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    Thanksgiving Time Brand New Sailing – Swiss Meidu Watch New Recommendation

    After a winter break, the haze and cold gradually dispersed, and the gentle and warm spring breeze came quietly. The asphalt road became brighter and clearer due to the snow and ice cleaning. After the dead leaves had fallen, the ginkgo trees again gave out green shoots. With the memory of the old days, people began a new journey. In the early spring and February of this year, the Swiss Mido dedicated to the new power reserve men’s watch of the Belemcelli series. It has accumulated classic quality heritage and opened up a new potential. At the beginning of the year, this power reserve watch uses black leather to interpret a new charm, and the silver and white outline highlights the delicate meaning. This agile and clear curve is the confidence that Mido will wear for you in the new year. It will teach you to give thanks for your time and prepare for a new start.

       The movement of the Rennes Opera House in France seems to be lingering in the symphony of the Paris Symphony Orchestra, with fresh power and passion. The creative inspiration of the Belém Série series comes from this charming theater, which has continued its solemn elegance, simplicity and solidity for centuries. The simple Rennes Opera House in Brittany in northwestern France blows nearly two hundred years of history, and under the lingering years, it has become more and more new. If we are determined to start a new journey, we always need to face the past sincerely, evaluate objectively, and conclude patiently. In the past, the Rennes Opera House also launched Wagner’s famous three-act opera ‘Valkyrie’ in a wave of doubts. The elegant and elegant appearance of the Mido Berencelli series power reserve watch is the pride that the theater has never annihilated. The silver outline is its unfailing temperament. The rose gold hands are more like old photos left over by years. With invincible power. With admiration for the annual rings, Mido is with you to accumulate energy and set sail.
       The firm black leather strap, like your sharp eyes, can see the wind and frost and growth that have been passed in the past, and is observing the approaching mist and the flag flying on the ship. The vintage pattern on the strap is the gully you have crossed over the years and the footsteps along the way. The nobility and perseverance of the silver dial seem to be your determination to start again. The sapphire mirror with mysterious power always reflects the elegant light. PVD rose gold-plated scales and hands, under the diamond polishing process, exude chic and elegant, reflecting the persistence of wheat ears, the charming of the sunset, and the waves of autumn waves, which always illuminate your way forward. At 7 o’clock on the dial, the power reserve display is diligently helping you to record the energy of every moment. The delicate hands are constantly twisted on the semi-circular power reserve display. Through the time of the hands, you can clearly grasp the following 42 hours. Changes in power conservation energy. The nearly perfect dial is equipped with a practical and beautiful power reserve, giving you double protection in advance, reminding you to replenish energy at any time when the sail is at the helm, without shifting or lagging. The transparent back design on the back of the watch allows you to see the perfect movement of the meticulous movement, so that you do not miss every step of the way to grow. The 50-meter water resistance makes it practically lag behind the exquisite appearance. Regarding time, as with spring, we cherish its gorgeous face, thank it for its hard work, and at the same time thank every energy and hope it brings.
    Technical Information
    Mido Belem Celli Series Power Reserve Men’s Watch
    Movement ETA 2897 mechanical movement, 11½’’ diameter, diameter 25.6mm, thickness 4.85mm, 21 diamonds, 28,800 swings / hour, NIVACOURBE shockproof system, NIVAFLEX NM mainspring, carefully decorated with blue screws. 4 different orientation tests verify its high accuracy. Hours, minutes, seconds, date, day and week, power reserve energy display. More than 42 hours of power reserve
    Case 316L stainless steel with black PVD treatment, diameter 42mm, 3 parts, double-sided anti-glare sapphire mirror, transparent back cover with beautifully decorated movement, engraved serial number, 50 meters waterproof
    Strap Black calfskin with two-piece stainless steel black PVD buckle
    Dial Date window at 3 o’clock, power reserve at 7 o’clock, decorated with sunlight rays, PVD rose gold scale
    Hands Diamond-polished, PVD rose gold plated
    Retail Price 10,800RMB

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    Magnificent Luxury Tasting Bulgari Lvcea White Gold Diamond Watch

    Bulgari praises the ancient chronograph sundial, perfectly combines outstanding performance with creative design, and uses the power of light as inspiration to create a magnificent and stunning new LVCEA ladies watch series. The round case, light base, and classic winding bracelet make the LVCEA series watch unique and charming in its magnificent and feminine style. Today, the Watch House brings you a magnificent luxury Bulgari LVCEA series watch, the official model: 102381 LUW33C6GDGD1D / 11.

    Bulgari watch

       This watch is silver and white, pure and elegant. The main body of the watch is made of 18k white gold, and the case and strap are set with bright cut diamonds as decoration, which is magnificent and luxurious. The watch case has a diameter of 33 mm and is small and exquisite; the strap is inspired by the Bulgari classic Serpenti series, showing the aesthetic design with a winding strap, and a convenient folding buckle.

    Diamond crown

       The crown of the watch is unique in shape, and the appearance is inlaid with a magnificent colored gemstone to show the bold and distinctive classic charm of Bulgari design. In addition, the crown is also inlaid with a brilliant diamond, symbolizing the female from the inside Charming.


       The white gold diamond strap is inspired by the Bulgari Serpenti collection. The scales on the winding bracelet are replaced with polished metal that showcases the architectural geometric aesthetics. Each bracelet is seamlessly linked together. In Bvlgari’s classic style, the powerful lines of the bracelet perfectly balance the gorgeousness of the round case.


       The shiny round case of the LVCEA series contains the flow of time. The watch is made of 18k white gold with a round and smooth round case. The bezel is set with a row of bright-cut diamonds, which make the case more magnificent. charming.

    Folding clasp

       The strap of the watch is linked by a folding buckle made of platinum, which is easy to open and close, making it easier and more convenient to wear; the folding buckle is not only firm and reliable, but also more beautiful.


       The silver sun-satin dial is bright and shiny, and the outer ring is set with a diamond as a time marker, which complements the beautiful diamond on the bezel. The hands use a junior hand design, and the sword-shaped hands indicate the time. There is a date display window at three o’clock on the dial, you can clearly see the date display.


       The watch’s lugs are large and unique with unique style. The lugs are integrated with the case and are interlocked with the strap.

    Table bottom

       The bottom of the watch uses a glass mirror to clearly observe the movement; the case is equipped with an automatic winding movement. The English name ‘BVLOARI’ and some parameter information are engraved on the bottom of the watch.

    To sum up: Brilliant fine jewelry legend has long made Bulgari synonymous with exquisite luxury. Bulgari is good at capturing inspiration, turning it into something tangible, touched, and treasured. Adhering to the Bulgari design concept, this watch is made of platinum and decorated with diamonds to create an elegant and charming women’s watch.

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    Special Timepiece For The Opening Of Patek Philippe Yuandi-‘yu Garden’ Pocket Watch

    Patek Philippe Ref. 982/153 ‘Yuyuan’ Pocket Watch
    Decorative open-face pocket watch decorated with hand-carved Yuyuan landscape. Platinum style.
    Caliber 1-17 LEP PS IRM. Wind manually. Power reserve display. Small seconds dial.
    Bottom cover: The landscape pattern of the bottom cover of Yu Garden is carved by hand, which takes nearly 126 hours. Some areas have been oxidized to enhance contrast and relief.
    Dial: White gold base with opaque white enamel, white gold embossed Chinese numerals. Platinum pointer.
    Crown: white gold with hand-engraved and oxidized white gold bracelet.
    Pocket watch holder: black lacquered wooden base with white gold holder.
    Only this one.

    Patek Philippe Ref. 982/153 “Yuyuan” Pocket Watch
    Patek Philippe Ref. 982/153 ‘Yuyuan’ Pocket Watch

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    New Opening Of Hermès Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza Store Extension Store

    (September 12, 2012, Shanghai) Today, Hermès Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza store has ushered in the grand opening of the new look of the store after a large-scale renovation. Following the grand opening of the Hermes Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza store in December 2001, it was first expanded and refurbished in 2007. And this round of renovation is to increase the main business area from one floor to two floors. The expanded area of ​​the store is 540 square meters. It was designed by Paris Architects RDAI, which is responsible for the design of Hermès global stores. The arc space and staircase are used to expand the store space from the original one to the current. With two floors, the scale of the Hang Lung store ranks first among all Hermès stores in mainland China. Mr. Lei Rongfa, President of Hermes China
        Entering the store’s door, the first thing that catches the eye is Hermes’ unique bookmarks to welcome guests. The Greek-style patterns are outlined by the lights at the entrance. Customers pass through two entrances on the first floor to enjoy various boutique areas, silks, jewellery, watches, bags and accessories. The ‘Fubao Avenue’ mosaic tiles on the ground floor are surrounded by elegant cherry wood walls and plywood wood walls, and the warm and elegant atmosphere spreads. Along the curved staircase made of pure Portuguese limestone, customers have a new perspective on the silk and leather areas, and the new space on the second floor immediately comes into view: ‘Greek’ lighting gently connects men’s clothing And women’s clothing areas, creating a separate and private space. The new home collection embodies the sincere emotions and superb craftsmanship of the craftsmen, and it was also displayed in front of everyone when the store opened. Each piece has been carefully taken care of, has a subtle inner, and has a beautiful style, showing the classic and timeless charm of the Hermes brand.
    Mr. Florian CRAEN, Managing Director, Hermes North Asia
        At the opening ceremony, Mr. Florian CRAEN, Managing Director of Hermès North Asia, Mr. Leo LUI, President of China, and the manager of Hermès Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza store announced the new Hermès Shanghai Hang Lung store extension. Appearance officially opened. The warm applause of all the guests celebrated this historic moment with champagne.
       While sharing the joy of opening the new look of the Shanghai Hang Lung boutique extension store, Mr. Ke Ruihan said: ‘Shanghai, a city full of enthusiasm and unique oriental charm, is blending with the world with its vigorous attitude. Hermes brand is also here Known, accepted and respected by more consumers. This round of renovation of the Hang Lung store is a gift from Hermès to the city of Shanghai and all consumers. Hermès will be more consumers who love life and pursue quality of life. It’s an extraordinary experience. ‘
       And Mr. Lei Rongfa, President of Hermès China, expressed his confidence and expectation in the Shanghai market: ‘Within a short span of ten years, Hermès has witnessed every change in this magnificent city and deeply realized its unremitting pursuit. The spirit of progress, and the self-confidence and enthusiasm of people in pursuit of elegant and refined life. Hermes, with its cultural heritage and philosophy, will open a new chapter in history, continue the journey of cultural heritage of the brand, and will become part of the Shanghai legend. ‘
        Immaculate quality is the consistent pursuit of Hermès. Since its founding in 1837, after the unremitting efforts of six generations of passionate art masters, Hermès brand values ​​have been spread all over the world-the care and attention to the highest quality materials, the love of classic beauty and the right The unremitting pursuit of innovation.

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    Three Highly Recommended Chronograph Models

    In today’s society, everyone’s ideals are different, and everyone’s pursuits are different. As far as watches are concerned, some people recognize the brand, some people recognize the shape, some people recognize the function and material, but the pursuit of cost-effectiveness is also the demand of most people. Today’s Watch House recommends three cost-effective chronograph watches for you. I hope it will help you when choosing a chronograph watch.
    Mido Helmsman M005.614.36.051.22 watch

    Model: M005.614.36.051.22
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: stainless steel, black PVD coating
    Strap Material: Belt
    Case diameter: 44 mm
    Domestic public price: ¥ 15500
    Watch details:
    Model: DC1028C-S1J-BKGR (Green diving timing ring)
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: Stainless steel
    Strap material: stainless steel
    Case diameter: 44 mm
    Domestic public price: 26600
    Watch details: 1-3 HANDS C006.425.16.031.00 watch

    Model: C006.425.16.031.00
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: Stainless steel
    Strap Material: Belt
    Case diameter: 43 mm
    Domestic public price: ¥ 18100
    Watch details: certina / 20811 /
    Watch Reviews: As one of the oldest watch brands in Switzerland, Certina has always been known for its rigorous quality characteristics and outstanding classic sports style. This watch has a stainless steel case with a black leather strap, which looks elegant. The silver dial fits the case just right, and the tone of the entire body is consistent. This watch has a moon phase function, and the 12-hour chronograph dial is located at 6 o’clock, the small seconds and 24-hour hands at 9 o’clock, and the 30-minute chronograph and day window at 12 o’clock. The hands are a 60-second chronograph hand and a calendar.
    Summary: The chronograph function is a very useful function of the watch, especially for those who like sports. The pursuit of value for money varies from person to person, but most people still agree. Today, these three chronograph watches are highly cost-effective. They have both functions and appearances.