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    Elegant And Stylish Three Fashion Women’s Watches Recommended

    Recently, I saw that the aesthetics of Chinese men have lowered the aesthetics of Chinese people. Most female compatriots have raised their hands in favor of this view. This shows how silent Chinese female compatriots are to male compatriots. The Watch House recommends three popular ladies’ watches for you to learn how female watch aesthetics look.

    Cartier Blue Balloon Series W69010Z4

    Watch Series: Blue Balloon Series
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: Stainless steel
    Strap material: stainless steel
    Case diameter: 28.6 mm
    Domestic public price: ¥ 36900
    Watch details: White, as Ms. Chanel emphasized, impeccable and absolutely harmonious with black, since then, white has become a mainstream watch color. White high-tech precision ceramics emphasize the design structure of the J12 watch, highlighting the essence of the model’s beautiful appearance. White high-tech precision ceramics exhibit a unique luster that glows from the inside, giving ceramics a magical charm. Pair with precious metals to create a wonderful light and shadow aesthetic.

    Omega Elegant 424. watch

    Watch Series: Disc Flying Series
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: 18K rose gold
    Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
    Case diameter: 32.7 mm
    Domestic public price: ¥ 63900
    Watch details: Watch House Chen Zhongyun)

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    The Clock And Watch Industry Authority Fleurier Quality Certification Agency Welcomes Its Tenth Anniversary Celebration

    There is no doubt that the Qualité Fleurier, initiated by Chopard, Powell and Parmigiani, is the industry’s most stringent and most difficult quality certification. The number of watch products can be said to be innumerable, but the engraved mark of Fleurier quality certification is like a drop in the ocean. Today, the unique equipment used to test certification will benefit the entire watchmaking industry to help other brands improve their product quality, whether or not they participate in certification.

    Headquarters of Fleurier Quality Certification Agency in Fleurier City Hall

       Fleurier certification is a perfect example of the 300-year-old watchmaking tradition in Val de Travers, Switzerland. Years ago, people who evaded high taxes moved away from Geneva to settle in this valley, and the watch industry flourished. They can watch here without having to be part of a strong watchmaking brand in the Lake Geneva region, which instead gives them a hidden additional advantage-broader freedom and better opportunities for innovation.
       Fleurier Quality Certification is a joint initiative of Chopard, Powell and Parmigiani. Michel Parmigiani was dedicated to revitalizing the watchmaking industry in the region and began working on watch restoration in 1975. After a meeting with Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, Chopard, the two brands decided to develop and produce clocks in line with the quality of Fleurier, which Chopard, Powell and Parmigioni respect. product.
       Despite its name, Fleurier Quality Certification, it is not limited to the watchmaking brands of Val deTravers. The independent Fleurier quality certification body is jointly supported by the Swiss Confederation, Canton of Neuchâtel and the town of Fleurier, and is also happy to provide testing services for other brands’ timepieces.
       However, these tests are the most demanding in the industry. First, the movements involved in the test (100% made in Switzerland) must pass an aesthetic review; then, the daunting ‘Chronofiable’ aging test must be performed in an independent Dubois laboratory to obtain a COSC certificate; finally, Only after passing the two previous tests, can the Fleuritest tester be placed in the state of the entire watch (not the movement). This tester can perfectly simulate the environment of wearing a watch in the real world, and it will be observed continuously during the 24-hour test In order to obtain the certificate issued by Fleurier Quality Certification Agency, the movement must be operated with an accuracy between 0 and 5 seconds per day.

    Fleuritest tester that simulates real-world environments to test watches

       If you are soberly aware of the cruelty and rigour of this test, and the recognized quality standard that takes four years to reach certification, then look at the fact that only about 3,000 watches in the ten-year history are not certified. Strange. In the ‘Chronofiable’ aging test alone, 5% of the test works were eliminated and worn out (it needs to be pointed out and remembered that these watch cases are made of precious metals and are very, very valuable).
       To celebrate and commemorate the tenth anniversary of its founding, Fleurier Quality Certification Agency announced that the laboratory will be open to the entire Swiss watchmaking industry and provide testing services for all brands. However, at the same time, the test parameters and results of the laboratory must be kept secret and cannot be exchanged with each other to encourage more new customers to participate in the complete certification test process.
       Even leaving aside certification expectations, the unique equipment provided by this laboratory can allow brands to repeatedly test the watch’s winding speed and power reserve in a realistic environment, which is especially important for the brand’s products in the development and testing stage. Provide valid reference data. And, in the near future, new equipment will be added to the laboratory, which will be able to continuously monitor the quality of the balance and balance of the movement.
       As Karl-Friedrich Scheufele pointed out: ‘Florier quality certification is irreplaceable, it represents the essence of Swiss watchmaking, and it is the only 360-degree all-rounder Certification system. However, what is more important is the positive impact on scientific research and development, which can help us innovate technology, improve quality and conceive and produce better works. ‘

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    Rolex Presents The World’s Highest Level Music Feast

    In 2013, the world’s leading watch brand Rolex once again joined hands with the internationally renowned Austrian Salzburg Festival to support this much-anticipated art festival.

     At the same time, Rolex also presented in October this year the brand spokesperson, the famous Italian soprano singer, and Cecilia Bartoli, artistic director of the Salzburg Whitsun Festival. Ms. China’s first line, this century’s top classical musician held solo concerts in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou respectively, setting off a gorgeous romantic classical music frenzy. For the first time, Chinese classical music fans were able to hear ‘the only voice in heaven’ praised by Karajan.

     The 93rd Salzburg Music Festival that has just ended is undoubtedly a splendid event. This annual music festival is the oldest, highest level and largest music feast in the world. Its birth is due to its transmission. The mission of European faith in peace is shining. Led by the new artistic director Alexander Pereira, unique and outstanding performances have brought about great innovation and expansion. This year’s unprecedented scale, 45 days, 18 venues, 260 shows, plus a series of operas reorganized to celebrate the 200th birthday of the two opera giants, Richard Wagner and Giuseppe Verdi The highlight is that the audience enjoyed an unprecedented feast of music, and the newly added children’s opera performance and Pentecost were also greatly supported.

     Dr. Helga Rabl-Stadler, the director of the Salzburg Festival, said that ‘Salzburg Music The success of the festival lies in its unremitting pursuit of top art for nearly a century. Bringing high-quality performances is our life’s work direction, and these can not be achieved without our most outstanding sponsors and our holdings. We have the same goal. Rolex has long been a model of persistence in perfection, which coincides with the mission of our festival. ‘

     In addition, Ms. Cecilia Bartoli, an Italian female singer known as the ‘Goddess of Flowers’ by fans, has officially become the artistic director of the Pentecost in Salzburg since 2012. She has passion for singing Transformed into motivation for art direction. At the Pentecostal Festival in May this year, Bartoli presented Bellini’s famous opera Norma on the stage for the first time. She spent a lot of time delving into this role, and finally perfectly interpreted a work completely different from contemporary impressions. This amazing soprano singer toured China for the first time, and received thunderous applause from the audience on October 7th at the Beijing National Grand Theater, 13th at the Guangzhou Grand Theater, and 19th at the Shanghai Oriental Art Center.

    Rolex and the arts
    Rolex is proud to be an important driving force behind the best art events, artists, art projects and events.

     At the beginning of the 20th century, when pocket watches became popular, Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf successfully realized his dream and created a watch that combines precision and elegance. Since then, Rolex, the Swiss watchmaker’s leading brand, has encouraged individuals to excel. Over the years, Rolex brands and products have continued to develop and strive for perfection. Because only the highest quality materials are used and designed by the best designers, Rolex watches have become a symbol of elegance, dignity and highest quality.

     Upholding the brand tradition and promoting brand value, Rolex actively assists artists to achieve excellence by supporting a group of carefully selected artists and artistic activities.

     Rolex seeks partners who are just as passionate as their brands, pursuing precision and performance. Therefore, the association between Rolex and the art world is logical. Rolex’s collaboration with the art world dates back to the 1970s. At the time, New Zealand soprano Dame Kiri Te Kanawa started a long-term collaboration between Rolex and the art world.

     Over the years, Rolex’s support for art has expanded to many outstanding artists in various fields. In the field of vocal music, Rolex’s endorsers include the famous Spanish tenor singer Plácido Domingo, who has worked with the brand for more than 30 years, and the Italian baritone singer Cecilia Bartoli Cecilia Bartoli), German tenor singer Jonas Kaufmann, and British tenor singer Bryn Terfel.

     The talented young pianist Yuja Wang of the famous classical musicians who cooperated with Rolex. In addition, Rolex has established a close working relationship with Venezuelan conductor Gustavo Dudamel. Recognized as a world-class orchestra, the Los Angeles Philharmonic, where Dudamel is the music conductor, is also sponsored by Rolex.

     In the field of modern music, Rolex has maintained a stable cooperative relationship with many well-known pop artists, including Grammy winners, Canadian jazz singers Diana Krall and Michael Bublé, India Sitar player and composer Anoushka Shankar, and the famous French ballerina Sylvie Guillem.

     In addition to supporting artists, Rolex understands the importance of working with prestigious art groups such as the fascinating Teatro alla Scala, the historic Royal Opera House, The prestigious Metropolitan Opera in New York. At the same time, Rolex supports the popular Salzburg Festival and the well-known Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Rolex’s support for art has now extended to Asia and has become a dedicated timepiece for the National Centre for the Performing Arts.

     At the same time, Rolex also helps young artists realize their artistic potential through a number of sponsored projects, such as the annual World Opera Vocal Contest, Operalia, founded by Mr. Placido Domingo, as well as the Rolex Mentor and Sponsorship Program Protégé Arts Initiative), a project aimed at discovering talented young artists around the world, allowing them to collaborate with art masters for a year, and receiving one-to-one careful guidance during this period.

     Recently, Rolex has established a partnership with Medici.tv, an online video leader in classical music. With this unique platform, music lovers can experience the lively charm of well-known concerts at any time. Similarly, Rolex has partnered with Euronews’ music show called Musica, which brings viewers to the world of music and dance. Rolex partners also include Operaonline, a comprehensive online opera library open to all opera fans. These are part of the Rolex Art Support Program, which aims to promote and popularize music around the world by exposing the public to high-quality classical concerts, festivals, operas and musicians.

     In the spirit of the founder of the brand, Mr. Wilsdorf, Rolex is always active in the arts and spares no effort to support outstanding talents and institutions that share common values ​​with the brand and relentlessly pursue perfection and excellence. This support will benefit the inheritance of the artistic heritage and make a unique and lasting contribution to cultural causes around the world.

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    Zenith Zenith Cooperates With ‘charity: Water’ To Sponsor The Third Annual Charity Event ‘charity:

    Swiss watch production company Zenith Zenith is pleased to be the sponsor of the third annual charity event ‘charity: ball’, held at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City.

    Moderators Adrian Grenier and Zenith President of Zenith North America Paul Ziff
    Film star Adrian Grenier hosted the event, and many celebrities attended the celebration dinner, including Jenna Elfman and Matthew Modine. Guests enjoyed a special musical performance brought by Amos Lee, and there was also an unforgettable multimedia exhibition with the theme of the organization’s global success.

    Adrian Grenier sells a Zenith 18K rose gold watch at a live auction
    On-site auctions were two hand-made 18K rose gold watches donated by Zenith Zenith and simulated auctions by Grenier. The funds raised will be used to build drinking water wells. All the proceeds from the party will go directly to projects that produce clean and safe drinking water to help countries like Central Africa, Haiti and India.

    Jenna Elfman and Zenith Paul Ziff, President, Zenith North America
    Charity: Water was founded by Scott Harrison in 2006. His purpose is to raise awareness of extreme poverty around the world, educate the public and arouse sympathy, and gather the wisdom of all to help poor countries. Just three years after its establishment, the organization has helped more than a thousand communities and improved their living conditions.

    Charity: Water founders Scott Harrison and Zenith Paul Ziff, President of Zenith North America
    ‘We are very proud to support the Scott Harrison and charity: water organizations in fulfilling their mission to help people meet what we consider to be necessities such as clean water,’ said Paul Ziff, President of Zenith North America. ‘This is our A task that should be done with all its strength. ‘
    Source: Zenith
    [email protected]

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    Different From The Chinese Tourbillon Watch Market In The West

    On June 26, 1801, when Abraham-Louis Breguet was granted a patent for the great invention of Tourbillon, he never thought of it More than 200 years later, the tourbillon has become a popular pursuit among a group of wealthy buyers thousands of miles away in China.

    Seagull Tourbillon

    Tourbillon is popular in the Chinese market

       In the mid-1990s, the Chinese watch market began to flourish, and local buyers quickly learned and acted. In the past ten years, with the increase in sales of mechanical watches, there has been an increasing interest in complex functions. Enthusiasts gather with each other to form a small group and spread important knowledge to the public, especially potential customers. It is worth noting that, from an average level, tourbillon watches sell more in China than in other parts of the world, while perpetual calendar watches and chronographs are exactly the opposite. Similarly, local watchmakers continue to invest in tourbillons, but almost ignore other traditional complications.

    Beijing watch ‘Tai Chi’ dual-axis three-dimensional tourbillon watch

       Why is the tourbillon a complication of the most popular luxury watch in China? The reasons are more complicated. The Chinese market has always favored mechanical watches of medium size and time only … but such watches are often the entry-level choice when buying the first or second. As experience (especially watch knowledge) grows, these buyers want to upgrade with more sophisticated watches. The ancient Chinese philosophers believed that Jane was complicated. Applying this concept to a complex-function mechanical watch, the dial of the perpetual calendar and the chronograph seems too complicated, and only the tourbillon can show the pure dial and simple appearance praised by the wise.

    Beijing watch TB02 dual flying tourbillon movement

       Secondly, tourbillons are expensive, very expensive. For a serious watch buyer, high-priced and low-key models have no choice but to tourbillon or three questions. Considering the rarity and higher cost of the three questions, he / she may choose the tourbillon.

       Not only industry experts, but even the general public can tell the uniqueness of tourbillon watches at a glance. An extraordinary dial window with a rotating frame with escapement inside, giving a subtle and complex mechanism at a glance. Once identified, the tourbillon became a symbol of the watch’s superior taste and extraordinary wealth.

    Beijing watch tourbillon watch

    Tourbillon is also available with limited budget

       Tourbillon watches in China are not as expensive as expected. As mentioned earlier, local watchmakers value this complexity so much that the tourbillon made in Switzerland costs $ 50,000, while the tourbillon made in China costs only about $ 3,000. In fact, there are more tourbillon watches produced in China than in any other country or region. At present, there are five manufacturers of tourbillon movements in China, namely Seagull, Dandong, Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou. China’s largest movement manufacturer, Seagull, has developed a complete product line, including flying tourbillons, eccentric tourbillons, dual tourbillons and orbital tourbillons. The price of an entry-level seagull tourbillon watch is only 10,199 yuan, which has also strongly stimulated the tourbillon market in China.

    Beijing Watch Submersible Flying Tourbillon Watch

       Thanks to these manufacturers, despite the limited budget, many Chinese watch buyers still have the opportunity to own a tourbillon. Take Beijing watches as an example, tourbillons account for more than 20% of sales. Beijing Watch Wangfujing flagship store can sell a tourbillon watch every three to five days. The higher ownership rate has in turn promoted the popularity of tourbillons in China.

    Beijing watch TB04 dual-axis three-dimensional tourbillon movement

       More than two centuries after the invention of the invention, in the far east of the Abraham-Louis Breguet Paris workshop, the tourbillon set off a wave of Chinese buyers. (Photo / text watch home compiled by Xu Chaoyang)

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    Earl Limelight Garden Party

    2012 SIHH Geneva Haute Horlogerie Salon-Piaget Limelight Garden Party Bathed in the garden under the moonlight. Limelight Dancing Light jewelry watch
    Piaget 56P quartz movement; 18K white gold case set with 52 round diamonds (approx. 1.6 carat); 18K white gold rotatable rose pattern with 155 round diamonds (approx. 0.6 carat); 18K White gold folding clasp set with 15 round diamonds (approx. 0.1 carat)
    Limelight Dancing Light jewelry watch
    Piaget 56P quartz movement; 18K rose gold case set with 52 round diamonds (approximately 1.6 carats); white mother-of-pearl dial. Rotating rose flower pattern in 18K rose gold set with 155 round diamonds (approx. 0.6 carat); folding clasp in 18K rose gold set with 15 round diamonds (approx. 0.1 carat)
    Limelight Mystery Watch
    Piaget 56P quartz movement; 18K rose gold and mother-of-pearl case set with 185 round diamonds (approximately 0.9 carats); 18K rose gold dial set with 101 round diamonds (approximately 0.4 carats); 18K rose gold buckle with 51 round diamonds (approx. 0.2 carat)

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    One Table For Two Occasions, Three Casual Dress Watches Recommended

    People’s requirements on desire are often greater than reality, so they are often erratic when facing choices. It’s like many people have a limited number of budgets and want to buy a wristwatch. They want to wear it for casual sports, but also they can perfectly match formal wear and attend formal occasions. Indeed, a versatile watch is crucial for you and me in modern society. If you have the same intention but do n’t have a clear direction, then you may wish to take a look at this recommended by the editor of the watch home Three watches, whether formal or casual, can be easily controlled.
    Baume & Mercier Clifton MOA10059 watch

    Watch Series: Crichton
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Gender: Men
    Case material: 18k rose gold, polished / satin-finished
    Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
    Case diameter: 38.8 mm
    Watch price: 47500
    Watch details: DE CARTIER series WSNM0004 watch

    Watch Series: DRIVE DE CARTIER
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Gender: Men
    Case material: Stainless steel
    Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
    Case diameter: 40 * 41 mm
    Watch price: ¥ 45500
    Watch details: de Cartier as a man’s charm weathervane, showing Zhang Zhen’s unrestrained manner, firm and confident eyes, calm and charming charm in the video. If you are passionate about life, why not wear such a clean and elegant Drive de Cartier watch.

    TAG Heuer Carrera CAR2014.FC6235 watch

    Watch Series: Carrera
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Gender: Men
    Case material: Stainless steel
    Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
    Case diameter: 43 mm
    Watch price: ¥ 34850
    Watch details: heuer / 24685 /
    Watch comments: classic design, stainless steel with black alligator strap, showing fashion and vitality. The watch has two functions: time display and chronograph. The central hour and minute hands with fluorescent parts can accurately watch the time even in dark conditions. The avant-garde Arabic time scales and watches are perfectly integrated to highlight the charm of the collision of gold and black elements. This watch seems to be quite satisfactory, but the style is more versatile, whether it is casual or formal wear can wear personal unique charm.

    Summary: One watch is multi-purpose and requires watch style and quality to stand the test of time. The three watches recommended by the Watch House editor today are classic models that are more durable and of good quality. I believe that both formal and casual wear can be easily matched, and the taste is also improved while getting rid of the embarrassing scene easily.

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    Metropolitan Juncai Brief Review Of Tudor Junya Series Calendar Watch

    The elegant and exquisite crystal, the symbol of style and taste, Tudor is famous all over the world for its outstanding quality. Tudor’s stylish appearance is inspired by the art trends of the 1950s and 1960s. The simple lines and meticulous decoration are the ultimate combination of modern design and classical aesthetics, which has become a long and often new watch style. Retro and exquisite style, interpreting the elegance and refined temperament of elite men. Today’s watch house brings you a day calendar watch of the Tudor Junya series, reference model: 55008.

    This watch’s case has beautiful lines and a classic and attractive design. The simple dial is perfectly matched with the hollowed-out willow-shaped hands, combined with the creative double outer ring design, which shows the classic style.

    Case in 18ct yellow gold with a diameter of 39mm
    The case diameter of this watch is 39 mm, and the case is made of 18ct yellow gold. The classic case has a round and elegant appearance, and it also penetrates Tudor’s rugged and durable product concept.

    Unique double outer ring design
    The unique double outer ring design shows Tudor’s strong and durable temperament. The delicate satin finish polishes and reveals the precious metal luster of gold, which brings a little classic temperament to the model.

    Tudor pattern gold crown with Tudor’s shield logo
    This watch is equipped with a classic easy-to-use triangular pitted gold crown, and the top of the crown is printed with the Tudor shield logo, demonstrating its brand identity.

    Elegant black alligator strap
    This watch is equipped with a black crocodile leather strap. The strap is exquisitely made with exquisite workmanship, and the natural crocodile leather texture exudes noble temperament inherent to it.

    18ct yellow gold pin buckle
    The watch is equipped with a finely crafted 18ct gold pin buckle. The simple pin buckle is easy to wear. The delicate polishing and well-designed contours show the brand’s intentions in details.

    Ergonomic design of lugs
    The shape of the lugs is slender and slender, not only connecting the case and the strap, but also modifying the shape of the case to be more long and elegant, and the slightly curved arc is in line with ergonomic design.

    Elegant black dial
    The black dial is like the night sky of a bustling city. It is deep but not lonely. It is low-key but not monotonous. It is even more elegant with diamond embellishment.

    Chic elegance with two hollowed-out willow-shaped hands
    The two beautifully lined willow-shaped hands adopt a hollow design, showing a chic elegance, and the unique hollow design of the unobtrusive second hand end also looks harmonious and unified as a whole.

    Ten diamond scales shine
    Except for the 3 o’clock and 12 o’clock positions, the other scales on the dial are inlaid with a gold jewellery base and embedded with a brilliant-cut diamond as the hour markers.

    12 o’clock position inlaid with a gold shield as a time scale
    At 12 o’clock on the dial, a gold-inlaid Tudor Shield logo is used as the 12 o’clock position of this watch, highlighting its noble brand blood.

    3 o’clock position equipped with calendar display window
    The 3 o’clock position of the dial is equipped with a calendar display window. The concise white background and black text design are easy to read. The perimeter of the window is also polished with a fine slope, highlighting the brand’s delicate watchmaking process.

    The watch is equipped with a 2824 self-winding mechanical movement
    This watch has a dense bottom design and is water resistant to 100 meters. A 2824 self-winding mechanical movement is mounted under the simple bottom cover. The frequency of the movement is 28,880 times per hour, which can provide about 38 hours of power. reserve.

    Summary: In the face of complex workplaces and complicated lives, we always chase the tail of time and work hard. When night fell, ending the busy day, rolled up the cuffs, unbuttoned the second button of the shirt, and had a romantic candlelight dinner with her long-cherished. A low-key, clear-cut watch can not only allow us to arrange things reasonably and deal with work easily, but also help us to control our own time and show the extraordinary demeanor of charming men. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)