Tudor 10,000 Yuan Grade Bronze Popular Recommended Black Bay Bronze 二代 目

TUDOR Tudor began to participate in the Bronze Watch War from 2016 at the time, when Black Bay was taking off. Joining Bronze, a hot topic in recent years, has made the series more popular in the market. The brand’s first bronze watch The burgundy bezel with coffee-colored dial looks very similar to the retro impression of bronze. When the bronze watch was first released, there were not many models of the same material and material on the market, so Tudor successfully became a chapter. Becoming the first choice of entry-level bronze watches, also caused the grand occasion of watch grabbing in the market.

Later, Tudor released the special edition of the Bucherer watch shop with blue face and blue circle and the Only Watch charity bazaar version with green face and left crown. Waited for a long time, until the brand finally launched a second mass-produced bronze watch in 2019, this time also based on Black Bay, the main change is mainly the color change of the bezel and face plate, even so , Enough to make people look forward to this.

Tudor, which mainly uses stainless steel or titanium to make its case, introduced the topical material of bronze for the first time in 2016. In 2019, it launched the Black Bay diving watch with a bronze case.

Feature 1: aluminum-copper alloy for better protection
The reason why the bronze models are hot or even overpriced at the beginning is mainly because the material of bronze can change color after wearing for a long time. This was originally a disadvantage of bronze used for watchmaking. I did not expect that the modernity that focused on personality turned into a flattering The selling point of TUDOR is that the ratio of bronze used by TUDOR is a little different from that of ordinary brands. Their family uses ‘aluminum-copper alloy’, so the case looks bright when it is brand new, and it is slightly deeper than other brands Different bronze colors. The reason why this formula is used is because the addition of aluminum on the basis of copper can improve the hardness and corrosion resistance of the case, which is a unique experience of Tudor’s own research and development of bronze materials.

The faceplate inherits the appearance characteristics of the Black Bay family, including the large crown, dots and triangle-shaped hour markers, and the pointer shape commonly known as the ‘snowflake needle’

Feature 2: Slate gray surface is a new element in 2019
This faceplate is simply ‘retro’. Bronze is a material that changes its appearance over time. The dark color after patina generation is quite suitable for replicating classic models. Therefore, Heritage Black Bay Bronze’s The dial just inherits the reference to the Ref.7922 diving watch from 1954, and incorporates the essence of some antique diving watches from Tudor over the years. Also inspired by the brand’s first generation of diving watches. The new 2019 version is replaced with slate gray anodized aluminum and the same color face plate. The color of the slate gray face plate also has a gradation effect. This is a new attempt not seen in the previous Black Bay bronze watches. In the case that the specifications and design have not changed significantly, the new visual experience brought about by color matching will be the key to determining whether consumers pay the bill.

The MT5601 movement is currently only used by Black Bay Bronze. Its diameter is a relatively large one in the Tudor-made movement family, but other specifications such as 70-hour dynamic storage and 28,800vph vibration frequency are no different from other Tudor-made movements

Feature 3: The Black Bay series is replaced by a homemade watch, starting with a bronze watch
Not to mention that you may not have noticed that the Black Bay series is from the original version of this bronze watch in 2016 with its own movement, because the diameter of the MT5601 movement is large (33.8mm), so most of the other Black Bay series The table diameter is set to be 41mm. The difference in table diameter will be good news for watch fans who like large watch fu and bronze materials, and the MT5601 movement uses a silicon hairspring that is now becoming standard equipment and has a COSC observatory certification , As well as the two-way automatic winding, the practicality, durability and quality of the movement are unimportant.

Black Bay Bronze

Bronze material / MT5601 self-winding movement / hour, minute, second display / C.O.S.C. Observatory certification / sapphire crystal mirror / water resistance 200 meters / diameter 43mm / reference price: 29,000 RMB