Beautiful Style Art Cartier Limited Advanced Complication Watch

This gift box is specially created for connoisseurs of fine watchmaking collections. Five sets of limited editions worldwide are provided with independent serial numbers, generously presenting the classics of Cartier’s three advanced complication timepieces. The three watches have the same round case design, and the blue enamel dial is also harmonious.
 These three fine watchmaking works are similar in appearance and have their own highlights. They are equipped with three exquisite core mechanisms: a dual mysterious tourbillon movement, a floating tourbillon minute movement, and an Astrocalendaire perpetual calendar movement.

 The dial of the new Rotonde de Cartier watch is crafted in gold and embossed, and then covered with dark blue enamel. Inspired by the tradition of decorating clock dials in the early 20th century, this craft pays tribute to the extraordinary collection of the Cartier Collection.

 The engraved enamel process refers to the engraving of the radiation pattern on the 18K white gold dial, which is then repeatedly covered with transparent enamel. When applying the enamel powder, the master craftsman needs to carefully consider the texture, composition and color, so as to ensure a uniform and uniform decorative effect after firing. Grasping the temperature into the kiln is the key to the entire process. When the enamel cools, the dial will present a rich and delicate visual effect, with transparent enamel, delicate carvings and deep blue contrasting.

 The enamel decoration of these three watch masterpieces was completed at the Cartier Master Crafts Workshop in La Chaux-de-Fonds, and then assembled at the watch workshop at 35 Rhone Street, Geneva. All three watches Honored with the prestigious ‘Poinçon de Genève’ (Geneva Quality Seal). Cartier’s profound expertise in fine watchmaking blends master craftsmanship with sophisticated complications.
 Three pieces of timepieces are stored in antique mahogany black lacquered gift boxes, highlighting the unique aesthetic concept.