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    Do You Know Where All Casio Watch Models Are? Let’s See If You’ve All Seen Them

    The Casio brand is from Japan. It is a brand that produces electronic instruments, electronic calculators and watches. Casio products are well-known in any field, although they are not the best in their class. However, it has been easy to operate, convenient and practical, and cheap and durable. As a fashionable and beautiful product with outstanding quality, powerful functions and affordable price, the Casio watch is widely recognized and trusted by young users. After years of development, Casio watches have a large number of products, and it is not easy to find them all. So do you know what the Casio watch models are? The watch home below summarizes it for everyone and see if you have seen it!

    Style model series
       8200, 8201, 8250, 8251, 9900, 9901, 6300-Frogman (ISO waterproof 200M, asymmetric shape)
       8400 Old Figurine (Mud & Dust Resistant)
       8600 Fisherman (tidal moon phase)
       8800 Code Name (memory function)
       9100 trapeze (altitude pressure gauge)
       9300, 9350 Raysman (solar)
       9800 Wademan (electronic compass)
       AW series:
       570, 571 Gaussman (antimagnetic pointer)
       G series:
       9000 clay figures (dust and dust resistant)
       9100 Gulf People (Moon Phase Tides)
       9200 trapeze (measure temperature and pressure altitude)
       GW series:
       200, 205, 202, 225, 2xx Frogman (ISO waterproof 200M, asymmetric shape, new solar function added)
       9000 clay figures (dust and dust resistant)
       9200 trapeze (measure temperature and pressure altitude)
    Material model series
       A, B, C, D stainless steel
       E, H, T-titanium
       L-leather strap
       GM-Gold Frogman Model
       HL-Hawaiian Lifeguards
       HD-Hawaiian Pro Designs
       NISMO-Nissan Motor Sport, Nissan
       RE- Red Eye (referring to the red text LCD)
       RF-Rain Forest
       RJ-Rastafarian Jamaican Leadership
       SA-Street Artist
       TC-Triple Crown of Surfing
       WC-World Cup, but on Frogman it is WCCS- World Coral-Reef Conservation Soiety
    Coral Reef Conservation Association
       K, AK-Cetacean Meeting
       PP-puppy, Baby-G’s kitten puppies series

    Function model series
       WW-Wide Temperature Water Resis is waterproof at all temperatures.
       GW-G-SHOCK WaveCeptor solar wave, but when it is used on frogman, it only refers to solar energy.
       GL-G-Lide Extreme Sports Series.
       BGR, BG-Reef for Baby-G, transparent series of coral reefs.
       MSG-G- Miss series, business women’s watch.
       OCW- Oceanus Waveceptor.
       LOV-Couple on watch.
       prg-climbing series.
       prw-climbing series, with radio function.
       paw-US version of the radio wave climbing watch, some old models can not turn on the radio function in the Chinese time zone.
       DW in the prefix.
       MTG-Metal Twisted Interwoven design of rubber and metal.
       MRG-Majestic Reality This is a bit difficult to translate, as if it means ‘Top Presentation’
       GMN-G-SHOCK Mini, the mini series.
       BG-Baby-G series.
       DW- Digital Water Resist.
       AW-Analog Water Resist.
       EF-Edifice heavy metal series, full metal pointer or dual display EFX-Sapphire, coated Edifice Expensive
       EQW-Edifice (Quartz) Waveceptor Heavy Metal Radio Wave.
       SHN-Sheen shiny shiny (full polished) female watch.

    Nomenclature for Casio watches
       ‘Series abbreviation + number + strap material coding’ is the naming rule of Casio watches. We take EF-508D-1A as an example:
       EF representative series: EF is the Edifice pointer series, MSG is the women’s business series, BG is the Baby-G women’s series, G is the G-Shock men’s series, and SHN is the Sheen lady series.
       508 is the fixed code in this series, which represents its unique movement, function, shape, etc. It is enough to read the instructions when buying, no more understanding is required.
       D represents a strap: D represents a steel strap, L represents a leather strap, if not specified, it is usually a plastic or resin strap, BD represents a black ion-coated steel strap, V represents fabric, and LV represents a mixture of fabric and leather . In addition, this number is also used in special years, such as World Cup commemorative models, couple series and so on.
       The number 1 represents the color of the dial. Usually, 1 is black, 2 is blue, 3 is green, 4 is red, and 7 is white. These are the most common types.
       A generally has no special meaning, often when the dial colors are similar, A, B, etc. are added to distinguish them. For example, BG-169-4, according to analysis, 4 should be red, but red has different shades of red, and some are dark red. Some are pink. At this time, A, B, and C represent different reds. Please see the big picture when buying.

       Questions about Casio watch models will be introduced here first. Casio watches originally had so many products, and its product naming rules were complicated enough. But after you understand it well, it will become easy to find your favorite style. I hope this article can help those who like Casio watches, of course, if the summary is not complete, you are welcome to add.