The Patek Philippe Museum: The Louvre In The Watch Industry

The Patek Philippe Museum is in an inconspicuous old building on the ancient streets of Geneva. The door face is smaller than expected, and it is easy to miss it if no one leads. When I stepped into the museum, I first saw a set of equipment used by watchmakers on the left side of the window, and paid homage to my heart. It seemed that the workers were beating.

 Patek Philippe is a combination of the names of two great people. Patek is a Polish aristocrat and has a passion for art throughout his life. Philippe is a French watchmaker and highly skilled. The two met by accident in Switzerland and they hit it off. A great watch brand was born more than 150 years ago, admiring future generations.

 Patek Philippe is the world’s most professional watch museum with unparalleled exhibits. Many antique watches, rare in the auction for many years, are crowded here in a crowd. Qianlong’s luxury watches from the Palace Museum can be found here. It is just that our aesthetic taste pays most attention to appearance. Painted enamel clocks are the favorite of the Chinese people, while Swiss professionals pay more attention to watch movements. They have brought the technical revolution of clocks together, taking the pride of industrial revolution.
 Clocks are too great. All the mechanical parts record the ingenuity of human beings. It is breathtaking and even feels insurmountable. Clocks and clocks are used for timing. Due to the accumulation of one minute and one second, the invisible time has become a visible passage.