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    Ganesha Blancpain Villeret Métiers D’ Art Ganesh Watch

    ‘Gods are omnipresent’ is a very common belief, but if you return to the real world, the identity of God can still only be described by mysteries. People around the world believe in different religions and hope to communicate with the omnipotent gods in their hearts. Each religion has its own representative oracle. Their existence is not only the object of worship for worshippers. It is an extremely sacred symbol.

       This Blancpain Villeret series Métiers D’ Art
    Ganesh Ganesha is a new member of the brand’s Villeret series. As mentioned in its name, the design theme adopted is a respect and tribute to the Ganesha Ganesha in Hinduism. . Ganesha, also known as Vinayaka (the god of knowledge) or Vighneshwara (the god of breaking obstacles), is one of the most revered deities in Hinduism. Of course, in addition to the above titles, Ganesha also has the name of the god of wealth and the god of art, and this artistic Villeret series Métiers created by Blancpain
    The D’ Art Ganesh watch is just such an amazing piece of excellence.

       This Blancpain Villeret series Métiers D’ Art
    The Ganesh watch is created by Blancpain’s award-winning ‘Master of Art’ studio, located in the valley of Switzerland. The studio is well-known for its wide range of craftsmanship, and is very proficient in a series of high-end skills, including sculpture, enamel, gold inlays in Damascus, and copper in East China. In 2015 they relied on Blancpain’s Villeret collection Shakudo
    The Ganesh watch has won the Best Craftsmanship Award at the Geneva Haute Horlogerie Awards, and in September 16th, the Masters Studio relied on this Blancpain Villeret series Métiers D’ Art
    The Ganesh watch, with a unique interpretation of another style, returns the ganesha theme again. The Ganesha Ganesha motif on this dial is vivid and exquisitely beautiful. It also uses three techniques of engraving, Damascus gold inlaid and East copper, which fully demonstrate the craftsmanship of Blancpain masters level.

       The black background on the plate is partly created by the shakudō red copper process, an alloy of gold and copper. This art form was originally developed for swords and jewelry decoration. The untreated shakudō is similar to bronze, and Blancpain’s craftsmen finally refined the surface to obtain this black effect. The other finishing technique used in the dial is also a unique technique in Blancpain watchmaking, which is Damascus gold inlay. Damascus gold inlay is a process of embedding different metal materials into each other. In this Villeret series Métiers
    The surface of the D’ Art Ganesh watch is hand-engraved to outline the delicate overall lines, and then the gold material is hammered into the corresponding grooves by a small hammer, and then the final engraving step is performed on it.

       This Blancpain Villeret series Métiers D’ Art
    The case size of the Ganesh watch is 45mm. It is made of rose gold and features the brand’s signature double-ring bezel design. Its presence further enhances the overall warm tone of the watch. This model is equipped with an ultra-thin Cal.15B manual winding movement, which can provide a power reserve of 40 hours. Through the sapphire crystal case back, the wearer can watch the exquisite craftsmanship such as Geneva waves, chamfers and round patterns on the movement.

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    A Tribute To The Predecessors The ‘watchmaking Apprentice’ Documentary Is Coming Soon

    The documentary ‘Watchmaker’s Apprentice’ was created in good faith by the Isle of Man DAM independent production company, presenting the late George Daniels and Roger to the public W. Smith (Roger W. Smith) watchmaking industry’s two legendary legends unparalleled extraordinary skills, including the 2011 Mr. George Daniels in a few months before the death of the last interview.

       A full 18 months later, the premiere of the film was finalized. Director Dave Armstrong will bring ‘Watchmaking Apprentice’ to the Houston International Film Festival screening and Q & A, and at 7 pm on April 28, Tribeca Cinemas in New York will host a unique film screening ceremony. Roger W. Smith will also appear in person to help out. It is understood that although the screening plan has just been announced, ticket sales are rapidly increasing.

       The 18-month filming period has established a good relationship between the two parties. The crew showed the charming pictures of things related to George Daniels up close from the perspective of an old friend-his studio, vintage car collection, beautiful homeland and even its After the charity auction, the artworks flowed to all over the world.

       This documentary invites the famous British actor John Reese Davis (have starred in The Lord of the Rings and Indiana Jones) as the narration. The soundtrack includes works by Isle of Man artists Davy Knowles and Christine Collister, 3D animation The illustrations and figures are by 3D / Maya artist Andrew Martin. Interviews with the family, colleagues and friends of the two watchmakers are also interspersed in the film.

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    Tudor Heavy Machine Watch New Hong Kong Pentium Released

    Tudor, the famous Swiss watch brand Tudor, has announced that the new TUDOR Fastrider Black Shield will be launched in Hong Kong. For its solemnity, Tudor specially invited the famous Hong Kong artist Li Zhiting and supermodel Mandy Lieu to attend the launch event, demonstrating the design of watches inspired by heavy-duty motorcycles, and showing the DUCATI Diavel Carbon Italian heavy-duty motorcycles specially created for TUDOR Fastrider Black Shield.

    Tudor watches specially invited Hong Kong famous artist Li Zhiting (left) and supermodel Mandy Lieu (right) to attend the presentation event

    The new TUDOR Fastrider Black Shield chronograph and the corresponding Ducati DUCATI Diavel Carbon heavy-duty motorcycles, which were first displayed at the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Fair 2013, are the latest witness to the extraordinary cooperation between the two brands. The cooperation between Tudor and Ducati far surpasses the pure alliance between the brands, but the like-mindedness of values ​​and empirical ideas, the pity of acting style. For the first time, the TUDOR Fastrider Black Shield is presented in a high-tech black matte ceramic case. This is not only an extraordinary all-black design, but also a rushing chronograph watch, which combines reliability and excellent performance in one, fully showing the masculinity of the racing world.

    Hong Kong model Mandy Lieu demonstrates design inspired by heavy-duty motorcycle watches

    Fastrider Black Shield: Black and Flame
    The black matte ceramic case of the TUDOR Fastrider Black Shield chronograph has an integrated design and is scratch-resistant, which is a model of the same type of watch. And its uniqueness is that the ceramic case is not only covered with a ceramic coating on another material, but is entirely molded by high-tech ceramics and integrated. As a result, the middle case is made into a single component, which is unique among similar watches. The chronograph watch not only shows the aesthetic design of the wash chain, but also the result of exquisite professional technology. The brand’s extremely complicated manufacturing process ensures the reliable performance and durability of the middle case and outer ring.

     TUDOR Fastrider Black Shield

    The watch is water-resistant to 150 meters (500 feet), with direct-embedded buttons and a stainless steel screw-in crown with PVD coating. The 42mm case is equipped with a self-winding mechanical chronograph movement with a power reserve of 46 hours. Its matte case highlights the beautiful radians and clean lines of the chronograph, while the outer ring of the tachymeter sets off the extraordinary atmosphere of the watch. The red decoration and luminous display make the dial stand out, highlighting the robustness of the case. The red gasket under the sapphire glass mirror not only shows the brand’s meticulous attention to detail, but also pays tribute to the red representing Tudor. This chronograph combines extraordinary precision and performance with a choice of rubber straps or red stitched leather straps.

    Bronze hands and hour markers with beige ALCANTARAR leather strap

    TUDOR Fastrider Black Shield is also available in a black matte case and finish with bronze hands and hour markers. It can be paired with a rubber strap or a beige ALCANTARA® leather strap with black stitching.