Exquisite Skills Four Beijing Machine Enamel Watches Tasting

The exquisite and exquisite enamel watch is the favorite of many collectors. The enamel art is a sublimation of beauty. It has the warmth of jade, the brilliance of jewelry, and the detail of bone china. The most important thing is this material. Over time, it will not oxidize and fade. Today I will introduce four Beijing machine-engraved enamel watches. These exquisite watches symbolize the inheritance of state-owned enamel technology. The official models are BF015201352S / BF015201353S / BF015201354S / BF015201355S.

  Beijing Watch is not only a state-owned watchmaking brand that is taking off, but also a generation of memories, it is also a heritage of Chinese history and great feelings. Since its establishment in 1958, after half a century of development, Beijing Watch Factory is now continuously innovating with its inherent brand characteristics, and has become a leader in Chinese watches with profound cultural heritage.

  The Beijing machine-engraved enamel manual mechanical watch has a diameter of 38 mm, and its moderate size sets off the outline of the male wrist. The elegant and noble disc surface exudes a unique temperament, and the bright colors evoke people’s perception of aesthetics.

  The thickness of 9.2 millimeters has strict requirements on the movement. While ensuring the thickness, it also needs to provide power for the watch. The case is made of 316 stainless steel. The double-layer case design has an excellent three-dimensional effect. After the watchmaker’s fine polishing, the case exudes a bright metallic luster.

  The dial is one of the characteristics of this watch. It is made of silver blank machine-engraved enamel. This process uses silver as the sole. Based on the traditional manufacturing process, it uses modern innovative technology and materials to outline the solar radial pattern. Multiple processes are completed and fired at high temperature to ensure the purity and longer-lasting vitality of the enamel material. While maintaining the original superb craftsmanship, the Beijing Watchmaking Factory has formed unique watchmaking characteristics through continuous innovation and improvement, and also inherited Chinese ancient culture. It should be noted that the dial cannot see the sun’s texture when the light is not strong, but the radioactive sunburst will flow when it is seen through the side or when there is light. This is also the biggest selling point of the Beijing machine-carved enamel watch.

  The dial design is concise, without too much modification, which also just fits the simple but not simple aesthetic style of Chinese people. Except for the BF015201355S watch, the time display of the other three models uses large black Roman numerals with finer fonts, while the BF015201355S model uses Arabic numerals and triangular pins to display; the 12 o’clock position is the classic Tiananmen logo of the Beijing watch Solemnism stands out Chinese style; two electric white hands are fixed at the center of the dial through a unified axis. With the passage of time, they slowly bounce on the enamel dial to draw a beautiful track.

  The onion-shaped crown is located at three points on the case. The precise gear threads are more beautiful, which also makes it easier for the wearer to turn the crown. The low-key and simple design maintains the style of the Beijing watch.

  A pair of uniquely shaped lugs tightly connect the strap with the case. The lugs are also made of stainless steel. The surface is carefully polished and polished to reveal a bright metallic luster.

  The watch uses a black leather strap with crimping design on both sides. The pinholes on the strap are regular in shape and evenly spaced. They are comfortable to wear and also highlight the high-end of Beijing watchmaking.

  The watch is made of stainless steel butterfly buckle, which is solid and finely polished. The outside of the buckle is engraved with the classic Tiananmen LOGO of the Beijing brand, showing Chinese elements everywhere.

  The bottom of the watch is designed with a back-through, and the internal movement is purely hand-polished, engraved with the model of the movement, and the brand logo. The watch is equipped with a B18-60 manual winding mechanical movement developed and produced by Beijing Watch Factory. This movement fully follows the high-end technology of German watchmaking. The application of the gold sleeve makes the movement full of metallic luster, the blue steel screws bring the perfect visual enjoyment to the movement, and the gooseneck fine-tuning ultra-high technology is fully aligned with high-end watches. This movement can provide 42 for the watch. Hour power reserve.

Summary: This machine-engraved enamel watch is a wrist classic that is both practical and ornamental. Four different styles of dials have their own characteristics. The dial is processed by a special process to achieve perfect visual enjoyment. This Beijing machine enamel watch currently sells for RMB 8,800.
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