Buy A Watch Not To Install

Since the mechanical watch has become a luxury, its high price has become a label. People wearing a high-end mechanical watch will always be looked at more often. ‘ ‘Women look at bags, men look at watches’ is not without reason, and ‘poor cars and rich watches’ are not unfounded. In the circle of local tyrants on Instagram, luxury car watches watch people almost doubt life, and then quietly comforted themselves ‘that is all pretending.’ Today, such a topic seems to be a bit anti-mainstream, but I just want to counter it.

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 Since entering the industry, why do men wear watches, what kind of men wear what watches, why do men need good watches, and so on, such topics have been endless, of course, I have also discussed, including this, in fact, this is also about this , Just want to see it from another perspective. The most common point of these topics is that wearing a watch is more face-saving, and you can wear a watch. I often ask my friends why I hear this answer when I buy a watch. Makes people want Say Bye.

 Did you buy the watch? To be honest, there are only two answers, yes or no. This conclusion is actually meaningless. What I want to talk to you about is our attitude towards time. If you understand, you will know why people in Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, the United States and other regions are more familiar with watches. cheap.

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 I remember a famous saying, the main point is that the evolutionary history of human beings is the evolutionary history of tools. From the ancient Stone Age and Bronze Age to the modern industrial age and information age, the evolution of tools has promoted the development of human history. The direct manifestation is the improvement of efficiency. What does this have to do with the watch we are talking about today? Efficiency is the utilization of time. For the same thing, less time is spent, and efficiency is higher. For all people, efficiency and time are inseparable. People with high efficiency must have a good concept of time. This is the old saying Yes, Hong Kong people prefer people who wear watches because wearing a watch can reflect a sense of time, and the underlying meaning is also a sense of efficiency.

 In recent years, the rapid rise of the Internet and mobile Internet has spawned new business formats one after another. In the era without the Internet, shopping is to go to shopping malls. Now the fastest order for mobile phones is on the same day. It turned out to be downstairs Buy now and deliver it directly to you. Previously, taxis had to hit the road and luck was on call now. The most amazing thing is that although we have improved efficiency, we have not paid a high cost for this. In cities, the Internet has brought great convenience to our lives, covering almost all aspects of our most basic life demands, that is, clothing, food, shelter, and transportation, which have compressed a lot of time costs for us.

 However, people in first-tier cities find that even with the help of the Internet, our living efficiency has improved unprecedentedly, but they are still in an ultra-fast-paced environment, because our time has been completely fragmented and constantly occupied. . When we have saved a lot of time, the emerging Internet and new things will try to attract your attention as much as possible, trying to take up the little time you have left. This is where their business income comes from. It has been said that time is the last rigid scarce resource. Some people will say that time is your own, and your attention can be controlled by yourself, so the pace of life can be arranged by yourself, but if you take a closer look, you will find that your attention can really be autonomous? You only have the right to choose, but the options are arranged by others, recommended by the software in your mobile phone, popped up by inexplicable pop-ups, advertisements in the subway or outside the car window, and so on. These things have caused our attention to be constantly distracted and time to be broken up. As a result, many people are now unable to calm down and take a good look at a paper book.

 The tight pace of life makes our time often involuntary, or even insufficient, so efficiency is a very realistic topic. Energy management and time management have become urgently needed abilities in our daily work and life. Therefore, we set out schedules, itineraries, formulate some priority principles, and so on. Therefore, for a truly efficient person, he must attach great importance to time. There is no doubt that for them, a watch is not a simple decoration, nor is it to show off. They need to control the time at any time. If you return to me at this time, you can watch the time on your mobile phone and the time on your computer, yes, but I’m sure that in a day, a week, a month, a year, watch with Time is very convenient on any occasion. This cannot be compared with mobile phones and computers.

 Back to our original topic, I did n’t buy a watch to install it. What I want to say is actually “many people buy a watch, even buy a good watch, because they have a good concept of time.” They understand the meaning of time, so cherish the value of watches. . As for the question, “Well, just buy an electronic watch, why buy such an expensive watch, and time will not be more expensive?” I just want to say that this is just the requirements of the watch owner’s taste, it does not rule out that many people will exist. ‘Face’, but I don’t care. We should appreciate people who respect time, whether they wear Casio or Patek Philippe.