mall practices, has been engaged in company research all year round, and is good at integrating with academics. Today, Mr. Wu Xiaobo is also a professor of EMBA courses at Shanghai Jiaotong University and Jinan University. In 2009, he was named ‘China Youth Leader’ by Southern People Weekly for his outstanding cross-border achievements. This time in Shanghai, Mr. Wu accepted the award from Blancpain. Mr. Wu shared his creative ideas and experiences, unique perspectives, and profound discoveries at the press conference, which made the participants ponder from time to time. It was a feast of thought collision.
    Mr. Wu Xiaobo pointed out that the rise of the Chinese economy today has led to ardent discussions in the economics circle, and returning to the ‘fundamentals of Chinese history’ was an adventure he decided to do. Based on this creative starting point, Mr. Wu combed the millennium economic development path of China in his new book, The Successes and Failures of Economic Reforms of the Past, and extracted the laws and logic from it to draw his own theoretical insights. The huge amount of information and meticulous conceptual logic behind it reflect the author’s deep foundation and determination to contribute. Based on such a rational methodology, Mr. Wu Xiaobo took Blancpain as a classic example, and demonstrated the reflection and guiding role of macroeconomics on the luxury market.
     The vivid expression and wonderful sharing fully showed Blancpain’s sharp judgment and vision of choice. Under the hope of everyone, Mr. Alain Delamuraz, Blancpain Global Vice President and Marketing Director, and Mr. Liao Yu, Vice President of China, awarded Mr. Wu Xiaobo the honorary title of “Blancpain Blancpain Culture Ambassador”, and carried out the follow-up cooperation plan. brief introduction. Mr. Alain Delamuraz said: ‘Blancpain’s brand spirit is the ultimate pursuit of perfection and continuous innovation. The century-old support behind this is the rational orbit and the right direction to predict. Therefore, the brand has always expanded its perspective and is compatible with the strengths of all sectors. Mr. Wu Xiaobo’s economic achievements and his deep cultural heritage will definitely bring fresh insights and guidance to the brand. ‘ Mr. Liao Yu further introduced the next cooperation plan, which fully expressed the brand’s recognition and confidence in Mr. Wu Xiaobo.

    Building platforms together, sharing culture
     This press conference was chosen to be held at the leisure club on the second floor of Blancpain’s Shanghai Xintiandi flagship store, which is also the continuation of the brand’s original intention of creating Blancpain’s cultural platform. The leisure club integrates low-key simplicity, luxury and elegance, and combines the creation concepts of fine watchmaking and fine food and wine, so that guests can experience the authentic Swiss cuisine and wine in a quiet and comfortable atmosphere and experience the beauty of life. The overall design of the club did not choose any eye-catching modern materials. The overall environment is mainly wood to create a relaxed and pleasant feeling and a warm and comfortable family atmosphere. What guests feel here is not a simple process of exchange of goods, but also a warm and elegant time of good times and artistic life. The brand also created a special book bar, which contains many cultural and artistic works, and there are many precious editions for guests to browse at will and linger in the temple of knowledge. This elegant environment not only provides a space for Blancpain to exchange and share with guests and people from all walks of life. The brand hopes to build a broader cultural platform.
     Blancpain attaches great importance to cultural development and has always been a long-term direction. The rich heritage of the brand naturally attracts many heroes. In addition to the new cultural ambassador Mr. Wu Xiaobo, the famous celebrities who have given Blancpain the Blancpain brand in recent years are: another cultural ambassador of Blancpain Blancpain, a cross-media cultural celebrity, the host of Phoenix Satellite TV’s ‘Open Book Eight Minutes’ and Phoenix Satellite TV Commentator, columnist Mr. Liang Wendao; and Blancpain Art Ambassador, Mr. Feng Yuanzheng, a famous performance artist. With the development of Blancpain’s cultural platform, the brand culture family will also grow stronger. Let’s wait and see under the support of Blancpain’s cultural platform, the brand and these elites work together to bring more wonderful cultural development and more exciting presentations !!
     Blancpain Blancpain, born in the Swiss Jurassic Mountains, has accumulated the essence of Swiss watchmaking tradition for nearly three centuries. It is well-regulated, innovative and cutting-edge. This is the classic temperament and has established Blancpain’s luxurious and elegant brand features. Chiyoda is nothing but a ‘click’ sound, and the world is flowing between the square inches of the wrist. The glorious motif of history is sketched as a step that points to regular laws, and the hope of glory in the future gallops in the moment of deep friendship. Create new achievements, go all the way, do not forget the original intention, share responsibility and prosperity. Congratulations to Blancpain for further promotion of the powerful brand culture ambassador, and to continue to write a more brilliant chapter in the Chinese market …