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    Introduction To Piaget Limelight Reversible Watch

    When the Piaget Mysterious Watch was launched, it not only showed the unlimited creative freedom and boldness to innovate in the brand’s genes, but also perfectly integrated the form of fine jewelry into the watchmaking process. One was amazed at the countless ingenuity of the count.

    Piaget Leaf Mystery Watch

    伯 The Piaget leaf-shaped mysterious watch exhibited in the Piaget Limelight series of top jewelry watch appreciation conferences, which looks like embracing leaves, outlines a light and shadow game in white and yellow, bringing gorgeous charm on the visual senses. This masterpiece inlaid with 64.1 carat diamonds hides a double secret: caress the oval diamond set on the blade, and the dial of the pavé diamond is exposed. Pressing another diamond, The second dial popped up. The strap with unparalleled lightness and supreme softness also eulogizes the craftsmanship of Piaget’s axe like a hymn.
    PIAGET Limelight Twice high jewelry watch, a watch, double-sided dial, two Piaget 56P quartz movements, a total of 680 round diamonds (approximately 19 carats), 18K white gold front, 52 Round diamond (approximately 1.2 carats), silver dial and black Roman numeral time scale, 18K white gold buckle, polished and polished, 18K white gold bracelet, buckle and bracelet can be used on both sides, 18K white gold on the back Case, set with 226 round diamonds (approx. 4.6 carats) and arranged in a sun-radiated black dial, 18K white gold buckle, set with 102 round diamonds (approx. 0.3 carats), 18K white gold bracelet, dense Set with 300 round diamonds (approximately 12.9 carats), both buckle and chain can be used on both sides.

    双面 Limelight Twice high jewelry watch that can be worn on both sides

    With the countless interpretations of the Piaget Limelight Twice watch and the favor of winning countless watch awards, the Piaget’s endless freedom in creativity and the courage to break through the tradition are more affirmed. The Limelight Twice high-end jewellery watch that can be worn on both sides is displayed at this time. One side of the watch is set with diamonds arranged from small to large to create a sun-radiating effect; the other side of the case is set with dazzling beauty Diamonds and silver dials are decorated with low-key Roman numerals, which can change the completely different double-sided style according to the mood of the wearer.

    A total of more than 300 beautiful diamonds are set, fully showing the peerless skills of Piaget’s jewelry setting masters.

    Another Limelight Magic Hour high-end jewellery watch with three ways of wearing and cleverly displaying three styles combines ultra-luxury, elegant classics and ghost spirits, etc. The face and face are combined into one, presenting a magical time reading method that can change the time and face between the fingers, and set a total of more than 300 diamonds, fully showing the peerless skills of Piaget’s jewelry setting master.

    Piaget Emperador Piaget White K Diamond T Tourbillon Watch

    Piaget Emperador series Piaget white K with T diamond tourbillon watch, 18K white gold set with 251 beautiful diamonds about 1.9 carats and 57 T diamonds about 2.4 carats, equipped with Piaget 600P bracelet tourbillon movement, power reserve about 40 At 12 o’clock, the flying tourbillon device makes one revolution per minute with a black alligator leather strap.

    Leaf-shaped diamond watch

    Piaget Limelight series Piaget leaf-shaped full-diamond watch, 18K white gold and rose gold, dial set with 74 beautiful diamonds (about 0.4 ct) and 74 yellow diamonds (about 0.4 ct), case, blade and strap set 821 Beautiful diamonds (approximately 36.5 carats), 741 yellow diamonds (approximately 16.1 carats), and 12 square-cut beautiful diamonds (approximately 0.9 carats), 10 square-cut yellow diamonds (approximately 0.9 carats), and 25 oval cuts Beautiful diamond (about 8.9 carats), equipped with Piaget 56P quartz movement.