Citizen Centennial Ceremony

On June 8, 2018, the world-renowned watch brand Citizen ushered in the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the brand and the 60th anniversary of entering China at the Beijing Reignwood Opera House. In this grand occasion of shuttle time, it represents 6 classics of technology and beauty since the birth of Citizen. It has appeared on the stage in an unprecedented drama form. It looks back at the original intention of CITIZEN For Citizen, showing the mission of being a citizen and the continuous development of the century Exploration of ingenuity.

   Many senior executives and guests including Citizen Timepiece Co., Ltd. Chairman and President Tokura Toshio, Chairman and General Manager of Citizen (China) Watch Co., Ltd. Ryuo Sugawa, and Japanese Minister of the People’s Republic of China Iida Bowen attended the scene. Share the glory and joy of the centennial birthday with the guests present. As the Citizen’s spokesperson, Tian Hezhen (Hebe) also appeared to present a blessing to add glory to this centennial celebration.

Upholding the beginning, ferrying people for a century

   At the Reignwood Opera House full of European classics, a gorgeous stage play that shuttled time kicked off the 100-year celebration of Citizen. On the stage, it represents the six classic watches in Citizen’s history. They have been transformed into ‘time ferry people’ who travel through time and space. Through the interpretation of previous and present stories, they relive the highlight moments in the century-old history of the brand. This shows the important participation of Citizen as a citizen watch in the chronicles of thousands of citizens.

‘Time Ferry’ traveling through time and space

   Adhering to the concept of ‘being loved by the citizens and contributing to the citizens’, in 1924, from the birth of the first timepiece, Citizen began to make better watches for citizens. Toshikura Tokura, Chairman and President of Citizen Timepieces Co., Ltd., believes that this pocket watch is the original heart and soul of Citizen: ‘CITIZEN is named to bring the high-quality watches to the original heart of more citizens.’

   Guided by such a vision, Citizen has opened a historical chapter of independent research and development and production of watches that can be owned by citizens all over the world. A tough core that can withstand 30-meter high-altitude experiments-an earthquake-resistant watch; a deep-sea core that can still operate under water for many years-a shell watch; confirming the track of the times and witnessing the Sino-Japanese friendly panda watch; under the background of the oil crisis, A solar-powered energy watch that was created to alleviate energy shortages; and a GPS satellite timepiece that meets people’s needs for faster and more accurate timekeeping … In the 100-year long river, five chapters of ‘Time Ferry’ story are vividly connected Citizen has set a milestone for condensing technology and beauty for the history of the continuous evolution of citizen needs.
True companionship, 60 years in China
   ‘On the wrist of the user, every time the needle passes, I hope they can feel the hard work we put into the production and bring the user’s impression.’ The centennial of the brand is also the 60th year of entering China. The century-old ingenuity has deeply accompany the lives and memories of the three generations of Chinese consumers, and has also provided continuous upgrading services for Chinese consumers. From the first release of a comprehensive and three-dimensional customer service system to the launch of single-piece barcode management for watches in the mainland, as well as 3 + 2 after-sales service, Citizen will further the concept of ‘born for citizens’ from high-quality watches Extension, truly lead citizens and serve citizens. With the trust and support of consumers, the Chinese market has become the third largest consumer market in the world.

   At the ceremony, many front-line employees and dealer partners who have contributed to the development of China were invited to witness this honorable moment with the brand. Citizen Greater China spokesperson Tian Hezhen (Hebe) came to the scene to send a blessing: ‘Citizen is a future-oriented brand, so I also wish here to bless Citizen’s brand tree evergreen, the next 100 years will be more brilliant!’ Citizen’s cooperation, she described as ‘a fate of a century,’ can together with the same philosophy and persistence, to show Chinese consumers the sincerity of ingenuity.
   Outside the site, Citizen initiated a ‘100-hundred-hearted and hundred-craftsman’ event in the broader field of China, which also has the spirit of craftsmen. It hopes that by looking for 100 like-minded craftsmen, Citizen will continue to vividly interpret Citizen’s continuity. Centennial brand philosophy and values.

Fusion technology and beauty, leading the next 100 years

   ‘Consumers choose us because we always insist on providing the latest things.’ As a representative of exploring the technological limits in the industry, Citizen always leads its citizens with one step ahead of the others, and also uses the craftsmanship skills of excellence to bring citizens a beautiful experience and enjoyment. . At the ceremony, 9 100th Anniversary Limited Edition watches were stunningly unveiled. This series of watches all use the brand’s core technology, light kinetic energy, and integrate Citizen’s many unique technologies such as Super Titanium ™, Duratect, radio technology and GPS satellite synchronization Technology and other applications are the embodiment of the brand’s continuous pursuit of technology and beauty for 100 years.

   In the 100 years since the brand was founded, from the manufacture of movements, the application of new materials, to the ‘Citizen Design Philosophy’ and ‘product concepts more in line with citizens’ current needs,’ Citizen preceded the industry. Since its development, Citizen has become one of the few world-class watch groups in the world with full watch manufacturing capabilities, and has gathered six classic watch brands CITIZEN, Bulova, Arnold & Son, Frederique Constant, Alpina and CAMPOLOA, and has become a global-oriented A vast empire of different audiences ranging from high-end machinery to stylish watches.

   As a brand with a vision of the future at the beginning of its establishment, the past 100 years for Citizen have only been recorded by time. With the constant exploration and unlimited potential in the brand’s DNA, it is worth looking forward to the next one from this moment. century. As the chairman and general manager of Citizen (China) Watch & Clock Co., Ltd. Ryufu Sumikawa said, ‘Citizens do not believe in perfection. No matter what we have achieved, we still firmly believe that there is still the possibility of making the world a better place. And this is the beginning. ‘