Artya Launches New Work New 1/1 Set- News Artya

The latest women’s watch launched by ArtyA has amazing visual effects and is another proof that Yvan Arpa has never been short of inspiration.

The stainless steel case is set with 725 beautiful diamonds with a total weight of 3 carats. This delicate gem setting work was done in Geneva. However, the real good is yet to come. The dial is crafted from noble materials from Essaouira, Morocco-murex, a shell made from an extremely rare purple mother of pearl.
Whether it was used by ancient Phoenicians to dye luxurious fabrics or as the dial of ArtyA today, purple is the exclusive possession of a few lucky people. And this is not enough. The gold leaves on the dial are more like magical strokes, making the watch both extraordinary and exquisite.
Source: Swisstime