It’s A Good Voice To Pass The President’s Level Patek Philippe Ref.5178g

Ref.5178G technical characteristics:
● Three questions function
● Church bells
● Enamel face plate
The most important questionnaire is sound evaluation and testing. In order to pass the test, the minute repeater needs to be debugged and tried repeatedly until it reaches a perfect sound. To this end, PatekPhilippe has specially developed a system that emphasizes that every link of production must be documented, including the final sound test. Patek Philippe has established a three-question timepiece analysis technology internally to enable its watchmaking team to analyze with charts. The brand has also hired experts responsible for acoustic analysis, and recorded and compared the acoustic charts through recording. In this way, Patek Philippe can gradually build up a sound database, and store all the sounds of the minute repeater timepieces through the chart data. And this acoustic expert will work with the watchmaker to create a complex function table of timepieces, and this technology will also help the minute repeater to show the perfect sound to pass the president’s approval.
Patek Philippe 5178G uses a white gold material to create a case with a diameter of 40mm. The face plate part is made of enamel material, with gold and three-dimensional Breguet digital body. At 6 o’clock there is a small seconds dial. On the whole, the appearance alone is classic and full of taste, and many people think of this watch.
Church bells more pleasing than usual
In terms of movement, the 5178G is equipped with an R 27 PS self-winding movement, which is equipped with a three-question function at the top of watchmaking technology. In fact, a set of minute repeaters requires hundreds of unique and nearly perfect parts to assemble. In the past, the minute repeater function device has been required to be highly skilled in pocket watches, while the device is more complicated in the more compact watches, because all the parts that are very small in size must be reduced to smaller. In order to improve the clock, Patek Philippe has long collaborated with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Switzerland and the Geneva Institute of Technology to study the proportion of various alloys to optimize the sound quality of the watch. This self-winding minute repeater watch uses the ‘church bell’ The timepiece gong is characterized by the fact that the length of the gong is twice that of an ordinary gong, so that the tone is thicker and louder.

Feature one: traditional lever starting device

The lever on the left side of the case is an important part to activate the minute repeat function, and it is also a clue to identify the complex technology of its top watch.

Feature 2: Sound quality needs to be identified by the brand president

Each Patek Philippe questionnaire needs to pass the quality control of the brand president himself before leaving the factory to ensure that the level of the questionnaire obtained by the owner is first-rate.

Feature three: making difficult enamel surface

In the process of milky white enamel surface plate, it is necessary to repeat the coloring-high temperature baking cycle repeatedly to obtain the beautiful enamel finished product that is always new.

Feature four: Double gong length

The 5178G is equipped with an R 27 PS movement. The gong in its three-question unit is twice as long as a normal watch, so it can play a louder tone.