Rolex Creative Arts Project Finalist Who Is The Next Master Of Art?

After global selection, Rolex announced the 25 candidates who were shortlisted for the “Rolex Creative Recommendation Funding Program”. They are from the fields of architecture, dance, film, literature, music, theater and visual arts. Compete for a year of creative exchange opportunities. In each field of art, a young artist will stand out and become a student of international masters of art, and have a one-on-one exchange and cooperation with the tutor for a year. These mentors include: Olafur Eliasson, Alejandro González Iñárritu, Michael Ondaatje, Alex Romans Alexei Ratmansky, Kaija Saariaho, Jennifer Tipton, and Peter Zumthor.

 Yang Zixin from Hong Kong, a shortlisted candidate for the drama category of the ‘Rolex Creative Recommendation Funding Scheme’, has the opportunity to have one-on-one exchanges and cooperation with the drama master Jennifer Tipton.

 This shortlist was selected by 154 nominees. Candidates aged between 22 and 38 are from 21 countries and spread across all continents: Asia (4 candidates), Europe (6), North Americas (3rd), South America (5th), Africa (5th), and Middle East (2).

 Rebecca Irvin, Rolex’s Charity Director, said: ‘During each selection of the Creative Recommendation Funding Program, we have been fortunate to meet emerging talents in the world. Each candidate student has a wealth of works and The bright prospects have been recognized in their respective fields. We foresee that they will achieve extraordinary results, and we are eagerly looking forward to the mentor’s selection of seven students. ‘

The list of candidates in each field is as follows:
Instructor Peter Zumthor

Amritha Ballal, 33, India
Orlando García, 38, Colombia / USA
Gloria María Cabral Insaurralde, 31, Paraguay
Hiba Shahzada, 29, Jordan

Instructor Alexei Ratmansky

Robert Binet, 22, Canada
Myles Thatcher, 23, United States
George Williamson, 23, United Kingdom

the film
Alejandro González Iñárritu

Fellipe Barbosa, 33, Brazil
Denes Nagy, 33 years old, Hungary
Tom Shoval, 32, Israel

Instructor Michael Ondaatje

Neal Hovelmeier, 35, Zimbabwe
Togara Muzanenhamo, 38, Zimbabwe
Chinelo Okparanta, 32, Nigeria / United States
Miroslav Penkov, 31, Bulgaria / USA

Instructor Kaija Saariaho

Felipe Lara, 34, Brazil / USA
Vasco Mendonça, 36, Portugal
Anna Thorvaldsdottir, 36, Iceland

Instructor Jennifer Tipton

Kévin Briard, 29, France
Christopher Kuhl, 30, United States
Sebastián Solórzano Rodríguez, 27, Mexico
Yeung Tsz Yan (杨子欣), 30, Hong Kong

visual art
Olafur Eliasson

Sammy Baloji, 35, Democratic Republic of the Congo / Belgium
Dineo Seshee Bopape, 32, South Africa
Sahej (Harveet) Rahal, 25, India
Sumakshi Singh, 34, India

Seven students will be selected from the above shortlist and the results will be announced in May 2014.