New Opening Of Hermès Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza Store Extension Store

(September 12, 2012, Shanghai) Today, Hermès Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza store has ushered in the grand opening of the new look of the store after a large-scale renovation. Following the grand opening of the Hermes Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza store in December 2001, it was first expanded and refurbished in 2007. And this round of renovation is to increase the main business area from one floor to two floors. The expanded area of ​​the store is 540 square meters. It was designed by Paris Architects RDAI, which is responsible for the design of Hermès global stores. The arc space and staircase are used to expand the store space from the original one to the current. With two floors, the scale of the Hang Lung store ranks first among all Hermès stores in mainland China. Mr. Lei Rongfa, President of Hermes China
    Entering the store’s door, the first thing that catches the eye is Hermes’ unique bookmarks to welcome guests. The Greek-style patterns are outlined by the lights at the entrance. Customers pass through two entrances on the first floor to enjoy various boutique areas, silks, jewellery, watches, bags and accessories. The ‘Fubao Avenue’ mosaic tiles on the ground floor are surrounded by elegant cherry wood walls and plywood wood walls, and the warm and elegant atmosphere spreads. Along the curved staircase made of pure Portuguese limestone, customers have a new perspective on the silk and leather areas, and the new space on the second floor immediately comes into view: ‘Greek’ lighting gently connects men’s clothing And women’s clothing areas, creating a separate and private space. The new home collection embodies the sincere emotions and superb craftsmanship of the craftsmen, and it was also displayed in front of everyone when the store opened. Each piece has been carefully taken care of, has a subtle inner, and has a beautiful style, showing the classic and timeless charm of the Hermes brand.
Mr. Florian CRAEN, Managing Director, Hermes North Asia
    At the opening ceremony, Mr. Florian CRAEN, Managing Director of Hermès North Asia, Mr. Leo LUI, President of China, and the manager of Hermès Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza store announced the new Hermès Shanghai Hang Lung store extension. Appearance officially opened. The warm applause of all the guests celebrated this historic moment with champagne.
   While sharing the joy of opening the new look of the Shanghai Hang Lung boutique extension store, Mr. Ke Ruihan said: ‘Shanghai, a city full of enthusiasm and unique oriental charm, is blending with the world with its vigorous attitude. Hermes brand is also here Known, accepted and respected by more consumers. This round of renovation of the Hang Lung store is a gift from Hermès to the city of Shanghai and all consumers. Hermès will be more consumers who love life and pursue quality of life. It’s an extraordinary experience. ‘
   And Mr. Lei Rongfa, President of Hermès China, expressed his confidence and expectation in the Shanghai market: ‘Within a short span of ten years, Hermès has witnessed every change in this magnificent city and deeply realized its unremitting pursuit. The spirit of progress, and the self-confidence and enthusiasm of people in pursuit of elegant and refined life. Hermes, with its cultural heritage and philosophy, will open a new chapter in history, continue the journey of cultural heritage of the brand, and will become part of the Shanghai legend. ‘
    Immaculate quality is the consistent pursuit of Hermès. Since its founding in 1837, after the unremitting efforts of six generations of passionate art masters, Hermès brand values ​​have been spread all over the world-the care and attention to the highest quality materials, the love of classic beauty and the right The unremitting pursuit of innovation.