Recommend Linea Women’s Watches

Baume & Mercier Linea Women’s Watch
The Prestige Linea series has swept the world since it was first introduced in 1980 and has quickly become the best-selling women’s watch. In 2000, Linea introduced a new idea that can quickly change the strap, making this series of watches more feminine.
The new Linea series launched this year has more distinctive features than the old ones that are still remembered. The most noticeable features are the slightly larger size of the new model, the texture of polished satin treatment and the new design. Strap. In addition, the same watch has a variety of straps to choose from: satin or black calfskin strap, or maroon calfskin double-ring strap, the wearer can choose the strap material and style to suit the mood or style. Its well-known bezel and simple design with digital engraving present a very individual effect, making the Linea series the most coveted model of women’s watches.