Different From The Chinese Tourbillon Watch Market In The West

On June 26, 1801, when Abraham-Louis Breguet was granted a patent for the great invention of Tourbillon, he never thought of it More than 200 years later, the tourbillon has become a popular pursuit among a group of wealthy buyers thousands of miles away in China.

Seagull Tourbillon

Tourbillon is popular in the Chinese market

   In the mid-1990s, the Chinese watch market began to flourish, and local buyers quickly learned and acted. In the past ten years, with the increase in sales of mechanical watches, there has been an increasing interest in complex functions. Enthusiasts gather with each other to form a small group and spread important knowledge to the public, especially potential customers. It is worth noting that, from an average level, tourbillon watches sell more in China than in other parts of the world, while perpetual calendar watches and chronographs are exactly the opposite. Similarly, local watchmakers continue to invest in tourbillons, but almost ignore other traditional complications.

Beijing watch ‘Tai Chi’ dual-axis three-dimensional tourbillon watch

   Why is the tourbillon a complication of the most popular luxury watch in China? The reasons are more complicated. The Chinese market has always favored mechanical watches of medium size and time only … but such watches are often the entry-level choice when buying the first or second. As experience (especially watch knowledge) grows, these buyers want to upgrade with more sophisticated watches. The ancient Chinese philosophers believed that Jane was complicated. Applying this concept to a complex-function mechanical watch, the dial of the perpetual calendar and the chronograph seems too complicated, and only the tourbillon can show the pure dial and simple appearance praised by the wise.

Beijing watch TB02 dual flying tourbillon movement

   Secondly, tourbillons are expensive, very expensive. For a serious watch buyer, high-priced and low-key models have no choice but to tourbillon or three questions. Considering the rarity and higher cost of the three questions, he / she may choose the tourbillon.

   Not only industry experts, but even the general public can tell the uniqueness of tourbillon watches at a glance. An extraordinary dial window with a rotating frame with escapement inside, giving a subtle and complex mechanism at a glance. Once identified, the tourbillon became a symbol of the watch’s superior taste and extraordinary wealth.

Beijing watch tourbillon watch

Tourbillon is also available with limited budget

   Tourbillon watches in China are not as expensive as expected. As mentioned earlier, local watchmakers value this complexity so much that the tourbillon made in Switzerland costs $ 50,000, while the tourbillon made in China costs only about $ 3,000. In fact, there are more tourbillon watches produced in China than in any other country or region. At present, there are five manufacturers of tourbillon movements in China, namely Seagull, Dandong, Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou. China’s largest movement manufacturer, Seagull, has developed a complete product line, including flying tourbillons, eccentric tourbillons, dual tourbillons and orbital tourbillons. The price of an entry-level seagull tourbillon watch is only 10,199 yuan, which has also strongly stimulated the tourbillon market in China.

Beijing Watch Submersible Flying Tourbillon Watch

   Thanks to these manufacturers, despite the limited budget, many Chinese watch buyers still have the opportunity to own a tourbillon. Take Beijing watches as an example, tourbillons account for more than 20% of sales. Beijing Watch Wangfujing flagship store can sell a tourbillon watch every three to five days. The higher ownership rate has in turn promoted the popularity of tourbillons in China.

Beijing watch TB04 dual-axis three-dimensional tourbillon movement

   More than two centuries after the invention of the invention, in the far east of the Abraham-Louis Breguet Paris workshop, the tourbillon set off a wave of Chinese buyers. (Photo / text watch home compiled by Xu Chaoyang)