Mido Champs Series Second Generation Reproduction Men’s Watch Nt $ 40,400

Re-engraving is not the same as complete retro, but injecting classic models into modern design methods. MIDO recommends the latest Commander II Champs series second generation observatory certified men’s watches. The new series models retain the spirit of Mido’s classic Commander series in the 1960s, with a focus on imitation and preservation of internal power and design. The overall dial retains a round body that is integrally formed, reminiscent of the French retro wave of the 1950s, but the high-hardness acrylic glass is replaced with a sapphire crystal. Replacing the Milan strap design with a stainless steel metal strap design not only provides more complete protection and perspective of the dial, but also brings a new look to the replica model. With its exquisitely recreated style and precise mechanical devices, the Commander II Champagne Series second-generation observatory-certified men’s watch can not only see the insistence on accuracy, but also feel the love of tradition. The series models are available in black and silver hairline dials. The recommended price is NT $ 40,400.
Lan Kaiyu, Vice President of MIDO Brands, said: ‘In 1959, the first Commander series watch was introduced to the market. With its simple and smooth line design and classic round surface, it became one of the representative models of MIDO, like Paris. The iconic significance of the iron tower to France. The Commander series is also a very important chapter in the history of Mido. The design on the second representative surface has the simple style preferred by the designers in the 1960s. Through the decoration of the moment, it echoes the architectural design inspiration. This is also the main reason why the second generation of watches can break the tradition and create a new sense. A nearly 100-year history marks a new milestone. ‘
Commander II Men’s Watch
的 Black and white silhouette of the Paris Tower Commander II Champagne series astronomical certification model
The world-famous Eiffel Tower still stands elegantly on the left bank of Paris and becomes an irreplaceable landmark in France. It was a metal building born for the 1889 World Expo. Engineer Gustav. Built by Gustave Eiffel, construction began in 1887 and was completed two years later. A team of 250 people completed the project at an astonishing speed in two years. The building is 324 meters high (including antenna). The main body is a masterpiece in the history of world construction engineering. The most iconic steel skeleton structure hollow body uses 7,300 tons of steel and is fixed by 2.5 million rivets.
The uniquely designed and fabulous Eiffel Tower will illuminate the main body of the building during special festivals. At night, when the night falls, every night, through the 20,000 small light bulbs, shines and shines on the night view of Paris. Seven million people visited the pilgrimage. A building that can stand the test will eventually become a milestone for human progress. This once loaded with the history of urban development and the legendary iron tower of the world’s tallest building is not only a perfect combination of building technology and modern aesthetics, but also MIDO ‘A The “Mark of True Design” spirit coincides. The Commander Champagne series uses the elegant towering Paris tower as a fallacy. The all-metal hollow tower is used as the blueprint for the design of the timepiece. Commander is interpreted through modern methods. The II series has a new soul that meets all the aspirations of watchmaking craftsmen and Swiss traditional spirit lovers.
Commander II Men’s Watch
The Commander II Champagne series second-generation observatory-certified men’s watch with the highest precision symbol is a high-profile replica design watch. The 40mm simple dial removes excess lines and is decorated by a ladder-shaped moment that changes in black and white. Imitation of the hour and minute hands of the triangular tower of the iron tower, so that the dial has the charming scenery of the Paris Tower in black and white photos, not only showing the beauty of pure structure, but also showing a stylish and simple modern sense. In addition, the dial uses a spherical sapphire crystal, and the faucet is hidden in the arc surface. The three-dimensional and round body visually reduces the diameter of the table, and makes the series of watches show the retro charm of bone-shaped watches. The series models are equipped with clear three-hands and three o’clock display of the date and day. The straight pane lines and the dial geometric lines complement each other perfectly. In addition to the Swiss Observatory’s certification, the watch itself is water-resistant to 50 meters. The white luminous Super-LumiNova coating is used at all times and hands, and the time can be read clearly in the dark. The Commander series uses key elements to refine the French style unique to the Paris Tower, with both functions and aesthetics. This series of men’s watches have the most classic and pure replica charm. The recommended price is NT $ 40,400.