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    Jacques Dro – Listen To Birds Singing

    Since Pierre Jaquet-Droz founded the brand in Chaux-de-Fonds, the bird image has always played an indispensable role in watch creation. Roles. The vivid bird image is either decoration or automatic time-keeping bird device. It accompanies the brand after nearly three centuries of honour, bringing endless poetic experience to brand proponents.

    Charming Bird of Time

    CharmingThe Charming Bird watch continues the bird theme, paying tribute to Jacques de Lo’s immortal creative spirit and craft heritage with a poetic and contemporary style and an aesthetic dial.

    Continuing its immortal heritage, Jacques Dro proudly presents the charming Bird of Time watch to celebrate the brand’s 275th anniversary. Jacques Dro has paid tribute to the legend since 2010, making a bird-themed watch, which is now the fourth model. The 2010 model showcases the micro-painting process, the 2011 model highlights the engraving technique, and the second year adds an automatic doll device. After several years of research and development, breaking through the technical barrier and achieving high-end technical results, condensed into the new 2013 timepiece bird watch, which will perfectly integrate the acclaimed 18th century automatic doll machinery and fine watchmaking, creating this charming bird of time. This giant watch not only contains patented technology, but also breaks through its predecessor in appearance design, presenting a pure and simple modern style: a low-groaning tit, perched in a contemporary scene of 47 mm in diameter, black, smoke gray, The contrast of transparent colors blends in with a modern touch.

    The transparent sapphire crystal case back reveals complicated and exquisite machinery: gear drive, bridge, and splint, at a glance. The tits are vivid and realistic, and the details are superb: feathers, beaks, eyes, bird body, accurate proportions, accurate reproduction, magical charm, and brilliance. However, Jacques Dro’s superb skills have allowed it to go further. The tit is not only realistic in shape, but also flexible in movement: turning, flapping its wings, swinging its head, singing with its mouth open. A clever singing tit, an outstanding craft challenge, the Jacques Dro craftsman inherited the inheritance of the 18th century micro-mechanical process, and then developed the piston bellows to make this singing bird.

    Jacques de Rouge is equipped with an extremely simple case for complex watches: the pure white gold case and the sapphire crystal curved mirror elegantly contrast, and the special design makes the dial particularly transparent.

    Limited edition of only 28 pieces of fascinating Time Bird watches, which contain the essence of Jacques Dero’s history in its own body, it sings the past glory and promises the glory of today. The charming bird of time, carrying the brand’s genes, combines automatic doll machinery, micro-mechanics and artistic craftsmanship, singing a poetic song of time for the brand’s outstanding watchmaking heritage.

    Golden eagle bird hour and minute small dial-four seasons series (PETITE HEURE MINUTE RELIEF SEASONS)

    Golden eagle bird hour minute dial—The Petite Heure Minute Relief Seasons watch combines the most unique skills of Jacques Droe craftsman, and reinterprets the tradition as a brand-new beautiful masterpiece.

    Starling birds, especially the tits from the Jura region of Switzerland, home to Pierre Jacquestro, have always fascinated Pierre Jaquet-Droz.

    Since its inception, Jacques Dro, a La Chaux-de-Fonds watch brand, has paid tribute to these light, agile and clear-eyed tits, and has used the most advanced technology at the time to reproduce the plump feathers, bright feathers and birds Mysterious and deep eyes.

    For more than three centuries, this exquisite craftsmanship has been the soul of Jacques Dro’s creation. These craftsmanship is not just for the simple decoration of the brand, but also aims to make the spirit of the brand more humane. Today, the master craftsmen of the Jacques de Loire Art Workshop also take this creative theme and surpass themselves again to design the golden eagle bird hour and minute dial – Petite Heure Minute Relief Seasons watch, a bright color And three-dimensional timepieces pay tribute to the Elven Bird.

    The two tits stood on both sides of the dial in a spirited manner, their wings extended. Are they just landing or are they flying? The mysteries of this scene are all carved by hand: the mother-of-pearl dial is carved by hand, and the golden bird is engraved and engraved, and then it is set on the dial, and finally colored together. The micro-painted birds and dial are worthy of the three-dimensional miniature masterpieces created by the master craftsmen of the brand. From the shape of the bird’s wings to the size of the bird’s body, from the outline of the throat to the meticulous combination of yellow and blue bird feathers, everything is exhaustive, making this watch a veritable three-dimensional masterpiece, towards the beauty of nature and the freedom and unrestrained nature of the sparrow. pay tribute. The sapphire crystal mirror surface is specially designed to enhance the stereo visual effect of the scene. When wearing a watch, the whole nature seems to be jumping on the wrist, reminding the world that time passing is the best testimony of reading life.

    This watch combines the top craftsmanship of mother-of-pearl with a gold chassis. It comes in two styles: the warm autumn version (red gold) and the cold winter version (white gold), each limited to 88. Pieces.