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    Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Traditionnelle Limited Platinum Collection

    Limited platinum collection specially created by Vacheron Constantin to fully display the outstanding quality of platinum. As the most noble metal, platinum was first discovered by explorer and astronomer Antonio de Ulla in the 18th century, and Vacheron Constantin’s use of platinum dates back to 1820. Unlike 18K gold, which has a purity of only 75%, platinum has a purity of 95%, which is mainly composed of magmatic rocks. It is produced in only a few places worldwide. Due to its high density and weight, platinum is much more durable than other metals, making it a top watchmaking material. In fact, platinum has long been regarded as the exclusive collection of the princes and nobles. Platinum is timeless, superior in performance and sturdy. It has a lasting charm for advanced connoisseurs and collectors.

     Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Traditionnelle Limited Platinum Collection

    Patrimony Traditionnelle 14 Days Power Reserve Tourbillon is an extraordinary work in the limited platinum collection. This distinguished watch has reached the pinnacle of watchmaking craftsmanship, bringing the complex functions represented by tourbillon to the extreme. For a long time, Vacheron Constantin has demonstrated its bold pursuit and superb skills in this extremely challenging field.

    TriPatrimony Traditionnelle 14 Days Power Reserve Tourbillon Limited Platinum Collection watch with 2260 movement. This is a manually wound tourbillon movement with a power reserve of up to 14 days. In addition to the tourbillon and small seconds at 6 o’clock and the slightly off-centered hour and minute hands, this watch is also equipped with a power reserve indicator. A drag-and-drop pointer shows the remaining energy and rotates up to 280 degrees. This area is larger than the power reserve display area of ​​traditional watches, so the swing range of the hands can be accurately divided into 14 days, and each day is divided into two small cells, each cell represents 12 hours, so it is very easy to read the stored power.

    In order to guarantee a power reserve of 14 days, the Vacheron Constantin 2260 movement is equipped with two sets of double barrels, that is, four barrels are connected to each other and released at the same time, but the speed is four times slower than a single barrel.

    2260 movement consists of 231, parts and two large splints. The finely polished and engraved C.tes de Genève pattern of the movement presents a three-dimensional visual effect. The tourbillon frame is inspired by the Maltese Cross and showcases the superb grinding of fine parts, including a large number of hand-cut inner and beveled corners. It only takes 11 hours to polish the tourbillon bridge manually.

    Except for the movement, the entire watch is certified with the Geneva Seal. Geneva Mark’s latest certification standard extends to the external components of the watch, focusing on the part where the movement is connected to the case.

    This premium watch once again interprets the distinctive features of the limited platinum collection: the exquisite design, meticulous workmanship, exudes a quiet and elegant temperament, and the ultimate beauty is fully mastered. The aesthetic concept of the limited platinum collection has been continuously enriched since 2006, and has been fully interpreted in this work. The elegant 950 platinum dial is sandblasted, and the fine ‘PT950’ is engraved between the 4 and 5 o’clock positions. ‘. The dark blue Mississippi crocodile leather strap fixed with the 950 platinum folding buckle uses a riding stitching process, and the hand-stitched 950 platinum silk thread exudes a flawless and charming luster. This watch is issued in a limited edition of 50 pieces, each with its own product number.

    Patrimony Traditionnelle 14 Days Power Reserve Tourbillon Limited Platinum Collection Watch Technical Parameters
    Model: 89000 / 000P-9843, certified by Geneva mark

    Movement: Manually wound mechanical movement 2260 developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin

    Diameter: 29.1 mm (12 ” ‘. French points)

    Thickness: 6.80 mm

    Power reserve: about 336 hours (14 days)

    Vibration frequency: 2.5 Hz (18,000 times per hour)

    Number of parts: 231

    Number of jewels: 31

    Display: hour, minute, small second hand on tourbillon frame at 6 o’clock

    Tourbillon: two sets of dual barrels guarantee 14-day power reserve

    Case: 950 platinum, 42 mm diameter, 12.22 mm thickness, transparent sapphire crystal back cover, passed 3 bar pressure test (about 30 meters)

    Dial: 950 platinum, sandblasted, ‘PT 950’ mark between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock, black lacquered scale

    Strap: Hand-stitched dark blue Mississippi crocodile leather strap with 950 platinum thread

    Clasp: 950 platinum tri-fold folding clasp, polished half-Malta cross design

    Limited edition of 50 pieces, independent product number

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    Swatch X Louvre

    Looking forward to the French chants of Montmartre and the Seine, want to go to the Louvre to absorb a little unique oily atmosphere, and conduct an immersive spiritual baptism for your life? And in reality, your Louvre ‘pilgrimage’ is always delayed?
       This summer, French classic art meets Swiss watchmaking art for the first time and promises a flowing midsummer feast for you. Instead of crossing the ocean, traveling thousands of miles, and reaching out to the Louvre, which is crowded with people, Swatch puts this space of time together on your wrist: the collection of ‘Only pilgrimage can be viewed from a distance, not privately play’ Created as a wrist exhibit that can be “collected at home and swaggered out”. Life and art, all you have to do is move your ‘wrist’ ~

    July 28 (1830): Freedom guides the people
    Eugene Delacroix (1798-1863)
    Location: Louvre, Paris
    Photo © Louvre Museum, Paris / Michel Hurtado
       The new Swatch X Louvre Louvre Museum’s first limited edition collaboration is inspired by Eugene Delacroix’s ‘Guide the People Freely’ and presents the main part of this great work on the wrist. Create your own “Wrist Museum” and hide this famous French painting hidden in the Louvre for thousands of years in your watch.
       The signature red, white and blue color runs through the strap, embellishing the authentic French style on the wrist. The small buckle circle is printed with the English words ‘Louvre’, and the large buckle circle is printed with the red, white, and blue words ‘Liberté’, ‘Égalité’, and ‘Ponctualité’, which means the French nation of freedom, equality, and love The spirit also echoes the name of this watch-LEP.

       The casual and romantic French classic style can be seen at a glance, creating French beauty and ritual sense for your life. The light gray dial matches the heroine’s portrait in ‘Guide the People Freely’: wearing a Phrygian toque, walking barefoot in front of the team, holding a bayonet rifle with his left hand, holding his right hand high, holding his hand tightly Red, white and blue tricolor flag. The distinctive image represents the national spirit of France.

       The Swatch X Louvre Louvre Museum’s collaboration packaging also uses the painting ‘Guide the People Freely’. Artistic and humanistic feeling MAX makes you not even lose the packaging!

       Strong sense of art. Combining distinctive works of art and humanistic feelings. China only sells 200 pieces, which is very collectible! You will be one of the few connoisseurs who has the right to give new meaning. All the priceless beauty will infect you here!
       Large and small museums make Paris like a world of palettes and canvases, while the Louvre is a master of romance, elegance and taste. This time, the first collision between Swatch and the Louvre is undoubtedly with a Renaissance texture: ancient, elegant and charming, capturing the art corners of the Louvre and even the streets and lanes of Paris. This art feast on your wrist, aren’t you happy to join?