Montblanc 2019 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Show Pays Tribute To The Spirit Of Adventure And The Tradition Of Fine Watchmaking

Montblanc’s global brand ambassador Hugh Jackman, model IsabeliFontana and many friends of Montblanc brand gathered at the Geneva International Haute Horlogerie to enjoy an outstanding outdoor experience.

SIHH2019 Montblanc showroom

   To celebrate the launch of the new watch series, Montblanc invites guests to return to nature and experience an immersive and pleasant outdoor experience at the Geneva International Horological Fair. Combined with natural solid wood decoration, lush vegetation walls and breathtaking mountain views, the multi-sensory experience is designed to give guests the feeling of walking in a real natural environment. The theme of the exhibition hall was inspired by Montblanc’s latest 1858 series of timepieces, which reinterpreted the legendary Minerva professional military and mountain adventure watches of the 1920s and 1930s.

Montblanc brand friend JuanAvellaneda (first from left), Montblanc brand friend DavidGandy (second from left), Montblanc brand friend Isabelle Fontana (third from left), Montblanc brand ambassador Hugh Jackman (third from right), Montblanc brand friend AldoComas (Second from right), NumanAcar, Montblanc’s best friend (first from right)

Montblanc brand’s best friend NumanAcar (first from left), Montblanc brand’s best friend DavidGandy (second from left), Montblanc brand ambassador Hugh Jackman (middle), Montblanc’s global CEO Berrich (second from right), Montblanc brand’s best friend Isabelle Fang Tana (first from right)

   Entering the Montblanc booth, the first thing that catches guests’ eyes is the new Montblanc timepiece inspired by the legendary Minerva, which has a 161-year tradition of fine watchmaking, including bronze and khaki in natural style. The new 1858 Geosphere World Time watch in green, as well as the new heritage watch and the new Timewalker watch. After 3 years of research and development, the global CEO of Montblanc Nicolas Baretzki introduces the new Montblanc Star Series changing watch (limited to 8 pieces) for the first time. This is a very innovative watch, equipped with a large number of professional engineers from Montblanc And the complex features that watchmakers develop and produce completely independently.

Montblanc’s best friend Wang Guanyi

Montblanc Watch Product Management Director Davide Carrato (left), Montblanc Global CEO Berrich (middle), Montblanc Brand Ambassador Hugh Jackman (right)

   When the remixed song ‘The SpectacularNow’ performed by Munich music producers sounds on the exhibition floor, guests can also enjoy live cuisine prepared by Michelin 3-star chef ChiccoCerea. Montblanc Global Brand Ambassador Hugh Jackman and brand close friends Isabeli Fontana, DavidGandy, AldoComas, JuanAvellaneda, LawrenceWong, SvevaAlviti, NanniSaul, NumanAcar, BlandaEggenschwilerg, opinion leaders, Mr. Ji Liang attended the cocktail party together, sharing the ‘1858’, ‘Jackman’ and ‘Fantana’ cocktails specially prepared by the bartender, and savoring the natural atmosphere and taste of the mountains and veins.

Montblanc Global Chief Executive Officer

Montblanc watch product management director DavideCarrato (left), Montblanc brand ambassador Hugh Jackman (middle), Montblanc Global CEO Berrich (right)

   In order to reaffirm the concept of going outdoors and returning to nature, Montblanc will change the traditional practice of gifting Montblanc gifts to guests at the Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Exhibition and beyond, and will instead use the Montblanc Alpine Ecosystem Research Center (CREAMontBlanc ) Donate funds. All donations will be used for projects by scientific and academic organizations to provide high-quality ecological research, understand how alpine ecosystems work and respond to climate change, and increase communication and education initiatives.