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    Imagination Extraordinary Cartier Theme Design Exhibition Debut In Shanghai

    From June 30 to July 9, 2017, Cartier brought the latest Panthère de Cartier cheetah watch, Juste un Clou series new masterpiece and classic LOVE series, and creatively presented ‘Illusion’ in Shanghai IFC Mall ‘When the Ordinary becomes Precious’ theme design exhibition. The brand’s innovative attitude and endless creativity are uniquely presented in the avant-garde and bold golden space.

    The Cartier-themed design exhibition was created by Desi Santiago, a Puerto Rican visual artist based in New York. Through a Precious Garage, a combination of shape casting and internal machinery, it reproduces Cartier’s transformation of daily hardware parts into jewelry. Design concept.

    This is a collision between ‘ordinary’ and ‘precious’, and a dialogue between traditional mechanical engineering and jewelry design and craftsmanship: Cartier boys in work clothes are placed in a dazzling golden garage, and Cartier jewelry and watches are displayed in the toolbox. Various hardware tools are scattered around. A golden sports car floats in the air, and the metal liquid pours down from the vehicle body, spreading out on the ground … and lingers here, and visitors can not only see it with their own eyes, but also interact with the scene and try it on, experiencing the brand’s exquisite thoughts. With superior craftsmanship.

    Uninhibited, sharp, and unreasonable, Cartier Juste un Clou series is inspired by the nails seen every day, and turned into precious masterpieces under the amazing imagination of jewelry designers. The same is true of the LOVE series. Once its screw design was born, it was memorable and became a classic. In tandem with these two iconic jewellery collections is Cartier’s latest watch creation: the Panthère de Cartier Cheetah. She is not only a watch, but also an exquisite jewellery. She is cheerful and cheerful, walking on the wrist like a cheetah’s graceful figure. Their encounter led a new wave of jewellery stacking, dressed as modern and independent modern women, making ordinary moments more exciting.

    Cartier freely imagined, advanced with extraordinary creativity, blended classic aesthetics with contemporary masterpieces, and transformed into extraordinary.