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    Athens Wonder Carloso Limited Watch

    Lerloch, Switzerland: Roth Schneider, president and brand holder of Athens Watch, has entered the 75-year-old this year. For the solemnity of the event, the brand deliberately introduced the new ‘Limited Dark Lord Limited Watch’ Freak Diavolo) in honor of his remarkable achievements.
    Looking back on the past 75 years of Schneider, it felt like reading an adventure novel. Schneider immediately acknowledged that he once had a good time. He recalled, ‘The past experience has always been memorable, and I haven’t finished it yet. I grew up in Zurich, Switzerland, and like many Swiss boys, play, ski and learn in this beautiful country; but I To have a desire that most people don’t have is to look outside Switzerland. ‘
    耐 Schneider went to St. Moritz every year to participate in the famous Cresta Skeleton Run, and at that time, he learned that Athenaeum was looking for a buyer. In 1983, the Swiss era came into a downturn with the advent of the quartz era. At the time, Athens had only one shell left. Schneider described it as the skeleton of a famous brand. Therefore, Schneider set about transforming the brand, emphasizing the unique and complex watchmaking technology and innovation as the core of the Athens watch. Watches such as Galileo Watch, Copernicus Watch, Kebler Astronomical Watch, San Marco Active Puppet Minute Repeater, Fantastic Freak, Genghis Khan, and Many of the subsequent ones have a common theme-innovation. From the time when Schneider relaunched the brand, the Athens watch has maintained a leading position in the use of new materials and technology, as well as innovative watchmaking methods.
    In recognition of Schneider’s contribution to the watchmaking industry, in 2003, the International Watch Museum awarded him the ‘Outstanding Entrepreneurship’ award in recognition of his corporate achievements and commitment. Then in 2009, Schneider won the Grand Prix d & rsquo; Horlogerie de Geneve Lifetime Achievement Award in Singapore in Singapore, in recognition of his contribution to watchmaking technology and his commitment to promoting the development of watch innovation.
    庆祝 To celebrate Schneider’s 75th birthday and to pay tribute to the achievements of the Athens watch over the years, the brand decided to launch a platinum limited edition Whimsical Dark Lord Limited Watch with a specially engraved Schneider signature on the case to commemorate it. This unique ‘Freak’ Freak tourbillon is limited to 75 pieces worldwide. The reason for choosing this model is because Freak is a symbol of creativity, marking the rebirth of the Athenian watch.
    As Schneider described, the appearance of ‘Fantasy Freak’ shocked and inspired watchmaking. Combining new watchmaking technology and revolutionary aesthetics, ‘Fantasy Freak’ is a Carrousel tourbillon, without the design of the hour hand, minute hand, face plate and crown. It is unprecedented to use silicon (a new lightweight material) to make a two-way escapement. The device has the advantage of no need for lubrication.
    ‘About 30 years ago, I bought the Athenian watch, and I had planned the risks in advance. I believe that the unique and creative mechanical watch has a great chance to rise again, and it turned out that I was right.’ Schneider continued: ‘I fell in love with the distinguished old brand of Athens and our new direction of innovation. In order to celebrate my 75th birthday, I chose Freak, because it is a historic breakthrough in Athens watches and watch altars. Our most important watch. ‘
    史 When Schneider blows out 75 candles on his birthday cake, when asked about his birthday wish, he said, ‘I hope time can go backwards so that I can do it again!’
    Case Platinum, limited edition of 75 pieces worldwide
    Power reserve more than 8 days, sliding spring
    Vibration frequency: 28,800 times per hour (4 Hz)
    Rotation inertia 8 mg * cm2, adjusted by 4 screws
    Wandering spring Silicon, unique design of Athens watch
    Escapement Right-angle escapement fork, silicon, no lubrication required
    Tourbillon tourbillon
    Trajectory, one revolution per hour
    Power mode Manually refining, drive the refining mechanism by turning the case bottom cover. The case bottom cover rotates one phase / equal to 12 hours of power storage
    Setting the time Turn the outer ring forward or backward to adjust the time