Zenith Heritage-el Primero Women’s Watch

In 2011, Swiss watchmaker Zenith was writing a new chapter in the romance of women’s legends. The world’s most precise movement, the legendary El Primero is equipped with a 38 mm case for the first time, which fits the wrist of a woman.
Its excellent performance depends on its balance wheel vibrating at 10 times per second, which means it is much faster than most other movements-just as people’s heartbeat speeds up when emotions are strong.

The high-frequency automatic chronograph and speed dial are designed for women’s convenience, yet elegant and delicate: the chocolate dial and chestnut brown crocodile leather strap complement the timely marking of the rose gold case, showing perfection.
The delicate bezel and lugs studded with diamonds further enhance the senses of this watch. The date display is between the 4 and 5 o’clock positions. Whether it is a steel gray or glacial blue dial, it is based on mother-of-pearl or the mother-of-pearl lays the hour markers, and it is even equipped with a metal bracelet. Different variations provide a wide range of combinations, which their future masters can explore Its various matching styles.
Source: Zenith