The Clock And Watch Industry Authority Fleurier Quality Certification Agency Welcomes Its Tenth Anniversary Celebration

There is no doubt that the Qualité Fleurier, initiated by Chopard, Powell and Parmigiani, is the industry’s most stringent and most difficult quality certification. The number of watch products can be said to be innumerable, but the engraved mark of Fleurier quality certification is like a drop in the ocean. Today, the unique equipment used to test certification will benefit the entire watchmaking industry to help other brands improve their product quality, whether or not they participate in certification.

Headquarters of Fleurier Quality Certification Agency in Fleurier City Hall

   Fleurier certification is a perfect example of the 300-year-old watchmaking tradition in Val de Travers, Switzerland. Years ago, people who evaded high taxes moved away from Geneva to settle in this valley, and the watch industry flourished. They can watch here without having to be part of a strong watchmaking brand in the Lake Geneva region, which instead gives them a hidden additional advantage-broader freedom and better opportunities for innovation.
   Fleurier Quality Certification is a joint initiative of Chopard, Powell and Parmigiani. Michel Parmigiani was dedicated to revitalizing the watchmaking industry in the region and began working on watch restoration in 1975. After a meeting with Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, Chopard, the two brands decided to develop and produce clocks in line with the quality of Fleurier, which Chopard, Powell and Parmigioni respect. product.
   Despite its name, Fleurier Quality Certification, it is not limited to the watchmaking brands of Val deTravers. The independent Fleurier quality certification body is jointly supported by the Swiss Confederation, Canton of Neuchâtel and the town of Fleurier, and is also happy to provide testing services for other brands’ timepieces.
   However, these tests are the most demanding in the industry. First, the movements involved in the test (100% made in Switzerland) must pass an aesthetic review; then, the daunting ‘Chronofiable’ aging test must be performed in an independent Dubois laboratory to obtain a COSC certificate; finally, Only after passing the two previous tests, can the Fleuritest tester be placed in the state of the entire watch (not the movement). This tester can perfectly simulate the environment of wearing a watch in the real world, and it will be observed continuously during the 24-hour test In order to obtain the certificate issued by Fleurier Quality Certification Agency, the movement must be operated with an accuracy between 0 and 5 seconds per day.

Fleuritest tester that simulates real-world environments to test watches

   If you are soberly aware of the cruelty and rigour of this test, and the recognized quality standard that takes four years to reach certification, then look at the fact that only about 3,000 watches in the ten-year history are not certified. Strange. In the ‘Chronofiable’ aging test alone, 5% of the test works were eliminated and worn out (it needs to be pointed out and remembered that these watch cases are made of precious metals and are very, very valuable).
   To celebrate and commemorate the tenth anniversary of its founding, Fleurier Quality Certification Agency announced that the laboratory will be open to the entire Swiss watchmaking industry and provide testing services for all brands. However, at the same time, the test parameters and results of the laboratory must be kept secret and cannot be exchanged with each other to encourage more new customers to participate in the complete certification test process.
   Even leaving aside certification expectations, the unique equipment provided by this laboratory can allow brands to repeatedly test the watch’s winding speed and power reserve in a realistic environment, which is especially important for the brand’s products in the development and testing stage. Provide valid reference data. And, in the near future, new equipment will be added to the laboratory, which will be able to continuously monitor the quality of the balance and balance of the movement.
   As Karl-Friedrich Scheufele pointed out: ‘Florier quality certification is irreplaceable, it represents the essence of Swiss watchmaking, and it is the only 360-degree all-rounder Certification system. However, what is more important is the positive impact on scientific research and development, which can help us innovate technology, improve quality and conceive and produce better works. ‘