Snake Charm Legend Of Bvlgari Watch

When people describe their cherished prizes or their favorite watches, words like ‘legend’, ‘icon’ and ‘myth’ are often used, but strictly speaking, big In most cases, this description is not true, because we can always find similar or even more advanced models in other brands ‘sale models or auction houses’ catalogs. But Bulgari’s ‘Serpenti’ serpentine watch is one of the few masterpieces worthy of these words.

The design concept of the Bulgari ‘Serpenti’ serpentine watch is not astonishing. It just embeds a watch movement in the tongue of the Bvlgari curvy snake bracelet. However, it is this combination of innovation, craftsmanship and uniqueness that sets Bvlgari’s watches apart from many women’s watch brands.

But what kind of watch or timepiece deserves to be called ‘legendary’ or ‘iconic’? In my opinion, it needs a unique and timeless design, excellent craftsmanship, and a style that is true to the brand’s history and DNA.

For thousands of years, the snake has been a symbol of seduction, rebirth, and wisdom, so it has undoubtedly become the subject of human designing jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets and rings. But it wasn’t until the 1940s that the famous jewellery brand Bulgari from Rome first used snake-like elements in watch design, and snake-like elements also became the signature feature of Bulgari watches.

Bulgari’s antique serpentine watches come in many different styles, such as often using different surface treatment techniques, different colors or different gem inlays, so it is difficult to find two identical ones.

Bulgari’s jewellery dynasty was founded by Greek immigrant Sotirio in 1884. By the beginning of the 20th century, Sotirio’s two sons George and Costantino expanded the family business from silver jewelry to various jewellery The jewellery they produced combines outstanding craftsmanship and precious stones, embodying strong Greek and Italian classic styles, and quickly became popular among the elite, including European nobles, socialites and Hollywood stars at the time.

In fact, many legendary actresses often visit Bulgari’s head office on the famous Viadei Condotti in Rome, especially when they are filming in the film city of the Italian capital. In the 1963 movie ‘The Cleopatra’, Cleopatra’s Elizabeth Taylor is one of them, and she owns a Bulgari snake watch. Some photos show that she wore a Bvlgari snake-shaped watch made of gold and set with diamonds at the snake head and tail. The watch was auctioned for $ 974,500 at the Elizabeth Taylor Collection auction in New York in December 2011, 65 times higher than the estimated $ 12,000 to $ 15,000.

This seems to outsiders to buy a souvenir with such an astronomical figure may not be reasonable. Recently, however, another Bulgari snake-shaped watch decorated with black hair salons and diamonds sold for £ 662,500 at the London Jewellery Auction. For the first time, the Bulgari snake-shaped watch broke the million dollar mark. Time, showing the new value of Bulgari watches in investment perspective.

In the auction of antique watches by international watch collectors, the most intense stages of investment are usually reserved for outstanding watch brands such as Lange, Airbnb, Breguet, Cartier, Patek Philippe, Rolex and Vacheron Constantin. Also among this level. Since Bulgari launched the ‘Serpenti’ serpentine watch at the Basel Watch Fair in 2010, the Bulgari brand has become more and more popular, and has now become a well-deserved legendary brand. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)