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    Hermes Arceau Makes Time Perfect Pause

    Hermes is led by Luc Perramond. In the lobby of the Faubourg Saint Honore Hotel in Paris, it displays the latest Arceau series of complex models: Temps Suspendu (meaning time out in French). In addition to cutting the dial with the date display and the 12 o’clock hour mark to present a picture full of design sense, the most surprising thing is that it really has a ‘time pause’ function, adding more topicality to Hermes.

    Temps Suspendu, Hermes’ latest Arceau collection.
     Temps, French for time; Suspendu, French for suspension, but Hermès’s latest Arceau model is named after it. Maintaining the asymmetrical lug design of the Arceau series, the watch style presents an elegant look like a pocket watch. Pull the focus to the dial, you can see that from about 4 o’clock to 7 o’clock, use the semi-dial date indicator to draw an asymmetric curve, corresponding to the 12 o’clock division of the ‘halt block’ ‘(Time Suspended), the appearance of the dial is cut and overlapped to form a beautiful picture. The highlight is here. When the wearer presses the handle at 9 o’clock, the hour and minute hands will move to the stop block at 12 o’clock and no longer move; and the date hand is three-dimensional from 4 o’clock. Hidden in the groove, the entire watch stays in this state and no longer displays the current correct time. Although it looks like the watch stops, as long as the watch continues to be wound, the correct time continues to walk. When the wearer wants to return to the normal time, whether it has been ‘stopped’ for 1 hour, 2 hours, or even It’s a week or two. Just press the 9 o’clock button again and the time will return to the correct time. And this complicated function, in addition to the two synchronous column wheels, is also able to move to the ‘stop zone’ at 12 o’clock at any time due to the 360-degree retrograde display of the hour and minute hands.

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    Cartier Rotonde De Cartier Flying Tourbillon

    From the display, rotation, disappearance and reappearance of time. Cartier uses the brand’s unique watchmaking technology to make the display of time a unique interpretation, and uses a mysterious and modern craftsmanship to interpret the extraordinary hollowed out watches to make the time display a more fun art.
    From Cartier’s first mysterious clock in 1912, Cartier has a unique interpretation of the time display method. The mysterious clock uses the principle of visual dead angle and light refraction to make the hands pointed by the mysterious clock movement hidden under the base of mineral crystals mysteriously suspended in the air as if it were out of gravity. This unique and mysterious and precious watchmaking process reflects Cartier’s breaking the boundaries of traditional watchmaking barriers, analyzing and creating a new way of displaying timepieces with his own unique insights. Cartier has spared no effort in creating the perfect timepieces, whether it is a skeleton watch with a bridge and a time reading plate or a Santos Triple 100 three-sided watch with three dials. Until this year SIHH released Innovative niobium-titanium materials create concept tables that require no adjustment ID ONE, Tortue turtle-shaped perpetual calendar skeletonized complex function table and Rotonde Skeleton flying tourbillon watch suspended in the air are all Cartier’s advanced watchmaking shows different skeletonized watches Way to show the original spirit and superb watchmaking skills as a fine watchmaker.
    Hollow skeleton movements first appeared in the eighteenth century, and they all appeared on pocket watches at that time. Hollow watch is the art of removing metal from the components of the mechanical device such as the main splint, the bridge, the ratchet and the barrel. The decoration of the table bridge and the main splint is usually carved with some representative leaves or flower patterns by means of carving and engraving. There are moments such as hunting or concerts.
    The watch craftsmen are extremely skillful and can arrange the bridge in the shape of Roman numerals to indicate the time when the movement is hollowed out. This unprecedented technology integrates the hollowed-out movement with graduations and Roman numerals, making the timepieces legible, and bringing innovative design to the watch. At the same time, the bridge of the movement is made of nickel-silver alloy. To strengthen resistance. Cartier also patented this innovative design.
    Compared with the traditional hollow-out watch presentation method, after a watch is completed, in order to more delicately present the movement of the movement to create art, watchmakers often hollow out the blank part of the disk without affecting the function. Through the interaction between light and the sense of space, a visual sense of penetration is presented, so that the level of the movement can be seen at a glance.
    Cartier Rotonde de Cartier flying tourbillon skeleton watch, equipped with 9355MC movement, 18K white gold case, diameter 45mm, crown semicircular, 18K white gold, inlaid with an egg face round sapphire, watch sapphire crystal, watch Transparent sapphire crystal on the back, 30 meters waterproof, black alligator strap, 18K white gold folding buckle, double adjustable buckle, limited edition of 100 pieces, each with an independent number, 9455MC flying tourbillon skeleton movement , Self-made manual winding mechanical movement, engraved with the Geneva quality mark. Reference price NT $ 4,540,000.
    Cartier’s creative idea of ​​combining aesthetic decoration and exquisite watchmaking skills in fine watchmaking has been further extended this year to the works of complex function watches and animal-shaped jewelry watches. In addition to the Rotonde de CARTIER skeleton watch, The SANTOS DUMONT skeleton watch also integrates the bridge, the movement and the classic Roman numerals of Cartier’s watchmaking into one, and it will also be equipped with the 9455 MC calibre, which has won the premium seal of Geneva. Among them, the tourbillon seems to break free from the restraint of gravity, and swims around the wrist; Pasha de Cartier will use the brand’s most commendable jaguar totem with Cartier’s self-made 9613 MC hand-finished movement combined with pavé diamonds. The animal jewelry watch has a new interpretation of the craftsmanship and hollow aesthetics.