Fiyta Designer Brand ‘muyang Timepiece’ King Sword Series ‘king Arthur’ Watch Appeared At The 2018 Basel Watch Fair

In the long axis of history, the king’s legend has been widely chanted. Whether it was the Emperor Qin and Han Wusong Liuhe, or the Western kings contended for the European continent, they were invincible in their lives and swords. The king’s sword is not only a symbol of power, but also a pointer to history, marking the countless brilliant times.

 At the Basel International Watch & Clock Fair in March 2018, Fiyta Group officially announced the establishment of a high-end custom designer brand, named ‘Muyang Timepiece’ (English name MOONYANG), with Group Design Director Sun Lei (Sun Mu Yang) is the main designer and is manufactured by the Swiss team. At the same time, the opening product of the Yang Yang timepiece ‘King of the King’ series-the ‘Arthur’ theme watch, with the King Arthur sword-Shi Zhongjian and his Majesty Round Table Knights As an entry point, reappear the great legend of the King of Britain.

   This time, Mu Yang Timepieces chose the classic Western legend of ‘Arthurian Legend’ for concept expression, and displayed it as the brand’s masterpiece in Hall 1 of Basel Watch Show, reflecting the precise positioning of Fiyta Group in the high-end custom watch market. As well as the confidence and accumulation of its new designer brand Mu Yang Timepieces to interpret the watch culture, it can not help but look forward to the brand’s new series of products in the future.

Interpretation of the legend, the sword in the stone looks at the king’s style

   The ‘Sword in the Stone’ story is a glorious chapter in ‘The Legend of King Arthur’ and is widely spread in Western Europe. It is rumored that the ‘Sword in the Stone’ is the sword of the King, standing in a huge stone. Only those who pull out the sword can become the king of Britain. Arthur, who was of low background, defeated the obstacles of the aristocracy, successfully pulled out the ‘Sword in the Stone’ and was crowned as king. His story of fighting with the Knights of the Round Table began.

As a key item in King Arthur’s legend, the ‘Sword in the Stone’ has today become a symbol of ‘courage’ and ‘hope’ in the West, and the story of the Knights of the Round Table has become a classic legend with relish. Such a well-known European legend has challenged the uniqueness of the brand’s interpretation perspective and its deep conceptual driving ability. In order to present this theme more vividly on the dial, Mu Yang Timepieces specially designed the pointer to be a Western Broadsword. Through a complex structured JumpingHour movement, it showed the brand’s concept of cultural integration and the professional watchmaking of Fiyta Group. The deep accumulation of spirits reflects the heroic spirit of Arthur King’s sword sales.

Perseverance, professional craftsmanship to draw and write ideas on the wrist

   In terms of design inspiration, King Arthur’s sword, ‘Sword in Stone’, was subtly designed into the style of a minute hand, turning slowly in the center of the dial, just like King Arthur’s heroic posture. The 12-point sword-shaped pin symbolizes the round table knight. The round dial is like a round table. It sits around the table as a knight and discusses important events, adding a bold and bold spirit. Although the rose gold case is not uncommon, it is under the background of cast-iron metal texture, which highlights the noble and solemn atmosphere of the royal family.

   As early as 2012, Mr. Sun Lei (Sun Muyang), the design director of Fiyta Group, innovatively proposed twelve pointers arranged in a radial shape, and the pointer ejection produced a time reading method that indicated the displacement of the hour. The research and development of this movement is extremely difficult. With the assistance of the Swiss team of Fiyta Group, it has undergone more than 5 years of research and development, and finally converted from concept to physical. It is named JumpingHour automatic mechanical movement. After careful assembly and testing by the Swiss team, the movement can run smoothly with top precision.

   Twelve independent sword-shaped hour hands on the dial are directly structured on the movement. Below the hour hands each corresponds to a running track. Under the track, a set of complicated mechanical structures push the corresponding hour hand device to ensure the accurate movement of the hour hand along the track. Every hour, the sword-shaped minute hand in the middle of the dial rotates once. When the minute hand reaches 12 o’clock, the hour hand ejects from the inner end of its own track to the outer end of the track. The resulting morphological change indicates In time, if the Knights of the Round Table meet foreign enemies, they lead the army. With the passage of time, the critical time from 12 o’clock to 1 o’clock, except for the 1 o’clock hour hand in place, the remaining 11 hour hand ejected back to the inner end of the track instantly, as if the round table knight class returned to the direction, very interesting.

Chic selection highlights chivalry

   The special “King Arthur” watch of the FIYTA designer brand Mu Yang timepiece King Sword series, equipped with JumpingHour automatic movement, with crocodile leather strap, against the natural sapphire inlaid at the end of the crown. Refined and distinguished. Available in 18K rose gold and 18K white gold.

   The ‘Arthur King’ special watch is the first product of the designer brand ‘Muyang Timepiece’ (English name MOONYANG) to be launched by Fiyta Group. It will be sold in the future with high-end customization. Please stay tuned.

Watch configuration

Name: ‘Arthur’ concept watch from the FIYTA designer brand ‘Muyang Timepiece’ King Sword series;

Model: MY001.PBK (18k rose gold model, black plate, brown leather belt), MY001.WBK (18k white gold model, black plate, brown leather belt);

Movement: Swiss-made automatic mechanical movement, specially designed pendulum;

Panel design: 12 specially customized sword-shaped hour hands, symbolizing His Majesty’s round table knight, the minute hand is a hand-carved sword shape, like the sword of King Arthur ‘Sword in Stone’;

Case: 18K rose gold and 18K white gold

Table mirror: single-sided anti-glare synthetic sapphire glass;

Crown: two precious metals, 18K rose gold and 18K white gold, with natural sapphire on the end;

Bottom cover: 18K rose gold and 18K white gold

Strap: brown alligator leather;

Buckle: 18K rose gold, 18K white gold two kinds of precious metal buckle cover optional, buckle frame is made of stainless steel;

Waterproof: 50M;

Number of issues: to be determined;

Global selling price: 380000-480000RMB.
For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair: